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Sanjay & Bhavana

Hello friends, today I have accessed this site after very long time, and read few good stories, few bad stories, only few of them I found real, and those true stories made me write this and I think after reading the whole write up you will feel the way I feel about this whole concept of sex or love making or what we call fucking. Mail me ur opinions gals and unsatisfied gals… my mail id is 

Generally in our daily life we speak Hindi, and most of the conversation was in Hindi in this so called story, but I have tried to translate it to English, it could be a bad try, but it’s true. I am just trying to write my experience. I don’t know whether I should call this a sex story or something else, because first of all it’s not a story for me, and second is that it does not have that much of lust and passion for sex. It’s an experience of lifetime for me, the way 

I came closer to somebody. My name is Sanjay and this is about me and Bhavana. I live in south Mysore, and I really feel proud to be a part of our colony, because it is one of the oldest area, and every single person know each other. I was brought there when I was just 3, tell you frankly I don’t remember anything of that time, I remember from the age of almost 5, I had few friends of more or less same age group in a colony, with whom 

I use to play in the evening, and Bhavana was one of them. She is a daughter of Shobha aunty who is very good friend of my mother, living not very from my house. Our families were very close to each other, especially both the ladies, they were just like sisters. There were some other children like pankaj, gauri, manish, renu and many more, but in my mom’s word (because I hardly remember so much detail), me and 

Bhavana were like good friends, and always remained closer to each other during whole play time, and my father use to say in a humorous sense that he will marry me with her, because we are always seen together. Anyway time passed and we both grew together in a safe environment of love and care, we both were the only child of our parents. I think we have been good friend in that way till 5th standard and after that we gained 

Some consciousness of being boy and girl, it was not that we stopped meeting each other, or stopped talking to each other, it was just we were in separate group during our play time. As time passed, this consciousness increased, but still we were very good friends, I never felt this at that time because I was into that, but today I can easily say that from the very beginning till the end I was attracted towards Bhavana. 

I remember the period of my schooling, I always tried to steal her glimpse, either from my terrace or while passing through her house, and she always smiled as I looked at her, couple of times I waved my hand to say hello, and she always responded. Sometimes I use to get bonus, when she use to come at my place to give something, something which is cooked out of routine in her house by her mother, or when I use to go there for the same purpose or for some other casual reason. 

Truly speaking at that time just her glimpse or smile was enough for me to spend rest of my day with joy. It was not like that she was beautiful that is why I was attracted, rather if I will try to explain appearance and nature of Bhavana then I will say that she is average looking, not fair but neither too dark in color, neither she was thin nor she had a heavy structure. In few words she was an average girl, average height, average looks, good in studies and very talkative, very soft hearted and of very mixing nature. 

She use to laugh a lot, loud and free with an open heart. During our last year of schooling she lost her father, and it was a heartbreaking moment for her, her family and everybody who was attach to the family including me and my family. At that time I was very young and really didn’t know how to react in this condition, and tell you frankly I didn’t had courage to face her. I have been there during this challenging period of her life, but on the back seat, and even today 

I feel bad about my way of behavior of that time may be it was lack of confidence. Time moved further and facts of life got accepted, after graduation we both entered into our professional training, she started B. Ed and I decided to learn Chinese language. We use to meet each other like we use to, sometimes on the road, or in nearby market, or for any other simple reason. I had few talks with her on movies, career and some other casual topics. 

She mentioned her reason to adopt teaching line; it was because she loves children and always wanted to be with them. I knew this, because many times I saw her with small babies of our colony. More or less life was running smooth, we finished our professional courses, I joined Taiwan company as a interpreter on project basis who use to make and sell machines, and when there technicians use to come here for machine installation, I had to communicate between them and local people. 

She joined one school as she always wanted. At the age when we both were around 25, I got news of Bhavana’s marriage getting finalized. The guy with whom she got fixed was green card holder, lives in US and works in a multi national bank, he was financially very sound and belonged to same caste, Brahman, his parents live in Mysore only and through one of her relative they have got this proposal. This is what I came to know through my mom. I was feeling sad, I don’t know why, although at that time I cannot say that 

I was in love with her, or anything like that, but I was uneasy, with a thought that she is going and I will not be able to meet her or see her as I do right now. May be I was jealous, and I also needed somebody to love or to live with, but it seemed very far, because I was not in condition to get married, I was earning good but it was not a regular income, I was working on projects, whenever I am on project, I was earning 1000/- in a day, with other expenses if I am not in my town. 

But this income was not reliable and I never dared to think about marriage, and moreover I could not think of Bhavana, because I had nothing in comparison of her fiancé. So I suppressed everything raised with in me. Just after 4-5 days I met her at my place, I wished her and said that now time has came when she can have her own kids, she accepted my wishes with a smile and said yes she love children and told me about her future husband, his working, his nature, his life-style etc. she was happy and, she admitted that she is happy. 

For me after that time flew, and I don’t know when the day came when she got married. I attended all the ceremonies, and finally she flew to US with her husband.My life was otherwise on track, except I was little sad. Slowly life moved on and I got settled a bit, I came on pay roll with that company, and use to get reasonable money. For me at that time Bhavana was past; it was not that I forgot her but she had less impact on my mood. I use to get few words of information from my mom about her, as my mom was in touch with her mother, 

I never asked my mom, but I was always keen to hear news from her side, especially of her motherhood. But I never got, even a hint of it. I remember in that span of time I accessed few porn sites and also this site, I use to read stories and obviously use to get excited, sometimes I use to visualize Bhavana getting seduced by her husband. It was almost two years or just less then that when I last saw Bhavana but her face and features were intact in my memories, It was the age when I really needed somebody, means 

I wanted to get married, and she was the only girl with whom I was in touch, so her thoughts in my brain was but obvious, my mother was already looking for her perspective, daughter in law, 
and in that concern I had to meet one girl, and Shobha aunty ( Bhavana’ mother) insisted to fix a meeting in her house, my mom agreed, because generally these kinds of meetings are not set in any of the two houses. There was a program of dinner and my mom and 

Shobha aunty were doing all the preparations, and unfortunately at around 7 PM Shobha aunty collapsed, whole program got cancelled and we rushed to the hospital, it was a minor BP attack, actually she did not had her medicine from last few days and got over worked to make preparations for the dinner. Somewhere we were responsible for this and my mom really felt bad about that, I spent almost a week in the night in hospital, as there were many people for the day time. 

After a week or so she was back home, after that I met that girl with whom I was suppose to meet ten days back, and somehow things didn’t work out, after few days I had to go out of town for my work, as such there was no problem because my mom was there to look after her and neither matter was too serious. Anyway I went to Punjab for my work and after around 15 days when I was back I came to know that Bhavana is here to meet her mom. I wanted to meet her but I was in similar condition, as 

I was in when her father passed away, It was a strange feeling, and I have noticed this that I am always helpless in such conditions. That day I ignored, and next morning I went to my friends place, and by the evening I prepared myself to meet her. In the evening I went to her house, my mom was already there with Shobha aunty, Bhavana was not there, I talked to aunty for a while and asked about her, she said that she has gone to nearby park, for a walk, and after that aunty told me that she feels that 

Bhavana is not happy, and she is hiding something, many times aunty has asked about her married life but she really ignored the conversation. And then she requested me to ask her, as I am one of her oldest friend, and she told me not to mention that she has told me to ask her, although I knew that even I don’t have that much of courage to ask her about her personal life even then I said that I will try. 

After that I left that place and went to nearby park, to see her. She was there, surrounded by the small children, she was playing with them with a big aired plastic ball, I stood there, I just wanted to see her, she seemed happy when she was playing and talking to the kids. After some time she noticed me standing there, and smiled as she always use to, I waved and she responded by raising her hand. After few minutes she came closer to me and said hello with a smile, she was looking more matured then 

I last met her, with a bit of change in body structure, we did shake hand, and walked along the pavement on the outer part of the park, while talking to each other, it was an ordinary conversation, like when she came and how is my professional life going. She asked about the girl I met for the marriage, I said that things just didn’t worked, she asked few more questions about her, and I replied. I asked her about her life, she said it’s ok but India is India. 

At that time I realized that her mom was right, she is not same as she was earlier, at one time she use to be very talkative and at this moment she seemed very reserved, unless she would have told me many things about US but her statement that India is India cleared one thing that she is not happy there. Then I asked her that for how long she is planning to stay here, she said it’s not fixed, 

I want to stay with my mom for some time, then our topic of conversation got turned to her mom’s health, and after a while she said thanks, for what I have done for her mom. I said, there is no need to say thanks for that, it was my part which I played, she said Sanjay please tell me if I can do something for you, somehow I want to thank you, I noticed that tears were floating in her eyes, we were walking on the outer of the park, and 

I tried to console her, and touched her shoulder, and said that nothing has happened and everything will be alright, and in a second she busted, tears started coming out and we stopped there, I gave her my hanky, she took and tried to calm down, after a minute she said sorry, because she couldn’t controlled herself. I asked her if she wants to go home, she pointed a finger to a bench and said let’s sit here for a while, we sat there for a while, we both were silent and watching children who were playing, after a while 

I saw a smile on her face, she was looking at children and smiling on there activities, then I told her about new shopping mall, which was not very far from our place, I also asked if she wants to see that mall, she said no, she hardly has interest in shopping malls, and such places. Then I asked if she wants to go to chamundi hills, she said no I want to stay at home, with my mom, I insisted and said it will get a good change in your mood, but she again said no, I don’t feel like going anywhere, then 

I said Bhavana, you have just said that you want to do something for me, she said yes, but what, I said let’s go to Mysore Haat, I am sure you will like it. She smiled and said but I have to ask to my mom, which was ok for me, because I knew that Shobha aunty will happily allow. Then we both played with the children for a while, and went to her home. My mom was still there, and then I asked aunty if I can take her to Mysore Haat tomorrow evening, she agreed as I knew. Friends this whole episode of around 2 hours was somewhat like dream to me, 

I have never been with her for such a long time, except when I was child. That night I couldn’t sleep, I was restless, all of my thoughts were moving around a single person. I was preparing myself, for next day, that I what will I say? What will we eat, I was excited, after all for me it was a dream date, and she was the girl with whom I always wanted to be and I admit that night I fantasized myself making love to her. Next evening took my dad’s car and went to her house and met her mom, then we proceeded for my so called date, at that time 

I felt that it’s a dream, we both were talking to each other very casually, we were recalling our childhood, and school time, and within 10-15 minutes we reached our destination, we roamed there for more than an hour, we bought few things, and then we decided to eat something. As we were eating and talking to each other, I was trying to build confidence inside me, for which I prepared myself throughout the night, throughout the day till evening, 

I was making a sentence within me to ask her, about the matter, but it seemed so difficult to me, somehow I managed to ask that is she happy with her life? She went silent, I thought she didn’t like me asking such question, I said sorry if you felt bad asking me this, she said no its ok, mom asks me daily. With that reply her eyes again got covered with tears, I said that means there is something because your mom knows you lot more than me, and if 

I can feel that there is something then your mom can easily make out that you are hiding something. She said I cannot talk to anybody about that. After this reply from her side I didn’t know what to say, although I was bit confident but still I did not had that much courage that I can ask and intrude myself into her personal problem when she is not willing to speak to me. What I could do was only guess work, then I asked her is that problem is related to the child, she said no, there is no problem, everything is fine. 

I said Bhavana please it’s ok if you don’t want to talk to me but then talk to your mom about that, she went quiet, then I said promise me that today you will talk to your mom about that, she said no I cannot talk to her. I asked is there something wrong between you and Sumit (her husband), she said please Sanjay change the topic I don’t want to talk about. I said ok, and then we further moved to see the stuff kept on sale. After looking at few things she took out one gents kurta and asked me if 

I want this, I said no, generally I don’t wear kurta, she said I want to buy this for you, 
I was little surprised, I said no please don’t, she said it’s a gift, and one should not say no to a gift, especially if it’s from a friend. I replied in a complaining tone that I take you as a friend but you don’t take me as a friend, she said why? Then I said please Bhavana tell me what is the matter, if I will feel that I should not interfere then I will not, but I am very uneasy, after knowing this that you are in trouble. 

She said OK first you accept this, then I will think about it, I said alright, if this makes you happy then I will accept and I am also going to give you something and it will be better that you choose it yourself because I really have a bad choice. She smiled and took one top for herself. We paid for each other and moved from there. While going back I asked her did she thought about that, she said please Sanjay some other day. 

I said ok, and I asked if she wants to go for morning walk, she said ok. It was continuously second night when I was not normal, although I slept well in the night but my brain was not in my control, lot of thoughts and assumptions were coming and moving into my mind. My mom asked me once that did she said anything, I said no, but I am sure that there is a problem, and soon she will speak up. Again in the night I was having her in thoughts, and my thoughts got naughtier, 

I assumed my own story about her problem that she does not get sufficient physical love and she is sexually unsatisfied with her husband, that night I masturbated keeping her in my mind, that I am giving her complete sexual pleasure. As we had plan, I reached to her place around 5:30, she was ready, we went to Lodhi garden, (it’s a big green park in South Mysore). It was a fresh morning and she was also looking fresh, I wanted to spend pleasant time with her, so I did not asked her anything about that while we were walking. 

We were just chatting, few things about my last visit to Punjab, or sometimes about the scenes of few old comedy movies, altogether she liked the time she spent with me there. Then we came back. Somewhere I was happy, because I was in her company and she was comfortable with me, and somewhere I was feeling bad for her, I didn’t know her problem, it could be a small problem, which can easily be sort out, but still I was uneasy because of that. That day I left for some work and whole day I was busy, and by the time 

I came back it was 9. I called her after reaching home, and asked about next morning’s program, she said she wants to go for a walk, but not very far, so we decided to walk in the park which is near to our house. Next morning at the same time we walked from our house to the park. We roamed there with casual conversation, after a while I asked her about her promise, that when is she going to tell me about her problem, she said that she has prepared herself in a day to speak, but we will meet in the evening, because I don’t want to ruin your whole day. 

I said please tell me Bhavana, you can never ruin my day, she said please don’t force me, I will defiantly tell you, and thanks a lot for being with me, you’ve really changed my mood in last 2-3 days, and you have given me strength to speak. After some time we walked back to our house. In the evening around 5 we met on her terrace, after lot of hesitation she told me that her husband is having some affairs, I said what do you mean by affairs, I mean how many affairs, she said I don’t know. 

Then I asked that how does she know that he is having an affair, she said she just know, and it’s a truth. I was shocked and more than that I was confused, she was still hiding something, I again said, Bhavana please tell me the complete thing, I can not understand, she looked at me, she was having tears in her eyes, she said I will not go back, and I don’t want to see him again. I said OK, but tell me the whole truth, she said its very difficult for me to speak even, 

I tried to guess and asked her did he beats you, she did not said anything, I thought that I have guessed right, but I asked her again, this time she said yes in a very low voice, and broke into tears, and started crying, I knew it’s not over, she had lot more to say, I could easily see from her gesture, I asked and what else, she looked at me, and without a word turned her face down, and said sometimes he comes home drunken, She was sniffing while talking to me, 

I asked her again, and with whom he is having an affair, she said I don’t know, I was in hell of confusion, then how do you know that he is having an affair, she was quiet, I asked her again, tell me Bhavana, she started in a very low voice, and said that her husband is a part of a group, who exchange partner and have sex. I was completely stunned, my brain was choked, even I went quiet for a minute or two, then I asked her, did he took you there, she said no, but from last few months 

I have been forced by him to join him in this group, I asked her again, have you’ve been there, she said no, he cannot take me there without my consent, I said then, she started again, from last few months he is trying to dominate me, and torturing me. He beats you, I asked again she said yes, and… she stopped after saying and.. I said and… what, with some hesitation and choked voice she said he has been very brutal with me on bed, with that busted in loud cry, 

Which she was trying to control from last few minutes, and while crying she said he has killed my child, and started crying even lauder. I couldn’t believe my ears, how can someone do this, I mean I have read some stories and saw few movies also, but still I couldn’t believe that this can happen, in actual life. She was crying continuously, and I was feeling like hell. Believe me friends whatever we read in stories, or see in movies is all bullshit, 

For a girl it’s very difficult to say anything about her sex life to anybody, and only I know that how she spoke to me about her problem, may be because she felt that I can help her, somehow she has managed to come back and if she will not do anything then sooner or later she had to go back. I came closer to her and tried to console her and she instantly hugged me and started requesting me, please do something Sanjay 

I don’t want to go back, he calls me daily, and threatens me, I was speechless, she was in my arms, it would have been a greatest moment for me in any other circumstances, she was the girl, about whom I always dreamed but I was not in my senses to think about anything like that. I wanted to ask her few more things, but neither she was in that condition, nor I was left with that much of brain. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, somehow 

I calmed her down she stopped crying but her eyes were swollen, and she did not wanted to go in front of her mother like that, so I just took her to nearby mall on my bike, and from there I called up at my place and informed my mom about our program that we will be back in 2 hours, my mom got little angry, but I convinced her and told her to inform her mother also. Bhavana washed her face and we roamed for some time, 

We both were silent and just looking at things around, few things in archies gallery, then in one music shop after some time we sat in a MacD and had light snacks, which she hardly ate, then I asked her, if she can talk to me because I had few more questions, she said yes she can talk, and she told me that he is involved in this from very long time, even before their marriage and she had a hint that something is wrong but she never spoke, 

It all started around six months back when he tried to indulge her in that, and when she refused to do what he wanted, and told him that she wants to go back, he warned her and said that he can easily prove her a lose character girl and that will make her and her mother’s life hell, and they will not be able live respectfully in their community and afterwards he use to behave very badly and use to force her on bed without her wish, 

And when he came to know that she is pregnant, his physical torture increased, and in that miscarriage happened in the primary phase of her pregnancy, she wanted to talk to her mom but, it just not happened, may be because of her mom’s health or maybe she thought that her father has already passed away and mom will not be able to do much alone. 

But when her mother faced this attack then he had to send her back for some days, but before sending her, he warned her again that if she will do anything or even she will try to say anything about him, then he will make her life hell. After knowing everything, I convinced her that I will help her and she do not have to worry, but I asked her for some time to think, 

I was very confused that what I can do. I knew that whatever he has said to threaten her is all rubbish, he cannot do anything like that at least now, when she is back home and because she is a girl and was all alone there, she got scared. She was very depressed and scared; even I was in strange mood, sad as well as angry, if that man would have came in front of me at that time, he would have been killed by me. 

Afterwards we came back to home, at that time my mom was at her house, leaving her there. I came back to my house with my mom. My mom asked me about the matter but somehow I ignored the conversation. After around 15 minutes I got a call on my cell, it was Bhavana, she was little scared and told me that when we were out, her husband called up, and he will call again after some time. She wanted to ask that what she should do. 

I told her to talk to him as she use to, don’t let him know that you have spoken to me or anybody, and I told her that I am thinking about this, and we will discuss during our morning walk. She was scared and wanted to avoid talking to him, but I forced her to pretend normal. After that I got settled in my bed, there was no sign of sleep in me, I was awake and listing music, I wanted to relax myself, friends at that time 

I was feeling guilty for my thoughts which I had for her in last two days. I really hated myself for reading and watching this kind of stuff too, and more over on getting excited on such things. There were hell of thoughts in my mind at the same time, I was trying to take out the solution of her problem, At one corner of my mind I was thinking that I should talk to her about my feelings for her, but at another corner I thought let’s wait for the right time, unless it can give a wrong impact, that I am trying to make use of her poor conditions. 

With these thoughts I was about to sleep, when my phone ranged again, it was again Bhavana, she was crying and whatever she spoke I could not understand, except Sanjay please come. I was in a very strange condition, it was almost 1 and my mom and dad were sleeping in the next room, and if I will go out they will come to know, but then I thought of something and bolted my room from inside and jumped from my window to the balcony, which is connected to the main veranda through thin passage. 

From there I came out and walked towards her house, I knocked the door very softly and she opened it, she was crying and when I calmed her down, she said that he is sending ticket for me, he is saying that he has talked to my mom and now because she is alright so it’s better that I should come back. She again said I don’t want to go back, please do something, talk to my mom, or do anything and hugged me, 

I held her tight, her breast was pressed against my chest, I was feeling strap of her bra on my palm. She was wearing white t-shirt and a tight lycra slacks. I separated her from me and kissed her on her cheek, and said you are not going anywhere, don’t worry, I will not let you go in any case. She had tears in her eyes and slowly they were flowing down. She was looking in my eyes, I was holding her from her shoulders, she was feeling insecure then again I started, 
you know Bhavana 

I have always been attracted towards you, from my childhood, and I didn’t know what was that, but today I can say that I love you, and I cannot let you go back to that hell again, believe me, She was little surprised, she cleaned her tears and said, but I never felt that you love me, or you are even attracted towards me? I said I am sorry, I never had that much of potential to express myself, and I was nowhere when you got married. 

She was continuously looking into my eyes, and said you could have told me, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess, and again she started crying, and hugged me tightly. That moment I felt that I am a coward and this has priced a lot. May be at that time she did not had any thought for me in that perspective, but she would have thought about that, and who knows she would have said yes. 

Again I separated her and made a small kiss on her cheek again and said now don’t worry and go to sleep, as I was also worried because nobody in my house knew that I am here. She said no please stay here, I said no I have to go if your or my mom will come to know then they will think that something is happening between us, She looked into my eyes again, she was holding me from my elbows, I was holding her face in my hands, she was looking so innocent, I moved my hand on her cheek, and said I love you Bhavana, I am with you. 

Friends right now I am falling short of vocabulary to write down that moment, I was just losing myself, I wanted to kiss her, and I was trying to collect courage in me to ask or do, I think she understood, and closed her eyes, I don’t know when I placed my lips on her soft lips, and we started kissing. It was my first kiss, and it was wonderful feeling, I never kissed anybody before that and don’t know how I kissed her so well, 

We both were sucking each other’s lips, then I tried to insert my tongue in her mouth, and it just slides in, I was on seventh planet, I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked it, we both were exploring each other’s mouth and soon we were lost in each other, we were kissing and touching each other’s body. I touched her breast, and then from her waist I moved my hand to her hips, and rubbed them gently. 

Her eyes were closed and she was holding me with trust. After around 5 minutes we got separated and again I said, Bhavana go to sleep, unless we will be in another mess, we will meet in the morning. With that I left that place, and fortunately reached to my room without getting noticed by anybody. Believe me friends few minutes before I was messed up with thoughts and at this time it was over, even I was surprised that I have said what I wanted to say, and my first kiss was making me feel that I am living in heaven, 

I did not slept that night till 4, and I confess that again on that night I masturbated by keeping Bhavana in my fantasy. Next morning we met in the morning and walked for a while, and we decided to talk to her mom about her problem through my mom, because I could not see any other solution which we can do alone. While coming back I said sorry to her, for last night, and said it just happened, she said it was not alone you who is responsible, even I got carried away. 

Then she asked that do you really mean what you said last night. I said yes I really mean. She said I never thought about you in that sense, but your words have given me lot of strength, and I am ready to face anything. After that we both went back to our place, there I tried to talked to my mom, it was so difficult for me to explain everything to my her, so I fixed a meeting of three ladies both the moms and Bhavana where she had to speak, 

Bhavana asked me if I will be there, I said no, it will be awkward for me and for both the ladies. Once she insisted me to stay there, I said no, and requested her not to force me, 
I was at home for the whole day, and they had long meeting, and the conclusion was that on Sunday her mom and few of her close relatives and also my mom will meet his( her husband’s) parents in her house, and at that time Bhavana will not be present there. 

After that it was our routine that we use to go for morning walk, slowly she was getting relaxed and thanked me many times for what I have done for her, I knew that I have not done anything great, it was just a matter of chance that it was me who has done, but sometimes I really felt proud of me and I was feeling confident about her, that she also likes me. Day by day we were getting closer and frank to each other; we use to talk to each other on phone throughout the day. 

Sometimes I felt that she wanted to say something, even I wanted to ask her something, I felt that now she is also getting attracted towards me, and she wants to admit that. I wanted to ask her for a date, I knew that she had to stay out of house on Sunday evening, so I asked her for a movie on Sunday evening, she said that she had to ask her mom, I was little disappointed because 

I was not sure that now her mom will allow, she asked her mom, and her mom refused not for any other reason but just because she will be needed anytime during the meeting, so we decided to spend our evening on our terrace. I again prepared myself for that evening, she looked very nervous when meeting was on, in her house, I told her to relax and said that now there is nothing to worry about, and tried to cheer he up. 

She once again thanked me for everything, and then I started talking about childhood, when we use to roam together and my father use to tease us that they will marry us. She smiled every time I recalled anything, I wanted to ask her something but I postponed it, thinking that it’s not a right time for that, she was very nervous, but I knew this for sure that she had understood what I wanted to say. After some time somebody came to call her, she was called in the meeting, and she went. 

I remained on the terrace, assuming that soon she will be back and tell me the verdict. But she didn’t, after some time everybody move out of her house and went, including my mom, she was still in her house, I waited for a while and got down to ask my mom, she told me that her husband is coming, and then there will be another meeting. I was little surprised that she did not bothered to meet me after the meeting, 

I wanted to talk to her but I stopped myself, assuming that she must be busy talking to her mom and I will meet her tomorrow during our morning walk. Rest of the evening till night when I was in my bed to sleep, I hardly had any thought except her, slowly I was getting sure of our relation, I was very restless, I wanted to touch her, and it really did not seemed very far to me, I started assuming her living in my house, after our marriage and a thought of her being my wife, really made me horny, I think it was a lust, that I wanted her as soon as possible. 

As I was drenched in her thoughts, my mobile rang, it was Bhavana, she wanted to meet me, 
and time was almost the same, just less than 1. I really did not had any thought, that what is the time and what if anybody will see me meeting her in this hour. I simply jumped out of my widow, and reached her home, she was waiting for me, and her mom was sleeping in the bedroom, we were standing in the drawing room, 

She was in gown on that night, as I came closer to her she held me gently and rested her head on my chest, this gave me some confidence, after a minute I detached her holding her shoulders and kissed her lips gently, and moved my hand from her back to her waist, and gently pulled her, she came more closer to me, then I ask her is she alright in a very low voice, she kept her face on chest again and asked me, do you really love me, 

I said yes Bhavana,… marry me. At that time I did not had a clue that what has happened in the meeting, I really did not had any doubt that her mom would have asked for divorce, and her in laws have called their son to know the whole truth. She hugged me very tightly and said I may have to go back, and with that tears started coming out of her eyes, 

I was totally shocked, I said why, how can you think of going back to that hell, she said that her in laws are calling him here and he will say sorry to me and then I have to go back with him, again I asked her are you serious, can you really think of going back, she went silent, I asked her again, what did your mom said, she was again silent, I asked her again how can aunty think of sending you back, she was quiet, suddenly something stroked me, 

I asked again have you told everything to your mom, she looked up in my eyes and again held me tight and said no, and started crying, I was really not in my senses, that moment I realized, that’s why she was forcing me, to stay in the meeting when she was suppose to talk to her mom. Later I came to know that she has completely skipped the whole episode of forcing her to join that group, and getting sexually tortured and she said nothing about her baby got aborted, because of that. 

What she complained about him is that he is a drunker and he is having an extra marital affair, 
and she has got beaten up by him for opposing this. This really made me cry and I was angry on myself that once again I was not there when she needed me. I tried to separate her, but she was not ready to leave me, with a bit of force I separated her, and took her, to her bedroom, and talked to her, she told me that her in-laws have said sorry on his behalf, 

And they have talked to him, and they say that he will not do this again, and requested me to forgive him once, and her mom also tried to convince her that if he says sorry, then I should start it all over again. After listening everything I said that I will talk to her mom tomorrow, but she started crying again, and said that I hate him, and I don’t want to go back, this time he will kill me. She was really very scared, 

I wanted to calm her down but even I was also falling weak. She was holding my wrist so that I cannot go, this time even I wanted to stay there, once I felt, what will happen if her mom will come, or my mom will come to know that I am here, but then I thought that if I have to get her in my life, then I should stay here only, and let them think whatever they want to, I don’t care. After some time she stopped crying, 

I made her lay down on her bed, and sat near her knees, she was still holding my wrist and looking at me; I smiled and cleaned her tears, and said, don’t worry you are not going back, I love you so much that now I cannot let you go anywhere. She smiled, I rolled my hand on her forehead to remove her hairs from there, I don’t know either I felt or she really pulled my hand, I leaned over her to kiss her, and she held my head with both of her hands, and we started kissing. 

I was getting a taste of her tears in her kiss, and really I loved it. I was not in my senses, rather we both got carried away again, soon I was laying beside her and we were kissing each other, like never before. I was thinking about this moment few minutes back, and right now she was in my arms, I started touching her whole body with my hand. I touched her breast, it was really very soft, I squeezed it very gently, she started kissing me more passionately, 

I rubbed my hand from her breast to her waist and then to her hips, and held one of her hip and pressed it gently. Our kiss were getting intense and we had each other’s saliva in our mouth. We kissed each other and fondled each other’s body for next few minutes. Then I got up, and bolted her bedroom from inside, and came back to bed and sat at my old place. 

She got up, I asked her are you comfortable with it, she looked into my eyes and said, love me, I have never been loved, nobody loves me and again hugged me. I was not at all in my control at that time, I was not doing right which I realized later, but at that time I was flowing into her. I kissed her again and grabbed her and she was melting in my arms, we were sitting and kissing each other, slowly I moved down and started kissing her on her neck, her ears, allover her face. 

We both were getting mad, and loving each other, slowly I tried to take off her gown while we were kissing, she lifted her body so that I can take it off, and I took it off, for a moment we stopped kissing when I was taking off her gown, but then again we started. She was wearing white color bra and salwar on the lower half, I rubbed my hand all over her body to feel her skin, and she was really very soft and delicate. 

She was touching my chest over my t-shirt, I stopped kissing her and took off my t-shirt, and again started kissing her, now she was also touching my skin, and we both were flowing with no limits. We touched each other all over body and then slowly I moved my hand, and lowered down the strap of her bra, her tits came out and I couldn’t control, I touched her breast and downed myself to take it in my mouth, and started licking her nipples, she was holding my head and I was sucking her breast like a child. 

She was moaning in very low voice, and tried to pull me over herself, she wanted to lay down, I pushed her gently and leaned over her and in a moment she was laying and I was over her, sucking her tits and kissing all over her face. She was in intense pleasure, I don’t know where I was, may be in another world. I tried to take off her salwar, and opened the string, with a choked voice, she just said light, 

I stood and switched off the light, it went dark, except few rays of light which were coming from the corner of the window, we were able to see just each other’s face and nothing else, and none of us wanted to see anything, we just wanted to feel each other. I was laying beside on her bed, I took off her salwar and panty, and then I took off my clothes, and again started kissing, our bodies were tied together and they were inseparable 

By this time, one of my leg was between her thighs and some part of it was touching her soft love hole, she was flooding and oozing out her juices like a river, river of love, I sucked her breast and adore them one by one, friends I can only, try to write down, but I cannot write that moment in words, the kind of pleasure we got at that time is simply marvelous. I wanted to love her, the way man loves a woman, 

I took my hand through her thighs to her love opening, as I touched her most delicate part she moaned bit higher and held me tighter, her love hole was soaked with her juices. I moved my finger on her love spot to find the exact place where I had to enter, I felt something on my penis, it was her hand, she was holding my dick, it was a wonderful feeling, she tried to guide the way to the heaven I simply followed, and reached to her pleasure hole, she was still holding my rod and now it was just a matter of simple push, 

I looked at her, her eyes were closed and she was breathing bit heavier, I whispered, I love you baby, I won’t let you go. She opened her eyes and saw me, at that instant I pushed myself inside her, and she again closed her eyes, and moaned in pleasure, pleasure of getting loved. Her love hole was just like a pool of fluid, and it oozed out her juice as my dick entered, and I just went deep inside her so easily. I was just looking at her facial expressions and stroking her gently, she was enjoying every second, and my pleasure was beyond any imagination. 

Slowly I increased my pace and her moans got intense. I was looking at her face, and listening to her moans of pleasure, suddenly I felt that I will not last for long, and my pace got higher, she held my hips and in just few seconds, I buried myself deep inside her, I felt that I have released lot of juice deep inside her. As I regained, I saw she was also breathing heavy, her eyes were still closed and she was holding me, 

I don’t know whether she had her orgasm or not but she really enjoyed it. I kissed her again, she too kissed me, again I whispered, I love you, she replied with a same line, I love you too. We both were tired and rested in each other’s arm for a while. We both got up, and wore our clothes, I was yet not over, and I wanted to love her more, may be for the whole night, but I knew that I had to wait for that, till our marriage. I took a leave, again with three magic words, I love you. 

I settled down in my room, and slept well. I knew we have done wrong; it was a moment that carried away everything, all our ethics and principals. But we never had regret for that, may be because everything got right after that. Next day we didn’t walked in the morning, I got up late and I had no doubts in my mind, that what I have to do. I took my mom to her house and explained every little fact about her husband, both the ladies were jammed at their places, her mom simply hugged her and busted in tears. She too was crying. 

Her mom decided to call her in laws again, to give them details which was not mentioned earlier. 
But I was not over yet, I asked Shobha aunty that what solution she is expecting of this problem, after knowing the fact that Bhavana do not want to go back. She really didn’t had any doubt in their separation. Then I sat beside her and asked them to look any other guy for her. Apart from two ladies even Bhavana got shocked with such a straight forward step. 

Her mom looked at me for a second, and then looked at her, she was expecting answer from her daughter, and she simply moved her head in yes and again started crying. From that day it took us almost a year to get her separated officially from her husband, and I must say that her In-laws really helped us in that. She did not wanted to spoil my life so she asked me not to marry her, and enjoyed every moment of intimacy. At this time she is about to get what she always wanted, she is expected soon. 

I wish everything goes well. I remember my father’s joke which he cracked at the time of our marriage that they knew this long time back, that they had to marry us, then why they tried something else. Friends I don’t know whether this write up fulfills the criteria of getting published on this site or not, because I feel, this doesn’t have that lust and killing instinct which can really make it a sex story, but these moments are very precious for me, which I have shared it with you. 

Assuming that this gets published, I would like to say something, friends sometimes we feel that at some places we Indians are lacking in our thoughts as compared to western countries, but we still have few things that nobody has in this world. We all are like animals, and the substance which live within us, gives the sense of right and wrong, and that makes us social animal. We should always take care of that substance. I may not access this site again for a long time after reading comments, but I would like to say again and again look for mental piece and just try to be faithful to your partner, believe me it’s very easy and also very true my mail id is

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