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Hi guys and girls. I thought I’ll share my story of having sex with two girls at an amusement park. I always wondered reading stories in this site whether these stories can really happen. And it was proved when something like that happened to me. Let me get straight into it. I went to an amusement park with my friends. We were having a lot of fun playing.
There was a rain dance arena where girls and guys dance to music in artificial rain. I and my friends had so much fun. I noticed another group of girls exchanging looks at us. We ignored. But on the way out those girls rushed towards us and touched us. We enjoyed their touch ignorantly. None of us saw each other’s face. It was time to leave. My friends left. I was supposed to wait for another friend of mine who was coming from elsewhere to pick me.
So I was alone. And two girls named Neha and Monica stayed back for some reason. These girls were from that group, which I spoke earlier. I remembered because these two were really hot and sexy I was still near the pool alone and still in my underwear. Neha was wearing a black swimsuit exposing the top of her boobs and Monica wore a sexy two piece exposing her delicious belly. Obviously I was staring at them and they noticed.
They came upto me and asked “Why don’t you join us? I said sure and dived into the pool. We played in water sometime. They came really close to me sometimes. By them almost everyone near the pool had left. While playing, Neha accidentally dragged Monica’s bra. I saw her right nipple. She quickly covered up. Neha apologized to Monica. Then Neha turned to me and said got to see something sexy. Isn’t it? (Wink)
I was shocked and I couldn’t answer anything. Monica, little embarrassed, told me Now that you have seen mine, show me yours! (Looking at my underwear) I said “How can I show in front of Neha? I haven’t seen her though! Neha suddenly moved the V-part of the swimsuit and showed her pussy. She covered it up within seconds. Now I had no option but show my erect dick to them. They both teased me to bring my dick out.
They came really close to me. I slid my underwear and my dick was out. I too put it back within seconds. They both smiled and Neha started to kiss me while Monica was licking my chest within no time. Their hands were running on my dick over the underwear. I was French kissing Neha wildly. Monica was biting my nipples and pulled it with her teeth. This continued for 2-3 minutes.
We were still in water by the way. Monica removed her bra. Neha teased me by biting her left nipples. I started the same on her right nipples. Quickly I took on both her tits. Monica was moaning big time. Neha removed Monica’s panties making her nude. Monica forced my face tight onto her boobs while Neha fingered her pussy. Monica’s tits were so delicious. I put my finger along with Neha’s finger into Monica’s vagina.
Monica orgasmed within seconds since, we both gave her a strong finger fuck. I couldn’t lick it because we were in water. Then Neha took off her swimsuit. I kissed Monica and she came out of the water since she was tired after she ‘came’. Neha’s boobs were bigger than Monica’s. I sucked them and played with her nipples too. I finger fucked her pussy by inserting 3 of my fingers and she took them easily.
She orgasmed in few minutes as well. Believe it or not, I was still in underwear and my hard rock dick suffering inside. Now that Monica was recharged, she pulled me out of water, removed my undies and started to lick my dick head. The sounds that she made while licking and sucking were so sexy. Those noises are just enough to make any one cum. I moaned quickly Neha joined the act.
Both of them were fighting to suck my cock. One of them sucked my balls and the other handled my dick. They both sucked on either side of my dick or when they reached the top, they both kissed and gave me a naughty smile. Trust me guys and girls, I couldn’t have held it more. I ejaculated on their faces. They both licked each other faces fighting to lick every drop of my cum. They sucked and cleaned every drop on my dick as well.
I was tired. They started to tease me while I lied on the floor. They kissed, sucked each other’s tits, fingered their pussies and slapped each other’s ass. I was recharged within no time. They cheered as soon as my dick went up and hard. Neha took my dick in the middle of her breasts and rubbed it up and down. When my dick goes up, she kissed my dick head. I almost came again, but controlled.
It was Monica who did the same again and this time I had to cum. Monica took all my cum in her mouth. Looking at that Neha jumped onto Monica and sucked my cum out of her mouth. I guess they shared it almost equally. Then Neha cleaned my dick. I kissed both of them and lied nude on the sleeping chair. They both put their pussy right in front of my face. They were facing each other and fingered each other’s already wet pussies.
Who wouldn’t be aroused to see two cute and wet pussies right in front of your face? Again I was excited. I pulled Neha and licked her wet pussy. Her juices tasted sexy. I tongue fucked her for a while and she came on my face. She apologized for that but I totally loved it. Monica licked her cum on my face. And the same thing happened with Monica too. But Monica ejaculated more. I drank as much as I can.
Next thing I know was Neha pushing my cock inside her pussy. My face was wet and covered by their cum. I could hardly make out who was riding my dick. Monica splashed some water on my face. Neha increased her speed while Monica went behind her and licked my balls and Neha’s ass hole. This went on for 5 minutes. She moaned with pleasure and pain. I came inside her pussy and took my dick out. Her pussy was dripping with my cum and Monica licked it.
By this time, it was dark and the gate keeper of the amusement park came in to check if the pool was empty. He caught us nude (but not having sex, because I had just finished) he was embarrassed to see me nude (obviously I hid behind girls), but he enjoyed looking at Neha and Monica. He just said dress up and leave and he moved out.
Quickly Monica stood like a dog in front of me and begged me to fuck her. My dick was down after we were caught by gate keeper. Neha put my dick amidst her tits and rubbed it. She knew that would excite me because I loved it the last time. I then fucked Monica in doggy style. I literally shouted aaaaahhhhhh when I sprayed my cum in her cunt, because these sexy girls made me cum 4-5 times in 2 hours and I was out of my mind.
Both of them were moaning when I fucked them. Those sounds were getting me so excited. Neha licked my dick one final time. We kissed each other and took a dip in the pool to freshen up. We had thrown our dresses all around. Neha collected and we dressed up. We exchanged contacts and left the place. We have sex whenever possible.

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