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Hi , I am Kumar, back again with another recent sex encounter, which happened about 6 months ago with my neighbor. About a year or so a new neighbor settled beside our house. They had a small family of 4 members, the head of the member Mr. Ravi whom I called as brother, his wife Tania (as I regarded her as bhabi) and their 2 children, one was a boy of 7yrs and the other was a girl of 4 yrs. 

My story starts with Tania. From the very first day I saw her I fall in love with her. She was a very sexy and beautiful lady. She had very fair skin, grey eyes, short hair upto her neck, nice moderate sized boobs (32-34d), nice silky toned stomach and tight toned ass. She was a perfect slim lady of 5.5ft. She was a 31yrs old lady but she looked as if she was in her 20’s. 

Tania’s hubby Ravi was a manager in some multinational company and often had to live away from his family. Tania had a per time job as a teacher in some English medium school and so she spent most her life in the house and taking care of her children. 

They were very familiar to us and often we went to visit there house and they too. Though they were very familiar with us but still talked little with bhabi. Whenever we met with each other we just passes laugh instead of talking. Soon the day came. We had a marriage party of my cousin brother and so my parents went to attend the party leaving me as I had nearby college semester examinations. 

So I was alone in my house and after studying for few times I went to my neighbor’s house. There I found that Tania bhabi was alone in and was cooking in the kitchen , as her children have went to school and her hubby was in Delhi. So I entered in the kitchen and stood beside her and was watching her figure more than her work. It hot there and she was sweating. Her wet stomach was easily visible she was wearing a silk saree. 

Her beautiful figure was making me hard and erect at the bottom and as I was only wearing a Bermuda with no inner wear , my Bermudas bulged out and she noticed it. She started laughing and asked me “what ar u thinking?” I desperately told her about ‘U’. I got hold her right hand and kissed her hand. She became speechless for a while and then she told me to leave from her house. 

Then viewing over the situation I started to laugh and asked her how was the joke? She saw at me and told me in rude way that she didn’t like this type of jokes. I hold my ear with my hand and said sorry to her. Then I told her that U should not be so serious about it we are adults and U r my bhabi and bhabi is like the closest friend and this type of jokes is possible. She interrupted me and asked “ do u have anything to eat in launch?” 

I answered yes. She then asked me do u have anything in dinner, I told her , that I have to search in hotel. Hearing that she told me to have dinner with them. Soon the night came and I went to their house at 9.30pm. She had ready dinner on the table. She cooked fried rice and chicken. We started our dinner and her children had lot of discussion with me about what they did in their school. After dinner her children went to some cartoons on TV while 

I was helping Tania bhabi washing the dishes. After finishing the work, she took her children to their bedroom and made them sleep. As it was hot and humid day she told me to have some chat sitting on their roof. I agreed with her. We went to the roof and sat on a bench which was on the roof. The sky was cloudy and looking as if it would rain. It was dark outside there and we were discussing about various things like, their marriage relationship, her college and school days, my college and school days. 

From there I could make that she was very disappointed with his hubby. During chatting she was touching my thighs, head, arms accidentally. Due to this my cock got hard , enlarged and erect. Due to this my shorts again mounted up and accidentally she touched it. She understood about it and again laughingly asked me about what I was thinking. This time I got courage and told her about U. She thought I was again joking and told me to stop joking. 

I then told her I really love U ,I swear and wanted to fuck you from the very first day I saw u . I also told her that she was unsatisfied with his hubby. Don’t ignore me today to give u some satisfaction. She became speechless for a while and then told me “see Kumar this is not right, the society will not accept this”. 

I then again told her don’t think about society be my wife for the night. No one would know and there is nothing wrong in fucking. It is just to satisfy u with some pleasurable experience. In the meanwhile rain started to fall. I started to massage her hair, her shoulder, her sexy back and also pulled her blouse slightly down and kissed her shoulder to arouse her sex. 

She then looked at me and holding my hand she told me “don’t disappoint me. Give me a full satisfaction”. She then put her lips on mine and started kissing and I to responded her boldly. We were giving smooches to each other and rolling our tongue into each other’s mouth. Soon the rain started to fall heavily and so we entered to a small room which was on one side of the roof and they used it as store room. 

She switched on a dim light and opened her saree and stood in front of me in her red blouse and black panty. She was wet and looking dam sexy. My cock increased to its utmost limit. I laid her on the floor on her back and then opened my t-shirt and short. My 8inch cock sprang out and I fell over her and started to kiss her thoroughly. I tore out her blouse and started to suck and squeeze her soft reddish brown nipple boobs. They were erect and swelled. She was moaning and shivering in pleasure. 

After playing with her boobs I moved to her panty by kissing her every part of her belly thighs. Then I slowly pulled her wet panty down through her thighs. She had a great pussy with few grown hairs(which means she shaved her pussy earlier before). She was dropping juice from her pussy. 

I then inserted my right hand’s middle finger into her hot wet pussy. She was really warm and with the first insertion of my middle finger she moaned and moving her legs to and fro gently closing her eyes. I then put my middle finger out and put it into her mouth, she lick it and in a very gently and humbly told me “Fuck me . 

I couldn’t resist myself and spreading her thighs wide open I inserted my dick inside her love hole. She was a little tight but her slippery pussy due to her juice was allowing me enter into her quite a lot. Then in the second insertion I succeeded in pushing my full length of my cock inside her. She was great inside there and her warmth and pleasure was making me feel like heaven. I then slowly started to stoke her and then increased my pace and power. 

After fucking her for 15mins she cum with a scream but I continued giving her powerful stokes. In pleasure she closed her eyes and was biting her lips and moaning(aaaamm, yes..yshhhmm…, fuck, fuck,aaamm.). I continued till I cum inside her and then put out my cock. She started to laugh and said “Feed your wife like that ,U horny boy, feed me like that . You are satisfying me”. 

Then I got a plan of taking some fun in rain and so offered her to have some fucking session in rain. She gradually agreed. So we again came under the heavy rain. I made her sit on the bench (where we were sitting before) and made her lean on the wall on her back. She gradually stretched her legs wide open for to enter. I stood in front of her supported myself on the wall by my left hand and she glided my cock into her pussy. 

I was slippery and enlarged from before and this time I got fully inside her in the first chance and started to fuck her rapidly and powerfully. After fucking in that position for some time in that position I carried her in my arms with my cock inside her and lied on the floor on my back and making her sit on my hips with my cock inside her. By this time it was raining slowly and the roof was full of water. 

Coming to the main topic, she was then moving up and down on my cock slowly and then rapidly, but my cock was coming out of her often and that position didn’t suite us. So, I again rolled her down on the watery floor making her back towards the floor and her front towards me. I came over her and again stroked her hard and made her cum for the second time, but I continued until I again cum inside her lovely pussy. 

As we became tired, so we slept in that position for few minutes and had a fantastic smooch session, lying there under rain. Then we went down to their bathroom and cleaned each other and had another smooch. Then she took a contraceptive pill (thank god she got it from before)and then we slept to their guestroom. I told her sorry about tearing her blouse. 

In reply she told me “never mind it. The most important thing is that you satisfied me fully and you were fantastic”. I also told her that she too was great. She also told me that to satisfy her like that in future. Then we slept there for rest of the night and in the morning again became a history which I would write later as next experience.

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