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Hi Friends, Rinku once again with another new story. This is my 26th story on this site. This incident happened by chance. I made relation with a widow lady, who was very obliged to me because I helped her in getting claim from insurance company and other financial institutions. 

I have a friend who was sadly demised in a road accident this March. He was the only son of his parents. So on moral values I helped her widow to get claim from insurance company. I spent my money and time in collecting documents which were required for claim. My friend was 5 years younger than me and her wife’s age was around 25yrs. 

Her figure was excellent 36, 30 and 36. In past I visit her house quite often. But I have never had any wrong thinking in my mind. Because she is younger than me and I call her by name. But in the process claim she used to go outside with me on bike. When I drive she prevents her body to touch myself. But this angle keeps me unbalanced while driving. She understood this and tries to sit stick with my body. 

I can feel her boobs on my back. Which keep me hot while driving. In ups and downs of the road I also feel its softness. After getting claim from insurance company she was very much obliged to me. She said, “In this time of world no one helped any one without any profit, but you helped me. So I don’t want to thank you. Because after thanking you your obligations towards me will be washed off.” 

She wants to touch my legs to get the blessing and thank me I this regard but I stopped her to doing so. I replied her, “this is my duty as human being.” After some time one more case was hold. That was of getting my friend’s name shares to be transferred on her name. Again she was unable to know the whole procedure. So she called me up. I went to her home and noticed that his kids were not at home. I inquired about kids. She answered that her mother took them to her home because I was unable take good care of them due to busy schedule of getting financial matters solved. 

I took her to share broker office and completed the all paper work for shares transfer. It wont took more time because my friend had given her name as nominee in all accounts. It was already 1 PM when our work completed. So we went to one restaurant and took lunch together. Then I went to see her off to her house. She requested me to come inside and have cup of tea with her. 

I was sitting in the drawing room and she went inside her room to change clothes. She doesn’t close the door of her room. Only curtain was stopping to view her. She started the fan. So curtain was waving front and back due to fan’s air. This thing makes her body to viewable while sitting in the drawing room. 

She opened her saree and blouse. For the first time I saw her half naked boobs inside bra. This thing was making me hot. But in next moment I convinced me that this is wrong and moved my face another side. But don’t know why my eyes were again gone there to see the proceedings? 

Now she opened her petticoat and moved towards cupboard of cloths. This time her fleshy ass was viewable. And she was walking like models and this scene was stopping breathes. She wore a pink color night gown and about to return to the drawing room. I lifted a magazine from the table and made me busy as I was reading it and haven’t seen anything. 

She made tea for me. When she was serving me I don’t know by mistake or with own desire tea was dropped completely on my thighs. They were burnt and my pant was also wet by tea. She was shouted, “Sorry, please open your pant I will wash it and apply some antiseptic cream of burnt area.” I have no choice so agreed on her words. 

I opened my pant and wore a towel given by her. She took my pant and keeps it in water in the bathroom. She applied some cream on my burnt thigh. My cock was starting making tent in towel because of female’s touch. Now without any thought my eyes were glued on her clearly viewable cleavage, as she was sitting down and I was on sofa. Her hand was also shivering it was feeling like she was also in hot condition like me because she got a touch of adult body after long time. 

She said that you can rest here. I slept on her bed because I can’t go out without pant and size of his passed husband was lower than me. So this option was also not available that I wore his pant and go out. She went to bathroom to wash my pant. This was the summer afternoon time and I was also tired. So within some time I slept. My sleep was broken when I felt some ouch on my legs. I want to stop her. But she said, “You have done many work for me. I can’t pay your obligations in my whole life. I want to serve you.” 

I replied, “No, this is not like that. That was my duty. I enjoy helping others.” But she was not ready to stop. I was at her home and in her bedroom, so option to disagree with her or refuse her. In the beginning she was pressing lower part of leg. I again went deep sleep because I was tired. After some time she came over my thighs, now she was messaging my thighs by her soft hand. I became hot. My cock was again become hard like rod. Might be she would notice that but she didn’t stop. 

Then she departed the towel from my waist. Now her hands were approaching my upper part near my penis balls. She was messaging like a very good massager. My mind was saying to stop her but my body was getting pleasure and nice relief and mouth don’t want to utter any word to stop her. Now she was touching my cock from sideways. 

My eyes were closed but I felt that her both legs were stretched and placed both sides of my body. Distance between her body and my body was less now. Suddenly she stopped. I saw with half open eyes that she opened her night gown. Now she was only in bra and panty. She took out my cock from underwear and trying to measure length and width by touching it. 

I can understand her internal position because she hadn’t got fuck pleasure from last 3 months. Now she sits on legs and kissed my cock and gulped it inside her mouth. Wow what a hot feeling it was? She was giving me nice blowjob. She was moving her tongue on pinkish part and licks it hard. This action shivers my body. Now I was unable to hold myself. 

She was giving me smart and exiting blowjob. Sometimes she was running her mouth on my cock. And in next move she keeps only pink part in her mouth and squeezes it by her lips and tongue. This movement made me to shiver and cold blood was started running in my spinal cord. I was enjoying her blowjob. She was licking the liquid which was coming out. 

Then she opened her panty also. Now her one hand was at her pussy and mouth was giving me blowjob. She was running her two fingers on her clits in round motion. She was also becoming very hot and ready for nice fuck. I was seeing her opened lips of the pussy by partly open eyes. What a nice looking pussy it was? 

She was now giving me hard and deep sucking job. My cock was disappearing in her mouth. She completely keeps it out and in next time it was deep inside her throat. And in other side now her two fingers were doing in & out movement in her pussy. Her pussy was now started dripping liquid. 

She stopped and holds my cock and placed it on her pussy hole. Then slowly – 2 she sits on the cock. It entered half inside it. I was feeling that my cock was inside a hot chamber. Now it was impossible for me to stop myself further. I awoke and hold her boobs and started sucking it hard and pressing them badly. 

Now she was enjoying and shouting, “Come on fuck me hard, I am very thirsty. Is this an age to become widow? I want nice fuck from you. Please tear my pussy and give me hard and deep strokes to satisfy me more.” 

I just changed the direction in reverse and now I was on top. And I was screwing her from up and giving her very hard and deep thrusts. If every stroke she moaned ahhhhhhhhh. I was running my machine very fast and deeper boring was going on. 

She was also cooperating by moving her lower part up for receiving the strokes. I fucked her 10 minutes in this angle. Now she wants to change the angle. So I hold her both legs in my hands and stand on the floor. Now she was holding my shoulder. He hard boobs were touching my wide open chest. Now she was in air. 

I was holding her ass by my hands and moving her up and down. Fat fata fat fata fat fata fat this sound was making the room full. She was moaning loudly ahh ohhh ahhh ohh ahh ohh ahh ohh with each stroke. This was the nicest experience for me. And she was also enjoying this style her eyes were closed with joy. This angle continued for another 10 minutes. After some time my legs were started paining so I kept her down on the bed. 

Now I put her on the corner of the bed, and made such a style that I fuck her while standing on the floor. I parted her legs and lifted her back up and now her love hole was clearly visible. This was like bitch was sitting and ready to fuck from back side. This was looking like new doggy style. 

Till this time she reached orgasm two times with heavy moaning sound. Now again I placed my cock on her pussy gate and it went smoothly inside it because of slippery path as she released liquid two times. Now I was fucking her very hard from back side in her nice pussy. Facha fach facha fach fachak fach facchak fach now this sound was creating on this angle of fuck. 

I was holding her open hairs it was looking like that I was riding on horse and driving it. She was very much enjoying this angle as she was responding very well. With each stroke she move forward and came back to receive the stroke. Now I was also running hard and hot blood inside my penis. 

I was also going to reach the climax. So I asked where to release. She informed that she had done family planning operation so no fear to be get pregnant. And she also want to feel hot cum inside her. After more than 30 – 35 strokes I also reached the climax and released all my material in her hot and nice pussy. And at last stroke I fall down on her body. Now we both want to calm down breathes. So friends how was the story. I also this time want to know what have been done is right or wrong? I am also waiting for your suggestions, guidance and comments on my address . Thanks with love Rinku. Enjoy fucking stories.

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