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Sex Is Not The Life

Hello friends This is the story of my friend…. He has Pendown his experience… Please read n comment.. Even u can send mails to Gals from Bangalore and my sore comment on story because u know the lifestyle in these cities.. I have accessed this site after very long time, and read few good stories, few bad stories, only few of them I found real, and those true stories made me write this and I think after reading the whole write up you will feel the way I feel about this whole concept of sex or love making or what we call fucking. 

Generally in our daily life we speak Kannada, and most of the conversation was in Kannada in this so called story, but I have tried to translate it to English, it could be a bad try, but it’s true. I am just trying to write my experience. I don’t know whether I should call this a sex story or something else, because first of all it’s not a story for me, and second is that it does not have that much of lust and passion for sex. It’s an experience of lifetime for me, the way I came closer to somebody. My name is Jaanu and this is about me and Chinnu. I live in Mysore, and I really feel proud to be a part of our colony, because it is one of the oldest area, and every single person know each other. 

I was brought there when I was just 3, tell you frankly I don’t remember anything of that time, I remember from the age of almost 5, I had few friends of more or less same age group in a colony, with whom I use to play in the evening, and Chinnu was one of them. She is a daughter of Shobha aunty who is very good friend of my mother, living not vary from my house. Our families were very close to each other, especially both the ladies, they were just like sisters. There were some other children like pankaj, gauri, manish, renu and many more, but in my mom’s word (because I hardly remember so much detail), me and 

Chinnu were like good friends, and always remained closer to each other during whole play time, 
and my father use to say in a humorous sense that he will marry me with her, because we are always seen together. Anyway time passed and we both grew together in a same environment of love and care, we both were the only child of our parents. I think we have been good friend in that way till 5th standard and after that we gained some consciousness of being boy and girl, it was not that we stopped meeting each other, or stopped talking to each other, it was just we were in separate group during our play time. 

As time passed, this consciousness increased, but still we were very good friends, I never felt this at that time because I was into that, but today I can easily say that from the very beginning till the end I was attracted towards Chinnu. I remember the period of my schooling, I always tried to steal her glimpse, either from my terrace or while passing through her house, and she always smiled as I looked at her, couple of times I waved my hand to say hello, and she always responded. Sometimes I use to get bonus, when she use to come at my place to give something, 
something which is cooked out of routine in her house by her mother, or when 

I use to go there for the same purpose or for some other casual reason. Truly speaking at that time just her glimpse or smile was enough for me to spend rest of my day with joy. It was not like that she was beautiful that is why I was attracted, rather if I will try to explain appearance and nature of Chinnu then I will say that she is average looking, not fair but neither too dark in color, neither she was thin nor she had a heavy structure. In few words she was an average girl, average height, average looks, good in studies and very talkative, very soft hearted and of very mixing nature. 

She use to laugh a lot, loud and free with an open heart. During our last year of schooling she lost her father, and it was a heartbreaking moment for her, her family and everybody who was attach to the family including me and my family. At that time I was very young and really didn’t know how to react in this condition, and tell you frankly I didn’t had courage to face her. I have been there during this challenging period of her life, but on the back seat, and even today I feel bad about my way of behavior of that time may be it was lack of confidence. 

Time moved further and facts of life got accepted, after graduation we both entered into our professional training, she started B.ed. We use to meet each other like we use to, some times on the road, or in nearby market, or for any other simple reason. I had few talks with her on movies, career and some other casual topics. She mentioned her reason to adopt teaching line; it was because she loves children and always wanted to be with them. 

I knew this, because many times I saw her with small babies of our colony. More or less life was running smooth, we finished our professional courses, I joined Taiwan company as a interpreter on project basis who use to make and sell machines, and when there technicians use to come here for machine installation, I had to communicate between them and local people. She joined one school as she always wanted. At the age when we both were around 23, I got news of Chinnu’s marriage getting finalized. 

The guy with whom she got fixed was green card holder, lives in US and works in a multi national bank, he was financially very sound and belonged to same caste, Brahman, his parents live in Mysore only and through one of her relative they have got this proposal. This is what I came to know through my mom. I was feeling sad, I don’t know why, although at that time I cannot say that I was in love with her, or anything like that, but 

I was uneasy, with a thought that she is going and I will not be able to meet her or see her as I do right now. May be I was jealous, and I also needed somebody to love or to live with, but it seemed very far, because I was not in condition to get married, I was earning good but it was not a regular income, I was working on projects, whenever I am on project, I was earning 1000/- in a day, with other expenses if I am not in my town. 

But this income was not reliable and I never dared to think about marriage, and moreover I could not think of Chinnu, because I had nothing in comparison of her fiancé. So I suppressed everything raised with in me. Just after 4-5 days I met her at my place, I wished her and said that now time has came when she can have her own kids, she accepted my wishes with a smile and said yes she love children and told me about her future husband, his working, his nature, his life-style etc. she was happy and, she admitted that she is happy. 

For me after that time flew, and I don’t know when the day came when she got married. I attended all the ceremonies, and finally she flew to US with her husband. My life was otherwise on track, except I was little sad. Slowly life moved on and I got settled a bit, I came on pay roll with that company, and use to get reasonable money. For me at that time Chinnu was past; it was not that I forgot her but she had less impact on my mood. I use to get few words of information from my mom about her, as my mom was in touch with her mother, 

I never asked my mom, but I was always keen to hear news from her side, especially of her motherhood. But I never got, even a hint of it. I remember in that span of time I accessed few porn sites and also this site, I use to read stories and obviously use to get excited, sometimes I use to visualize Chinnu getting seduced by her husband. It was almost two years or just less then that when I last saw Chinnu but her face and features were intact in my memories, It was the age when I really needed somebody, means 

I wanted to get married, and she was the only girl with whom I was in touch, so her thoughts in my brain was but obvious, my mother was already looking for her perspective, daughter in law, and in that concern I had to meet one girl, and Shobha aunty ( Chinnu’ mother) insisted to fix a meeting in her house, my mom agreed, because generally these kinds of meetings are not set in any of the two houses. 

There was a program of dinner and my mom and Shobha aunty were doing all the preparations, and unfortunately at around 7 PM Shobha aunty collapsed, whole program got cancelled and we rushed to the hospital, it was a minor BP attack, actually she did not had her medicine from last few days and got over worked to make preparations for the dinner. Somewhere we were responsible for this and my mom really felt bad about that, I spent almost a week in the night in hospital, as there were many people for the day time. 

After a week or so she was back home, after that I met that girl with whom I was suppose to meet ten days back, and somehow things didn’t work out, after few days I had to go out of town for my work, as such there was no problem because my mom was there to look after her and neither matter was too serious. Anyway I went to Bangalore for my work and after around 15 days when I was back I came to know that Chinnu is here to meet her mom. I wanted to meet her but I was in similar condition, as 

I was in when her father passed away, It was a strange feeling, and I have noticed this that I am always helpless in such conditions. That day I ignored, and next morning I went to my friends place, and by the evening I prepared myself to meet her. In the evening I went to her house, my mom was already there with Shobha aunty, Chinnu was not there, I talked to aunty for a while and asked about her, she said that she has gone to nearby park, for a walk, and after that aunty told me that she feels that 

Chinnu is not happy, and she is hiding something, many times aunty has asked about her married life but she really ignored the conversation. And then she requested me to ask her, as I am one of her oldest friend, and she told me not to mention that she has told me to ask her, although I knew that even I don’t have that much of courage to ask her about her personal life even then I said that I will try. After that I left that place and went to nearby park, to see her. She was there, surrounded by the small children, she was playing with them with a big aired plastic ball, 

I stood there, I just wanted to see her, she seemed happy when she was playing and talking to the kids. After some time she noticed me standing there, and smiled as she always use to, I waved and she responded by raising her hand. After few minutes she came closer to me and said hello with a smile, she was looking more matured then I last met her, with a bit of change in body structure, we did shake hand, and walked along the pavement on the outer part of the park, while talking to each other, it was an ordinary conversation, like when she came and how is my professional life going. 

She asked about the girl I met for the marriage, I said that things just didn’t worked, she asked few more questions about her, and I replied. I asked her about her life, she said it’s ok but India is India. At that time I realized that her mom was right, she is not same as she was earlier, 
at one time she use to be very talkative and at this moment she seemed very reserved, unless she would have told me many things about US but her statement that India is India cleared one thing that she is not happy there. 

Then I asked her that for how long she is planning to stay here, she said it’s not fixed, I want to stay with my mom for some time, then our topic of conversation got turned to her mom’s health, and after a while she said thanks, for what I have done for her mom. I said, there is no need to say thanks for that, it was my part which I played, she said Jaanu please tell me if I can do something for you, somehow I want to thank you, 

I noticed that tears were floating in her eyes, we were walking on the outer of the park, and I tried to console her, and touched her shoulder, and said that nothing has happened and everything will be alright, and in a second she busted, tears started coming out and we stopped there, I gave her my hanky, she took and tried to calm down, after a minute she said sorry, because she couldn’t controlled herself.

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