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Sex With Gym Companion – Vijaya

Note:- Before reading this story I would like to mention that I have tried some different approach in compiling this story and also the story might be long… kindly bare with it .. and im sure that you will enjoy this story after reading it completely now going to the story…… 

it was second week of November in Chennai……… 
“Did you believed that we will end up like this when we first met !!! “ I asked to Vijaya Aunty we both were lying naked after a mind blowing sex session in her master bedroom on the last floor of her apartment. I saw her eyes after asking that question her face was mildly visible because of the darkness due to the power cut only light source we had in that room was 2 big candles we were sweating like hell and the whole room was so warm. Even in such a low light i could see the shape of her big boobs they were reddened because of my rough handling. 

“Are we making a big mistake ? Is this right ? “ she asked before she could finish I heard a loud thunder making an explosive noise outside and we both Hugged each other tightly I kissed in her lips and my penis got erect i slowly inserted it into her wet vagina even though that we are sweating i took a thick blanket and covered both of us We could here the shrill noise of rainfall crackling the windows the thunder and rainfall turned on the environment . We were fucking all the evening and it continued till it was midnight. Let me stop the story here and travel back say 6 or 7 months.. 

I had finished my UG and waiting for the visa to go abroad to continue my higher studies ..As expected visa procedures took a long time so i was at home with no work for almost a year .I was enjoying my Bachelor life up to the core watching porn , often drinking masturbating but i was afraid of going to prostitutes because of STD’s ( sexually transmitted diseases) but i was desperate to have sex with any nice women who are older than me. 

I was also getting a little fat because of sitting idle in home eating and sleeping without doing any work i decided to join a gym. After hunting for any gym in my locality i found one High tech gym i went inside and inquired the gym owner to my surprise it was a co-ed gym there was one male gym instructor who is also a owner of that gym and one female instructor who was so hot and later i found that she was his sister.. i liked the gym and i decided to come to this gym regularly. 

My locality is not a developed area and the Gym will no only be located on a interior place from the main road but also the Gym was more expensive naturally very few were coming to gym and the gym owner was financially difficult to run it .. it was disappointing that very few ladies joined the gym.. The gym owner used to work in another gym as an instructor to manage his expenses so i could rarely see im in his own gym mostly i was accompanied by his hot and young sister but i didn’t make any wrong move towards her because i was afraid that i would be thrown out of gym. 

One day A lady came to the gym in a white Indica car driving by herself, judging by her appearances, she could be 30 to 35 years .. she was wearing a red chudi she was fair in color her face was homely like a typical high class south Indian aunty and she had a big boobs her belly was slightly big and her back was a little large in size she came and inquired about joining the gym with the lady instructor then she enrolled her name by filling the application and she decided that she will be coming after 10.00 am daily to the gym after that they both went outside and started talking about the basic exercises I confirmed that no one was in owners room and went inside and took the application form she filled out took snapshots of that form in my mobile phone then i kept the form where it was and went to home. 

I went to the home and plugged my mobile to the computer and opened the snapshot of the application form which the lady filled in. I learned that her name was Vijaya lakshmi her age is 32 She is married but with no children and she was living in kings apartment which is a few blocks away from my home her height was 5.8 feet and her weight was 58 kg. 

I also found her mobile number and called her immediately from an anonymous number i was turned on by hearing her voice i hung up the call and started to watch porn and masturbated. Later I also bribed the flats watch man to know more details about her he said that she is living alone in the apartment and her husband is working as a safety engineer in one oil company which is located on Dubai and he used to visit to India every 6 months . i knew that she is any easy target because she would be sex deprived . 

I started my plans of getting her laid. I changed my gym timings to match her usual time and no one would be present during 10.00 am except me and vijaya and the lady trainer while coming to gym she would wear a free size black or blue T shirt which would expose her light pink or pale white colored Bra and she used to wear an elastic pants i would get an instant erection if i see her Boobs shape in the black T shirt she used to do warm up and start to run in a tred mill she will get sweaty and her bra straps would be clearly visible on seeing that my penis will become completely erect but i made sure that she will not get doubt that I’m seeing her sexually 

occasionally if I’m lucky i might get a glimpse of her cleavages while she is doing bench press or any other bending exercises the lady trainer will be present only in her room and in the whole gym me and Vijaya only would be present i used to take snaps of Vijaya whenever she is bending and displaying her cleavages and go home and masturbate looking at her figure this continued for another 2 weeks i was enjoying my gym classes .. then i decided that it was a right time that i need to start talking to her so I started my conversation… 

“ Hello Aunty are you going to do Abdomen or bench press today.. it is very boring to do the workout lonely If you are comfortable could i use your company working out in future?” and to my luck she agreed and welcomed me with an open smile.. we both would help each other while working out and setting up weights.. it was almost 3 months since she joined the gym and i told everything about myself to her we become close we used to come to gym at a same time and go out of the gym together.. 

One day the lady trainer got a phone call from his brother that she need to come immediately for signing some bank papers .. the lady came to me and said that she need to go on an urgent work and she handed me out the gym key because no one except me and Vijay are present and the lady told me to lock the gym and leave if me and Vijaya finished with today’s workout i agreed to it .. as usual me and Vijaya started working out with dumbbells 

After working out Vijaya didn’t replace the dumbbell properly and both the weights fell on her legs she got hurt badly she lied on the floor and cried loudly due to the pain i came rushing towards her and examined her leg bones i asked whether she could stand now she cried loudly and told me that she could not get up .. i told her that i will help her to go to the doctor because i had a doubt that her legs might have been fractured .. 

I picked her up by inserting my arms under her shoulders and lifted her with a great effort her armpits are so wet and i could smell her sweat combined with a sweet perfume she used.. and i also noted that her nipples were visible clearly because she didn’t ware a bra today while walking out of the gym 

I intentionally brushed my chest with her breasts and i got erection immediately i really felt bad about myself because right now she is in a great pain but my body won’t listen to my mind. I utilized this great opportunity up to my level best i kept my right hand in her left breast intentionally and carried her to the car she didn’t mind me touching her breasts because right now she is crying in pain . then i told her to lie down on the back seat and wait for few minutes 

I locked the gym and started driving her car and went to a local clinic the doctor examined her leg and took an x-ray the doctor confirmed that there is no fracture and he gave few medicines after some aid now she can barely walk on her own and came to her car i drove her to her flat I parked the car and walked with her to her home 

I helped her to lie down on the bed her house was beautiful and her bedroom was huge .. I applied her ointments on the toes and i massaged her toes she was recovering fast from the pain slowly her pain vanished then i asked her where is your husband as if i don’t know and she said that she is missing him greatly he will come only after 6 or 7 months because he went back to Dubai last week 

I asked her are you not bored being single in such a big apartment and she told me that is why she is occupying herself in gym shopping and ladies clubs after staying in her house and talking with her for few hours i bought her food and while leaving i gave her my mobile number and asked her to call me if she needs any favor i advised her to take rest for few days and come back to gym later… 

I knew that it was my only opportunity for scoring so i showed myself that im more caring person for her right now she thanked me for my help and she promised me that she owes me one.. later that night she made phone calls and thanked me again and said that she is completely alright now i asked her whether i could buy some dinner and come to her house she gladly agreed and i went to her house it was around 9.00 pm. 

She was waiting for me she opened the door quickly as soon as i rang the door bell and I also noted that she was checking for any others persons presence and she shut the door immediately , I asked why are you rushing to close the door .. She replied her neighbors might notice my presence and gossip about both of us in a wrong way . She was wearing a cotton nighty and I could easily see her cleavages because she had unbuttoned her dress.. 

Then we proceeded to her dining room and started having the dinner while eating i asked where are your children .. Her face expression changed when i asked that question.. Then she said that “ since you are my friend i will tell this to you. Me and my husband were married 8 years ago . we are trying to get pregnant since the day 1. We went to the doctor he tested both of us. Later the report said that the problem was with me and i cannot able to reproduce . after that we were searching for alternate but no effect “.. 

As soon as she finished talking, she started crying her tears fell down to the table and she went to the bed room started crying badly i followed her back and i took advantage of her i lifted her I wiped her tears and I advised her that this is the world of science there are so many alternate medical techniques to get pregnant this is not a much of a problem to worry about on hearing that she stopped crying and fell on my shoulders i slowly raised my right hand and rested them on her waist it was so soft because of her loose fit night dress i don’t know what struck in her mind suddenly she kissed on my cheek. 

I did not give time for her to think i reciprocated her actions by kissing passionately on her lips she too responded we were kissing each other lips for 5 minutes i was full erect .. suddenly she came to her senses and slightly pushed me away we both saw each others eyes it was so awkward for us to stay in her bedroom with awkward silence .. then i made a wise decision and said her “ i must leave” and rushed out. 

I went to my home and i appreciated myself for the successful initiative which i took . I knew our relationship has changed since we both kissed each other that night i masturbated twice on looking at her figure in my mobile phone and went to sleep.The next morning she came to the gym and she asked me to promise that I should not tell yesterday’s incident to anyone i gladly agreed after talking for few minutes our awkwardness had vanished we went back to the routine workout. 

After the gym hours are over while leaving she asked me to come for shopping with her in the evening and i added that lets shop in the evening and have a dinner at any good restaurant we both agreed and departed to our houses.. on that dinner we both shared our foods and thoughts about many things which are boring but i knew that there is no other way but to take its slowly . 

It was almost the end of October . Me and vijaya aunty had many dinners together outside. She is thoroughly enjoying my company. One day we decided to go to one famous resort in my bike The resort was located far from our locality we enjoyed that evening so much… While coming back home it started raining heavily it seems the rain won’t stop 

I somehow managed to drive the bike with her to her apartment we were fully soaked in the rain on the lift i was starring at her breasts because her red bra was clearly visible she checked on the neighbors and we rushed into her apartment and immediately shut the door she helped me with towel and gave me her husbands dress and told me to stay in her house because the rain won’t stop ( thanks to the rain ) i took a shower in her home and wore her husbands dress and came back and starred at her breasts . 

Later she went to take a shower as soon as she shut her bathroom door the Current was gone there was no lights but still she resumed her shower unfortunately she forgot her towel and she as asked me to bring her a towel since it was dark she boldly opened the bathroom door and came out to the hall standing naked i used my dim mobile phone light and brought her a towel . 

I came close to her suddenly the power was restored the bright light in the hall had exposed herself fully i was stunned by the appearance of her light brown large nipples and armpits hair but i was disappointed because she was covering her lower front region with her old dress on seeing me she was totally ashamed quickly she pulled the towel from my hand and ran back to bathroom while running she displayed her buttocks to me it was so huge and shapey and was slightly darker when compared to the other parts of her skin. 

Our awkwardness started again when she came out of bathroom this time wearing her usual night dress and new pants she told me that there is only one large bedroom in her apartment and asked me to accompany her in the same bed i agreed with a smile and thrill of sleeping with her tonight in the same bed . while sleeping i removed the shirt which i was wearing and told her that i used to sleep in my bare body i intentionally said that “you too can sleep with your bare body because im completely OK with it” .. 

She laughed on my comment and she fell asleep after confirming that she fell asleep i slowly removed the pillow barrier between us and slowly placed my left hand on her belly it was so smooth then i gradually raised my hand to her breast region it was a great feeling because she didn’t wear any bra then i slowly started to massage her . i was thinking that i have to take this risk because i might not get another beautiful chance like this i gathered all my courage and jumped on the leap of faith. 

I got up jumped on her gripped her tightly so that she cannot escape my clutches and kissed her on her lips she woke up because of my activity i don’t know what to say i simply said “ Aunty I love you soo much i cannot control myself you are so beautiful please don’t throw me away I want you badly please.” I was so happy on seeing a smile from her face actually i expected a loud shout .. 

On seeing her smile my confidence and hope was fully restored i started kissing her tightly she place her hand on my hips and holding me tightly i was literally on cloud nine i stopped kissing her lips and tongues and went and kissed her forehead eyes , both the cheeks i went to the ear region i started licking her ears i noticed that she was moaning while i was licking her ears. 

I made sure that her sensitive spot was her ears i continued my licking for another 5 minutes then i forced her to get up and sit on the bed i removed her night dress when i reached my hand to her pants she holding my hand and told that she didn’t shave her pussy so she will not allow me to remove her pants . 

On hearing that i was so disappointed but i tried to play with what i got.. I reached her breasts she insisted me that I should put my tongue on her boobs she was holding her boobs and showing it to my face that was an awesome scene to watch i first picked up her left boob and started burying my face on her left boob i kissed her large boobs she was closing her eyes and enjoying my activity.. 

She took her hands and got hold of my hairs on the back of my head and pulling my head deep inside her cleavages i was licking her boobs , and started biting it slowly i mainly concentrated on her nipple region i was enjoying her boobs in my mouth i put my maximum effort so that she could have more pleasure. After 15 minutes I stopped her and asked her whether she will give me a blow job because i seriously needed to vent myself after those intense boob sucking and kissing activity. 

She agreed on one condition she told me that if she smells urine in my penis she will not do it i knew many women do not like urine stains in penis and Hairy bushes covering upper part of the penis so i will shave my penis hairs regularly and also keep it as clean as possible now that activity is giving me a great reward. I lied down on her smooth bed and told her that i won’t last long because i was erect for so many minutes and i told that i will alert her if i am going to cum. 

Then i lied down and closed my eyes she took my penis in her left hand and split her saliva and spread her saliva on tip of my penis head with the help of her finger i was shivering when she touched my penis head later i felt a smooth warm and moist feeling i knew that she started taking my penis inside her mouth she told me that she is not an expert but she will try her best then she started moving her mouth in and out of my penis her movements were sharp and driving me to the heaven i for every seven or eight strokes she stopped and sucked my penis that feeling was totally different .. 

If i masturbate it usually takes roughly 200 strokes to take out my cum .. but the masturbation was no match for her blow job she would have went for 70 or 80 strokes cum started to rush from my penis inside i failed to alert her because i was enjoying it thoroughly then suddenly i bursted out my loads and loads of cum into her mouth she was quick in action she removed my penis from her mouth still i was coming i blasted few of my cum on her face and few amount of cum was still on her mouth . 

There was a silence of about 1 minute and i came to the real world from heaven she smiled at me… I said i was sorry that i couldn’t alert her because i was enjoying so much she understood that i was not in a position to alert her. I asked her that whether i could giver her the same blow job pleasure as she had given me she was excited but still she refused and told me that her vagina is so full of hair and it seemed to be so ugly to her and also she told me that last time she shaved her vagina was 8 months ago when her husband came to India to have sex with her. 

So i have no choice therefore I respected her wishes and i said to her “ if you are not comfortable with opening your pants then it is totally fine i respect you . i had a wonderful blow job from you i thought of reciprocating it to you.. tell me whenever you are ready i would come and try my best to give you the pleasure possibly you have never experienced “ . then we went to sleep with the same condition she was topless i was completely nude . 

I left her apartment early in the morning so that no one could notice my presence i had a great night…. because of the tiredness me and Vijaya didn’t go to the gym the next morning we were spending our time texting and calling and gossiping about our previous night but i never failed to keep insisting her about shaving her pussy and getting a blow job from me 

I also said that i have a pack of condoms readily in my wallet so whenever she is ready i would quickly come and get it done she too was excited about that idea she was now in a state of dilemma…. But for the next 2 weeks i saw no effect i was spending my time restlessly thinking about the best blow job i got from Vijaya and masturbating regularly but i was also disappointed that i could not get a chance to fuck her and fulfill my desires with her.. those days were golden memory to me. 

It was the luckiest day in my life . Remember while starting this story i mentioned it was second week of November …..that was this day. Chennai was on the middle of a great monsoon it was raining badly for the past 2 days most of the streets in my locality were flooded and everyone stayed at their house because of the water flooding and every streets were almost empty .. 

For vijaya she was driving herself to madness because she was trapped on the eye of boredom she was lonely , her loneliness itself killed her and also she could not go out because of most part of the Chennai city was flooded with rain water and adding fuel to the fire most part of city experienced the power cut for more than 12 hours including our locality .. My mobile battery was dying because i was lying on bed and listening to old songs all afternoon and it was going to get dark soon.. 

Suddenly i received a text message from Vijaya it stated “ I shaved my pussy “ with few smiley nothing else was there in that text message .. I understood that this was my right time to fulfill my desire. I rushed out of the my home taking the wallet and checking for condoms since it was raining and it was flooded i decided to walk to her house it was difficult to walk on the flooded water on streets i managed to cross the flooded river on the streets and reached her apartment and the sun was completely set but there was no indication that rain will stop any soon. 

As expected there was no presence of any person outside her apartment i took the stairs because there was no power and reached her home and knocked her apartment door, took my mobile opened her text message when she opened the door i flashed my mobile showing her text message to her face and smiled at her…. she pulled my hand inside the house and shut the door immediately. 

I removed my wet pants and shirt and hung it on her bathroom hanger i was only with my shorts she was wearing a green Saree i was surprised that i hardly see her in Saree and i asked her why are you in Saree today she explained it to me.. 

I received a message from my husband that he will come to Chennai to meet me this evening and I don’t understand why i got an unusual sadness on hearing that message.. I was getting ready to welcome him and i wore his favorite green Saree later this afternoon i was contacted again from my husband and he said that he canceled his trip because he suddenly caught up with an urgent work and told me that he will come to Chennai next month. On hearing that again i did not understand i was happy about it…. “ 

Then i was lying in my bed and thinking about it later i realized that it was because of you . you have replaced my husband completely your presence makes me happier .. you helped me when i was crying in pain you bought dinner to me when i was unable to cook .. you spent your time accompanying me to shopping malls and restaurants and resorts you were like a soul mate to me you also satisfied my sexual hunger and later i felt bad that i didn’t allow you to take me fully i was really angry at me so later in this afternoon i went to the bathroom i shaved my pussy clean and i prepared myself fully to have sex with you and texted you that message “ 

On hearing that possibly the most exciting words in the world from her i don’t know how to react i just plainly told “ I fell in love with you when i first met you in gym .. the age difference didn’t make my guilty because love comes to every persons irrespective of their age but i also admit that i have to admit that i have sexual desires and lust for you 

Vijaya i can’t deny that “. After a few minutes of silence because of more amount of thoughts running on our mind , i made my first move and said “So you said you are ready.. Are you ready or shall we take it slow ?” She replied “ its already too late i shouldn’t have made you wait for this longer let us take that french wine and go to the bedroom. 

We went to the bedroom with a French wine bottle which her husband sent we drank few rounds i went and opened the windows because there were no power she went and took 2 candles and lit it in her bed room and we were sitting idle for few minutes outside there is no indication that rain would stop and there is no visibility too I saw her eyes when i saw her eyes she took her view to some other side in order to avoid my eye contact I went close to her she was moving back and finally she was blocked by the bedroom wall.. 

I came so close to her she tried to go sideways but i was quick to lock her by keeping my both hands on the wall she was staring at me i went ahead and kissed her forehead i kissed her every part of the face then came to her lips i planted a sweet kiss on her lips she responded by opening her mouth i too opened my mouth our tongue start to touch each other we were exploring all parts of the mouth with a gentle grip i took my hands from the wall i placed my both hands on her waist. 

I started to remove her Saree from her waist while simultaneously kissing. I completely removed her Saree and threw it away on the floor i was only with my shorts i bent down and kissed her navels stomach waists then i concentrated on her navel holes i inserted my tongue in it it tasted sour but i was never withdrawing she was slowly turning on after doing that for few minutes i got up and removed her green blouse buttons one by one finally from her shoulder and threw it away… 

Now the only barrier between me and her breasts were her black bra i was exploring her neck i was also massaging her back it was easy for me to touch her ass because she was wearing a cotton petticoat. For long time she didn’t open her eyes and faced me. After that i reached my hand to her back to remove the hooks of her black bra and removed it from her shoulders and threw it away on the floor where the green Saree and blouse are fallen earlier now she was topless. 

I bent and lifter her up with some effort i carried her to the bed we were hearing someone speaking outside the window so she insisted to lock the windows i went and closed the windows as fast as i could and came back to the bed while coming back i removed my shorts and underwear and threw it on the floor i was completely naked my penis was erect on a 90 degree position she was lying on the bed i jumped on to the bed i was little afraid that bed might break but it was strong then in resumed my work.. 

I lifted both of her arms and rested it beside her head now she was lying in a position by exposing her full view of boobs with both the hands lifted i also noticed that she also shaved her armpit hairs so i started with her left armpit i smelled it it was the smell of the sweat due to the absence of air due to power cut i started to lick her armpit for few minutes i came to kiss her boobs her nipples were stiff i knew that she is completely turned on due to the prolonged foreplay i did the same with her right armpits and right boobs she was getting restless. 

I knew that it was the right time to open her petticoat knots so i did it i removed her petticoat down her legs i was amazed by the shaving work she did her whole legs were cleanly shaven even in the dark her shiny legs were clearly visible in the dim candle light. I threw away her petticoat to the place where her bra blouse and 

Saree are resting now only garment in her body was her black panties .. i was so patiently waiting to remove it.. I buried my head on her thighs i was kissing and licking her both thighs i was also brushing her knee region for few minutes i was waiting for her approval after her stubbornness were completely gone she replied “ suck my pussy give me back the pleasure which i gave you few weeks back “ and became silent. 

I wasted no time i used both of my hands to remove her panties and threw it to the same old spot… i was seeing her vagina for the first time it was dark in color her vaginal skins are slightly pinkish she completely shaved her pussy when i touched her upper region of her pussy it was so smooth then i appreciated her shaving work and later commented that you should only shave my penis in the future.. she didn’t respond and i knew why. I used my thumb and index finger of the left hand and opened her pussy skin then i inserted my index finger of the left hand slowly it was thoroughly wet and we also started to sweat. 

My index finger slid easily into her deep holes i brushed it with my finger for some time then i used 2 of my fingers she started to moan and she also started to lick her own boobs .. then i took out my both fingers and smelled it was unusual and tasted to be little salty then i took my head to her vagina and inserted my tongue on her foreskin .. suddenly she placed both of her hands on my head and applying pressure by forcing me to go inside .. 

I responded by taking my tongue as deep as possible then i discovered her G spot region .. i rolled my tongue on and around her G spot region she was making some strange noises while rolling my tongue i noticed the half empty French wine bottle i took the French win and poured it on her pussy she got more excited .. 

The combination of her exotic vaginal fluids and French wine was strangely good i continued my tongue licking for few minutes then inserted my finger again and this time i vigorously handled it she was uneasy she was also shaking her legs and started to shiver i didn’t stop doing it i was increasing my pace i was moving my fingers in and out as fast as possible then she strained her whole body got hold of my hand tightly and ejected her vaginal fluids outside she couldn’t control it she made my hand and face thoroughly wet later she calmed down.. i gave her some rest after few minutes of rest i asked did you enjoyed it. She said “ fuck me “ .. 

i told to be patient we have got this whole evening .. then i lying on herself and started playing with her boobs then i commented that huge boobs are like two footballs i wanted to kick them both to the goal post while commenting i started to handle her soft boobs roughly i bit her boobs she was shouting in pain but i didn’t stop for few minutes then she couldn’t bare her breast pain anymore she shouted me to stop playing with her boobies and go ahead and fuck her.. 

I came to sense that i have given her a extra long foreplay and i know i have to fulfill my final desire to Fuck her.. with the last round of French wine left i took some thing and i poured the remaining wine inside her pussy but it came rushing out i also poured some of the wine on my penis and said her “ Vijaya honey sit back and enjoy the ride “.. 

I dropped few drops of my saliva to use it as a lubricant while inserting it i stopped .. and asked Vijaya i forgot to wear a condom wait a minute she caught my hand while i was leaving she then said i will not get pregnant and also i don’t have any STD we don’t need a condom idiot go ahead and fuck me on hearing that i rushed my penis inside her vagina .. and i said vijaya i need to look at me your eye should look at my eye when im inserting my penis inside your pussy she opened her eyes slowly looked at my eyes with full of lust.. 

Then i proceeded i slowly inserted my largely erected six inch cock inside her vagina she opened her mouth and said “ aahhhh” she tried to close her eye but i forced her to look at my eyes i told her that im getting turned on when you look at my eye she agreed to that by this time we were sweating more but the sweat didn’t stop us rather it turned both of us on my sweat from my face and neck fell on her mouth she licked it .. 

Now my penis is fully lubricated and her vagina is fully wet so that im fucking her with great ease and she is moaning something which my mind cannot decode. While fucking her i told that “ Vijaya cope up with me because im going to fuck you all night i won’t leave you even when you beg me to stop fucking you.” 

She replied “ why should i stop you ? im greatly enjoying your hot rod tool inside my pussy .. my husband is not even a half match for you… stop being like a pussy and fuck me you idiot “.. on hearing that i was ashamed and i got angry and started to increase my thrust and pressure and pace of my fucking speed she started to feel the pain and pleasure she started to cry and moan simultaneously .. 

Are you enjoying this ?” i asked her after few minutes i was also simultaneously fucking her.. she replied “ aahhhhaa ahauhhh uhh yess yess.. don’t stop please don’t you ever stop uhhh ahh ahh faster please faster ahhhhhhhhh “ now we are sweating like hell we didn’t even sweat like this even when working out in gym vigorously when i touched her boobs and belly it was full of sweat.. 

After some more minute i told her “ sweetheart this sex exercise is far more effective than the workouts we do at that stupid gym you have to totally agree with it.. “ she was not responding now because she was on her seventh heaven that meant that she is reaching her second orgasm soon.. i too felt a urinating sensation so i thought i could cum at anytime soon.. this time 

I warned her “ honey im going to cum sooner “ she now replied “ cum inside me i want to feel your hot semen inside my vagina “ before she could finished vijaya and me came to ejaculation stage at the same time i felt her colorless fluid touching my penis she felt my hot loads of semen flowing inside her pussy.. and that was the most beautiful feel i ever had on this earth.. 

Now i come to the part where i narrated on the very beginning of this story the scene where ME and vijaya aunty are lying naked on the bed .. where i asked “ Did you believed that we will end up like this when we first met !!!” and she saying that “Are we making a big mistake ? Is this right ? “ and before she could finish thunder and rain making noise outside.. using that opportunity i quickly inserted my erect penis again for another fucking session and covering ourselves with a thick blanket etc.. etc..etc.. so im skipping that part right now .. 

It was almost 1.00 AM frankly i don’t know it might even be early morning because we were now in a timeless heavenly zone and we are completely unaware of outside world now it had stopped raining. I was soo damn tired .. Now i realized that me and vijaya aunty are having sex continuously for more than 8 hours.. we started our first sex session yesterday at late evening .. i remember that i have cummed more than 10 times honestly don’t know now my penis is burning like hell i was still awake .. when i looked at vijaya aunty it was worse for her.. 

She had fallen asleep she too must have had more number of orgasms i think we both fell asleep during the midnight while having prolonged sex.. i tried fall asleep with a great pain in the penis somehow i managed to sleep on the early morning i never know how much time i slept when i woke up it was the next day afternoon 

2.00pm the rain has completely stopped and that day afternoon was sunny and hot the power has been restored in most of parts of city when i turned back Vijaya was not in the bed i wake up from my bed and wore shorts and went and searched for her she was cooking noodles for us in the kitchen when i came close to she greeted her good morning and giggled at me.. 

I asked did you enjoy it yesterday she said it was the most wonderful day in her lifetime except she complained that her vagina is paining badly she is telling that even now she is feeling that my penis is completely staying at her vagina because of our prolonged sex session the previous evening and night.. i said it will be alright soon i said I’m hungry and tired she gave me noodle i ate all of it and went back to sleep for the whole day.. 

The next day I woke up and said “ it is been 2 days since i have came to your house . are you ok with my presence in your house “ she replied “ im okey with your presence in my home and my life stop acting like a stranger and come on let us take a shower together we didn’t take bath for 2 days “ later that morning we had shower sex together we cleaned ourselves up.. 

That afternoon we planned to stay together in her apartment and have sex for the next 2 weeks so we went out for shopping & bought as much of stock as possible in the supermarket so that we don’t have a necessity to come out of the apartment for at least 10 days i also informed my landlord that I’m going to my native place for 2 weeks and packed all my clothes and we both came back to her apartment .. 

We had a great time for next 10 days it was never boring we had sex mostly in her bedroom .. we were taking shower together we had dinner breakfast and lunch together spending our time mostly having sex and listening to songs and watching TV i don’t know how those 10 days were gone it still stays fresh in my memory .. 

Then few days later she got a message from her husband that he is going to come next day and i realized that it is the time for me to leave we both felt sad she started to cry i managed to console her that no one is going to separate our bondage and don’t need to worry because of her husband i promised her that i will comeback after her husband has gone back to Dubai .. 

We stayed in touch through sms when she was with her husband after a month her husband flew back to Dubai and we are back in action our relationship continued like a husband and wife for an years until one day her husband took her back to Dubai and permanently settled .. my visa problem as also solved i went abroad to pursue my higher studies… 

Note :- i took a great deal of effort and spent almost a day to write up this story all i expect from the readers is a few words of encouragement and motivation comments .. if the readers like my story they can mail their responses and comments to this mail id 

Note 2:- If i get more number of good responses I’m ready to post my another sexual encounter with a hot lady trainer in my gym which occurred after Vijaya aunty had flown back to Dubai.. Thank you for the readers to spend a great deal of time reading my story completely…Remember to respond me your comments and feedback at

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