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Second Encounter With Preethi – Part II

Hi this is Rajesh again good to see that after posting of my second story there were lot of mails from the readers to post what happened on those two days and night so thought of sharing with you all. A brief intro once again. I am 6ft tall well-built and very eager to have sex my mail id is Let’s come to the main story. 

We were in deep sleep suddenly we heard the baby crying. So Preethi got up and wore nighty and left the room. Preethi came and woke me up with a passionate kiss. I asked what is the time she told its 9am get up and have bath. I will prepare breakfast I pulled her towards me and I was kissing her holding very tightly she was in my control now. I was moving my hand all over her body and brought back to her boobs over her nighty and kept pressing them very hard. 

We were in that position for about 10 min and then slowly I removed her nighty she was totally naked and me to as I slept like that only. she took her had to my cock and she was playing with it by moving her hand up and down. My cock was rock hard she slowly came down to my cock and took it into her mouth and started sucking it. It was soon good and I was moaning aaahh aahhh Preethi keep going it’s so good. 

She was doing it very vigorously and I stopped her saying I don’t want to finish in your mouth now. Come on come on top of me and she readily agreed and came on top of me took the cock in her hands and kept at the entrance of her pussy and came down with one move my 6in cock went completely into her pussy and she started giving strokes by going up and down it was so good. 

I was pressing her boobs and she was giving me the strokes and I too reciprocated by giving strokes in opposite direction and Preethi also started to moan saying aahhha oooohhh hmmmmm raj you are so good inside me come give me hard strokes don’t stop give me in full speed and I stated to give her good hard strokes and she started to come and I too could not hold for much time and I too came in her. She felt on me like that only. After 10 min she got up and took me into the bathroom. 

I brushed my teeth and she was filling the water for me to have bath. I asked her about her son she told she feeded him and he slept. We had bath together by applying soap to each other bodies. I was playing with her boobs and she was playing with my cock and my cock again regained its strength. She had a smile on her face. Raj your cock is very fast it took hardly 30 min to regain its full strength. My hubby’s cock takes min 8 hours to get the full strength. Saying that she was playing with my cock soaping it. 

She came done and poured water and cleaned my cock and took into her mouth and started sucking it. Slowly she started to increasing the speed. I was moaning aah ooh aaah. She continued sucking my cock in between she used bite my cock and play with my balls. She was master in sucking she was taking the entire 6in cock deep inside her throat and taking out. I was in heaven and I was losing my control I toll I may cum at any moment she stated to sucking very hard and in no time I have finished in her mouth. 

I could not able to stand on my legs I was holding the taps and she took each and every drop that came from my cock and cleaned it. She smiled and said I was eager to have you in my mouth. I wanted to taste your cum it is so yummy. We finished our bath and came out.She wore sari and I wore shot and t shirt without any inners. She went into kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was sitting in the hall watching TV and Preethi in between. She came with the breakfast I caught hold of her and asked to sit beside me. 

We both had our breakfast feeding each other and had tea. I was sitting on dewan and watching TV she came and slept on my lap. Facing her face towards the ceiling. I bend down and kissed her on her lips and placed my hand on her tummy and I was slowly moving my finger around her sexy deep naval and slowly inserted my figure into her sari and reached her pussy and kept my hand there for some time. 

My cock got erection and pocking Preethi’s head. She gave a smile and she took her hand to my cock and slowly started pressing it. I slowly inserted my figure into her pussy and started fingering it. She started moaning hhh aaaahhhhhh oooohhhhhh raaajjjjjjjj. i was fingering with one hand and pressing her boobs with other hand. Preethi got a big orgasm. She then turned and removed my shot and took my cock into her mount and started sucking it. And I was playing with her boobs 

I slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and freed her boobs from the bra and I was pressing her boobs with more pressure and she was busy in sucking my cock taking full into her throat. I was about to cum but controlled myself and asked Preethi to get up . I pulled her sari up to her waist and asked her to sit on her knees on the hands of the chair. The position was so perfect that her pussy was right in front of my cock as soon as she got settled I inserted my cock in the wet waiting pussy of Preethi in one go. 

There was a loud mourn aaahhhhhh. I slowly started giving strokes by holding the boobs from backside. As the speed of my stokes increased Preethi’s moaning increased aaaahhhh hmm ooooohhhhh rrrrrrraaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjj is so nice you are making me cum multiple times you hot rod is stimulating me so much as u go in and out your thick road is touching the walls of my pussy and make me cum instantly ooh raj go on give deep strokes I never felt so happy having sex with my hubby you are so good Rajj aaaaaahh oooohhhh hhhhhhmmm. 

I started giving her big had strokes hearing her sound her son woke and came in to the hall. She said raj don’t stop keep going keep going let me enjoy it I kept on giving her good hard strokes for another 10 min. her little son was watching us and we were busy in our work and at last I came deep in Preethi’s pussy . Our breaths were so fast we both were totally exhausted. I took out my cock from her pussy and she settled down on the chair and took my cock into her mouth and licked it clean. 

Then she went to the bath room and cleaned herself and I was playing with her little son. She too came and asked what I want to eat for lunch. I have told her anything you cook for me. She planned to make some veg stuff and she left to kitchen. I was sleeping on dewan playing with her kid. After finishing her cooking she washed her face. she came and sat beside me and kept her hand on my cock. And starting caressing it.

She was saying Raj you are my perfect man I never felt sex will be so good and enjoyable. I never got so much pleasure from my husband. Your body and your cock is so perfect to me I love u raj I don’t want to miss you any more I want u more and more. Then she left and brought some stuff to feed her son. Then we too had our lunch and we all three were watching movie I was on her lap kid was playing with some toys whenever there was any romantic scene we both use to have French kiss after some time her kid slept and we both went to the bed room. 

As soon we reached the bed room I took her into my arms and gave a tight hug and started kissing all over the face and stated to remove her sari and I came down to her sexy deep navel and started kissing it passionately. In the meantime Preethi has removed her blouse and bra. I removed the sari and petticoat she has removed her panty after we had sex on the chair. I kept my face near the pussy and inhaling the sweet smell that was coming from her wet pussy. I slowly started licking her pussy. 

I sat down there and lifted her one leg and kept on the bed so that I can have a clear view of her pussy and I kept my face on the pussy lips and started licking her very passionately slowly I have increased the speed she was moaning aaahhhh hmm oooohh ssshhhh raaaaaaaaaajjjjj hm and she got her orgasm. I was busy in licking her pussy more vigorously she was getting orgasm after orgasm. 

She was moving her fingers in my hair saying hhhhhhm aaaaahhh ooohhhh sssshhhh aaaaahhh those sounds were making me more horny and I kept on licking this time she got a big orgasm and lot of water was released from her pussy. This was the first she squirted in her life. I too came to know that when women reaches the heights of their orgasms they squirt. I kept dinking it . she asked me to stop and she just relaxed on the bed. 

I went to her boobs and started sucking them one by one and pressing them very hard she was in heaven she closed her eyes and feeling the pleasure that I was giving to her by sucking and pressing those lovely milky melons. I was busy in sucking the boobs and pressing them for almost 20 min the boobs have become red because of my handling. Preethi was enjoying each and every min of our love making. 

Then I came down to her sexy navel and moving my tongue around her navel and slowly dipped my tongue into the deep navel. There was a huss sound from Preethi she caught hold of my head and pressing it from the top I was licking her navel and took my hand toward her pussy and inserted it into it. I was fingering her pussy and licking her navel. I have increased my speed and inserted one more finger into her pussy and 

I was stimulating her g spot she got a big orgasm. I again came to her boobs and sucking them with full passion and fingering her pussy she was getting orgasm after orgasm. She caught hold of my cock and playing with it she asked me to come into 69 position so I slept on by back and she gave me her pussy and went to my cock and took it into her mouth I was busy in licking her pussy and she was busy in sucking my cock she was taking my cock deep into her throat and stopping whenever she was getting the orgasm by giving a sweet moan aahhhhhhhhh hmmm oohhhh aaahhhhh. She was pouring her cum into my mouth. 

Once she gains her conscience she used to suck my cock biting it hardly the amount of pleasure we both were getting was un expressible. We continued like that for around 20 min and finally I gave a full load of cum into her mouth and Preethi took it happily and she cleaned my cock as nothing was happened so far and my cock was so fresh as if it was just came from bath. 

We just slept holding each other and by the time i woke up it was 8pm. Preethi was feeding her son. I just washed my face and came out and sat on the dewan. Preethi smiled and said how is your little brother I just smiled and said ready to have a dip in your sister. She said my sister is also waiting for your little brother. She feede her son and made him sleep. She went into the bath room removing her nighty and giving me the smile. 

I just followed her and as soon I entered the bath room he sat down and remove my shot and took my hard cock into her mouth and sucking it passionately. I was moaning mmmmmh hhhhaaa every time she sucks my cock she gives me a good pleasure. She is licking my from my balls to tip of my cock and then takes deep into her mouth and again come back to the ball. She sucked me for almost 20 min. Then she got up and gave a good kiss and the she started the shower. 

I went from her back and took her boobs and started pressing with both the hands and my dick was pocking her from her back. She just wide her legs and just bend and took my cock in her hand and directed it into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that it just went inside there was a sweet moan form Preethi aaahhhhhhhh voooohhh hmmmm I was slowly giving her strokes and pressing her boobs she was moaning aaahhh mmmmhhhhh sooooohhhhhh aaaaaahh I was giving her good hard strokes my cock was Like a hot iron rod. 

It was so good inside her whenever my cock goes in she tries to catch hold of my cock with her lips and releases the feeling was so good it cannot be said in words. Preethi was moaning and getting multiple orgasms. My hands were busy on her boobs and cock was busy in her pussy Preethi was saying raaajjj you are good fucker I am getting what I has missed so far. Your cock is filing my pussy and its dam good whenever it enters. 

It makes me cum whenever it is going in and touches the inner walls, keep giving me good hard strokes raj. Give me good hard strokes. I was pressing her boobs and giving the strokes and whenever my cock enters the pussy my balls was slapping her pussy. And I could clearly know the squirts that was coming from Preethi’s pussy. I was about to finish Preethi asked me to fill it in her mouth and she came down and took my cock into her mouth and I filled all my cum in her mouth and she took happily. 

Then we both had bath came out she just wore a pink nighty and I was in towel. She went into kitchen and came with food in one plate she feeded me and she too had her dinner. She went into the kitchen cleaned all the stuff and came and sat beside me. We both were watching the movie I was on the lap of Preethi. There was a hot rain song we both were watching very eagerly I noticed that Preethi’s hand was going toward my cock she got hold of my cock removing the towel and stated playing with my cock and the cock has regained its strength and it was like a hot iron rod she kept on playing with it and giving a hand job. 

I was enjoying it and watching the movie. She slowly went to my cock and took into her mouth and started sucking it. I was enjoying the movie and the blow job from Preethi. Preethi made me so hot. I switched off the TV and we both entered the bed room. I removed Preethi’s nighty and made her sleep and locked the door. I slowly start kissing from forehead , eyes, cheeks, lips chin and I came done to her boobs and took the right boob into my mouth and started sucking the right boob and pressing the other. I was sucking the boobs one after the other. 

Preethi was moaning aaahhhhh raajjjj aaahhhhh mmmmhhhhh ooohhhhh aaaaahhhhh I was pressing her boobs very hard. Then I slowly came down to her navel and started sucking and my hands were busy pressing her boobs. Then I came to her pussy and started licking it very passionately and slowly I increased the speed and pushing my tongue deep inside her pussy I could able to touch her inner walls and was stimulating them. 

Preethi gave a big moan aaaaahhhhh and she got a big orgasm. I kept on licking the pussy she started squirting and I was taking it into my mouth we continued for almost 10 min. the bed became wet because of her squirting. Then I slowly started kissing on her right thigh slowly moved towards her foot. Then from left foot slowly I was coming up towards her pussy once I came to her pussy i kissed on her pussy. Then I came slowly to her navel and I was licking her navel and then slowly went towards her hip and licking there with the tongue. 

She was moaning aaahhh vooohh mm and she turned towards her back. I was licking with my tongue tip from one side of the hip to other side and came back to the spinal cord near her buttocks. Then I was biting her buttocks and again slowly stated going up to her necking licking on the spinal cord from her buttocks to the neck she was shivering with the current that was passing when I was licking. 

She was moaning raajjjj ahhhhhhhh hmm oooohhhhh. Then I took my both hands and caught hold of her boobs and started pressing them very hardly, and my cock was right between her buttocks and in a go I just inserted my cock into her pussy and starting pumping it this time i was doing only hardcore I was just ramping her pussy. She was moaning like anything. I gave nonstop strokes for almost 5 min and she was also pouring like anything. 

The bed sheet was becoming wet by her squirting. Then I got up and she turned and facing towards me I again inserted my cock into the wet pussy and fell on her and took my two hands from the bottom of her arms and caught hold of her and started giving her good hard strokes and when my cock was going in she was trying to catch hold of it with her pussy lips and releasing when i was taking it out. 

I was giving her good hard strokes and she was squirting and having good orgasms. I have pumped her for almost 15 min. she caught hold of me and asking for a break as I was on top of her. I took off my cock and put my hand on her pussy it was full wet and I started licking her I asked her to come into 69 position. She came on top of me and gave her pussy to me and went towards my cock and started sucking it. I was licking her pussy she again started squirting on my face and I was drinking her juices as much I can. 

We continued in this position for 10 min she was sucking my cock with more speed. We stopped for some time to regain our breath in this time also I was pressing Preethi’s boobs and she was playing with my cock. Then we decide to go for doggie style and she got up and took the position. I inserted my cock into her waiting wet pussy and started giving strokes. After 5 min I have started to give 4 extremely slow strokes and the 5th one used to be very fast and hard stroke. 

When I was giving stokes slowly she use to hold my cock with her pussy lips and on the 5th stroke she use to leave free. Wow it was a great feeling when I was giving her strokes like that Preethi was moaning with like anything and she was squirting on my 5th stroke. We continued like this for almost 20 min I was stopping whenever I feel I am going to finish and again I start banging Preethi’s pussy. 

Then I changed my position in such a way that I was totally on her top in the same doggie position and started giving good hard strokes Preethi was moaning raaaj oooh my good please finish I can’t hold your strokes anymore it’s so good inside me, it is like a hot iron rod hhhmmmm aaahhhhhhh ooohhhh keep giving hard strokes and come in my pussy Raajjjj its almost 2 and half we have been doing sex. I started giving strokes faster and harder and in 5 min I came in her. 

I was in the same position holding Preethi’s shoulders and after some I took my cock outside and just laid on the bed. Preethi was smiling and went to my cock and cleaned it by taking into her mouth and kept sucking till it was totally limp. Then she came and kept her head on my chest and said raj what a day we had today till now in my married life 

I never had sex so many times nor got so many orgasms my body is so light now I am feeling that I am flying in air. I saw the time and it was 3.30 am. We both were totally exhausted with the sex all the day. And we slowly went into sleep. Friends Please send your feedbacks to I will let you know what happened on the 3rd day and night. Any Hyderabad females interested in chatting with me or making friendship please feel free to ping me at

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