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Priya My Neighbor From Chennai

Well, I am Vasan doing my schooling in Chennai. I am sharing my love experience made with my neighbor here. My neighbor aunt Priya is a whitish in complex, 35-26-37 in size she is on her 27th age. Her husband is a assistant director in sitcoms on television. She has a daughter of age one and half years… 

Many incidents were true and some were fictional for getting you to rise up. As usual like every incest stories, one day her husband went to shooting on night time to some village as we had a robbery in our area on last week, my mother asked my sister to stay in her house. But she resisted as she want to talk privately in her room on late nights with her BF’s, she directed me to stay with her. At that time I was doing my 11th std. in school. 

It was a Saturday night. I went to her house and helped her to sleep his daughter on the bed and i slept out next to her daughter and she slept on the other side of her daughter so that her daughter will not roll out of the bed. At night 1.45 A.M, She woke up and found that her daughter wetted the bed. As I stayed more closely to her daughter, my shirt and pants were also got wet. I didn’t realize anything and I was sleeping she grabbed my hand to stand up and asked me to strip my dress and indicates a towel to wear off she took her child out to change her diaper, while, 

I rounded the towel over my waist she put her child on the floor to sleep since the bed was wet and directed me to sleep o the couch. She took my dress and hers to the bathroom and rinsed off well with the water and went to the bedroom to change her clothes and slept on the floor next to her daughter. At that time, something went through my nerves. My blood was chill. I urged something to do. My cock got erected. It’s not because of her. That’s my puberty developing on the stage. I wanted to sleep naked in the couch. 

So, I ripped of the towel form my waist and went to sleep so that she can see mine and get attracted of it. At 6.30 AM in the morning, she woke up and went to bathroom and brushed her teeth. She took bucket of water and broom stick to sweep the dust in front of the house. She then made two cup of coffees and a milk for her daughter. She then entered to the hall to wake me up and seen me naked lying on couch. 

The act is that she should think that the towel was accidentally ripped off from the waist. But i was sleeping on that time. She carefully grabbed my towel and covered my puberty area. Then she wakes me up @ 7.00 to give me the coffee. I was amazed to see my towel was wrapped to my waist. I was acting like nothing happened. I went to bathroom and then brushed my teeth while She took her child to feed her milk through spoon, but her daughter hesitated.. So, she opened up her nighty buttons and feeder her breast milk. 

When i accidentally poked in to the room, i saw that she is feeding her baby. then i stand aside to the door gap and watched her breast carefully. @8.00 I asked her i am going home to take some clothes on. but she refused me to go, that they will think wrong about that night by dressing a towel. i agreed what others think about her. She changed her nighty to saree as the nighty was flooded with the milk by which baby spilled. she then went to the terrace to wash my dress and hers. 

As no one’s house is big as my neighbor had, there is no chance to see anyone from other terrace. She began to wash my clothes and I and her daughter was playing in the terrace. The cloud was more the wind flew off my towel out and flown away. She began to laugh like a jack ass for seeing me naked. I was standing naked and I had no worries/shyness as i want to be standing naked in front of a girl from the last night. 

There were no dress to wear off, and I can’t go down to the room as others will see me naked on going down through the balcony on the down floors. I kept my hands on my genitals to cover up. She then removed her pallu to wear off. i said thanks and sit in front of her for not to happen the same mistake twice. I can see her cleavage when she bends to brush the clothes. When she see my eyes that I am starring at her beasts, i changed the topic by asking ” 

Did you seen me everything or you seen me after i kept my hands to cover up my parts?”. She giggled and asked whether i had girl friends or not to change the topic. We then took the clothes and dried off. she went down to change her pallu and gave me another towel she giggled & said, “Don’t flew off this one too.. We can’t afford too many towels for a day.. I smiled and drawn the towel to my waist. She asked me to wear it properly. I said ‘it’s good only na,?’. 

She removed my towel from my waist. i stood naked in front of her. She wrapped the towel well to my waist tightly. she said don’t be shy to be naked. I think you are a baby and i am like your mother then she went to the bathroom to take bath. It was Sunday and watching TV in the bedroom. I know she will come to bedroom to change her dress. i went to near her bathroom, and said ‘I am going to pee urgently. 

Take care of your baby’ and went to the toilet and turned the water tap on and locked the toilet door outside. Then, i hid under the bed in the room and had arranged two pocket size mirrors to see her naked without getting noticed. she came from the bathroom by wrapping a saree around her and locked the bedroom. She unwrapped the sarry and towel around her body and i can see her naked fleshy butts. she turned around now and i can see her whole body. After enjoying seen a lady naked in reality for the first time, 

I came out from under the bed as she went to the kitchen.@2.00p.m, while i was watching TV, she came to feed her baby cereal. i went near her daughter. While her daughter hesitated some more cereals, she asked me whether i need some cereal. i asked, ‘am i a baby?. ‘ . she asked, ‘Whats the point?’. I said, ‘it will be good only if someone feeds me..’. she said, ‘ok, i feed you. will you eat?’. i nodded my head for yes..

She began to feed me through spoon. 2 or 3 spoons only lasted. Then, it is finished. I said, ‘it tastes good’ she smiled and went to kitchen to make arrangements for the lunch. This time I never expected her to feed. She came with a plate of rice and side dishes and began to feed me through hands and not by spoon. I was so excited inside and not shown off. I was acting like I was into watching the TV. I not only tasted the rise, but I licked her hands. 

After finishing eating, she brought a cone ice cream from the refrigerator. Then she went to upstairs and got my dress back. @5.00 pm her husband came from the shooting. I welcomed him and said bye and went to my house. The very next day, her husband went to shooting to the same village and she asked me to stay with her. i came from my school and I collected my belongings for the next day. i went to her home. While she was doing her chores, I entered the house and began to play with her daughter. 

While i was sitting in the couch and playing with her daughter, she sat next to me and grabbed her daughter and began to give breast feed. I had enough guts to ask her that what does it tastes like. she was surprised and said, it is just a drink for her child. it doesn’t taste sweet and all. I asked, ‘can i taste?’. She was again surprised and told, ‘it’s not the age to do like this.’. i thought that she will agree and let me to suck her boobs. i felt ashamed. At dinner, she came with a plate with ‘upma’ to feed me. 

I asked sorry to hear about the last incidence. she asked me, ‘ you guys don’t know anything in this stage .. you all be like this thinking about all those nonsense you need to be self controlled’..i giggled inside. @9.00, after she set her baby to sleep, she gave me some boost. i drank it and laid next to her daughter but this time, she then took her daughter from the bed to the floor so that she would not wet the bed again. She lay next to me facing other side. I can see her butt structure on the dim light from the window. 

This time i urged to touch her back. I started rubbing her hair. She knew that i was rubbing and then after some moment she went down and slept along with her daughter. I can’t control. if i ever knew masturbation on that time, i may have controlled myself.. Next morning, i went to my home and grabbed 2 sleeping pills from my father’s medicine box and came to the neighbor’s house. Her Husband Might comes back on any minute. So, I hide the sleeping pill in the kitchen and went to school. @3.00 pm, 

I reached my house and sensed that her husband came to his house back along with his widowed mother for security. Her mother-in-law aged above 70. She has this poor eye sight and hearing capacity. Her Husband again left her that night with her mother in law. I thought she would not call me to sleep for what happened last time. Luckily, she called me. I accepted and went to her house. Her mother-in-law was sleeping in the lounge. Priya came with the dinner idly and sambar and fed me. 

While feeding me, my cock was already erected and I placed a pillow over it to hide my erection. She went to the kitchen to make a boost for me again while milk was boiling, she went to take a piss. I took the two sleeping pills from the kitchen and mixed it into the milk when she get me the boost, I asked to drink herself this time as I acted like stomach full. She nodded ok, and drank the boost. 

After finishing the night chores, she went to sleep next to her daughter. I was watching TV and waiting for the medicine to get react. After 2.00 hours, it was midnight. I went to the bedroom. She slept on her yellow blouse and saree next to her daughter. I lifted her daughter to the floor, and I slowly started to remove her pallu and started rubbing her blouse in a fraction of minutes, i made her naked and rubbed her genitals slowly with my cock. she was moaning by reflexes on his sleep. i was scared that she was awakened. But, i ignored as ‘whatever’. 

Made the old in-and-out method to release me pleasure. Oh god, she is the angel for me. After 10 minutes, there were some fluid fell through her vagina. my mood decreased after that. I was shocked what I did. I feared will those sperm give birth to her luckily, till now “no”. Then, put her clothes on and deep kissed her. Then i made Love once again @ 4.00 A.M and 5.30 A.M. My best night ever. 

After i put her dress on, I cleaned her vagina’s. Then I went to sleep. Just in time, after 10 minutes, her mother-in-law came to the room and checked us is everything was okay. Next day, when i came back from school, I went to her house with 2 more sleeping pills. Before entering her house, her mother-in-law was waving Priya and her son. She carried her granddaughter to their native place. 

That night i went and hidden under their bed. After a few hour conversation, she and her husband made love. OMG!. They had many moves for pleasure. Her Husband then went off @4.00 in the morning. Priya waved her husband off and came in and shut the door. i was tensed. I was arguing with myself about “Should i show up or not?”@6.30, as usual she brushed her teeth and began to clean the house. As it was Friday, by regulations, she will water cleaning the house. 

She locked the door of the house and dressed a comfortable small tights for not smudging with water and a sleeveless semi-shirt. When she began to start cleaning the sperms splashed all over on the bed the day before by her husband, she dropped a coin on the floor. on taking the coin, she screamed out by seeing someone under the bed. Then i slowly showed up. She fell into tears and scolded me. She began to cry on the couch. 

I was on my cold feet. i moved close to her to say sorry. She didn’t speak anything. i went to the kitchen and gave her a glass of water which she refused to drink. i asked her not to tell this to anyone. she began to cry again. i tried to crack some jokes that may feel her better. but she was very sensitive. But, the sweat and tears made her nipples on her shirt poked. my mood were arousing. i went to the kitchen again and made some milk and mixed her a sleeping pill. I asked Priya to drink it. 

She didn’t drink it she threw the glass to the floor. ‘waste of 2 pills’. In anger i slapped her for wasting the pills. She was shocked. I want to explain her how i feel about her so, i removed my dress to stand naked and showed her all those erections were because of her. I cried out to her to not to say a word about this to anyone. After some time, she stopped crying and dried the tears out of the face and tried to put back my dress on and convince me that these are wrong to do at this age. 

She said, ‘you are out of your damn mind. you are attractive and good in studies. Any girl will love you. You get a better life.. Don’t give much importance to these at this stage. These may bring your life to drown.’. I said, ‘but, i Love you So much.’. She slapped me twice and began to cry on a corner of the wall. I went nearer to her and pleaded for at least to release out my pleasure by masturbating me. 

She didn’t accepted this deal. She was crying. At that time, i gently grabbed her hand towards my cock and began to masturbate. After a minute, i splashed my sperm all over her face. I said, ‘that’s all I want you to do at least. I don’t even want to have sex. But, i can’t leave my angel. You are my angel god. Please will you do at least this for me?.’ She began to stare my eyes for some second and nodded yes until for a condition she said, ‘if i want to masturbate you, you should never touch me and tell anything to your friends or relatives.’. 

I said, ‘ok. you also don’t tell this to anyone.’ She said, ‘And I can’t do this for daily.’ I asked why?. She said, ‘if someone guesses about these, we will be on big trouble.’ i nodded ok. Then I said, ‘Here after, we will meet on you terrace @ midnight on weekdays and @ fore-noon, evening and midnight on weekends.’ She dried her tears with her hands and giggled and asked me, ‘ 3 times a day?. you have that much power?’ I said, ‘ You are my angel. I can have anything for you.’ 

I went to her house terrace @ midnight. She was there waiting for releasing my pleasure. She went to remove my pants and had some oil on her hand and began to masturbate me. I was moaning and thinking of her big breasts. After a 3 minutes, i was a bit out of control, and grabbed her head to insert my cock on her mouth. While she rejecting it, i splashed all my sperm into her mouth. She vomited it out. I said i am sorry and began to wipe her mouth with my hanky. She said, ‘this is the first and last time to touch me if you ever do this again to me, i will not do it later then.’ I said sorry to her. 

Next morning Saturday @10.00 her husband went off. I went to her house. She said, ‘ you can stay here itself. my husband will be coming only on Tuesday no need for terrace and all. She then locked the house door so no one can come in. I felt sweating and removed all my dress. She said ,’now i cant.’ I said, ‘No, i am going to be like this all three days. No waste for washing the clothes’. She came from kitchen with some doses and began to feed me. I licked her hand of running sambar. 

She giggled and starring my erected cock. She then touched it. Then went to bathroom for bathing. when she came from the bathroom by wrapping in a towel, she seen my erected cock towards 90 degree, she giggled and went inside the bedroom and locked the door. She came back wearing a nighty. She didn’t wore any bras nor panties. I can see her nipple poked out. She went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch for us. I went nearer to her and asked her to masturbate me. 

She grabbed my cock on one hand and cooking with a stick on other. She had two sticks in two hands. after relieving my pleasure, i said going to take a bath. I didn’t locked the bathroom and began to bath. When she came near the wash basin to wash her hands off, she asked ,’why don’t you lock the doors?’. I smiled and said, ‘who’s going to see me other than you fully naked?’ she smiled and went. i recalled her and pleaded to wash my spinal back off with soap. 

She smiled and began to wash my back and slowly she began bathed me from head to toe. She wiped my ass well and my cock too.. Brushed my teeth with her finger. She then dried off me with a towel. I said, ‘wow, my work is so simple if someone takes care of bathing me’. She giggled again. She made The lunch. After feeding me the lunch, she came with a cone ice cream. I asked ,’did you have an ice-cream?.’ She said that this is the last one. 

I said, we can share. She said no. I opened the ice cream and licked a part and gave the other part to lick it. Then i turned the part where she lick it and start to lick that part. She smiled for everything i do. @4.00 pm I went to pee. I called her on and asked to wipe my ass. She was surprised. I said, ‘it was a pleasure giving when you wipe my ass will you do it for me?’. She felt disgusted first, but she wiped my ass. 

That day night, I had a porn movie from my school friends and set back to watch it. I asked her to masturbate on selected scenes. We both were into the movie. The movie lasted for 1:30. Had 4 Masturbations. 3 Belongs to thinking of her and 4th for the movie. She was surprised that I had totally 6 masturbations on a day. She realized that I had a great involvement for sex, the next day morning, she went to the bathroom and began to bath. She called me to take shampoo bottle on the cupboard. 

While the bathroom was unlocked, I opened the door fully by wanted and saw her naked washing her face with the soap and moved to the body part. I stood there without a noise. I poured the shampoo on my palms and began to rinse her head off from the back. She was shocked to see me in and grabbed a towel to hide her body. I said, ‘don’t worry aunty, I am just massaging and rinsing your head. 

Believe me. I don’t do nonsense.’ she said ‘ok ‘and then she put back that towel to the hanger. I can see her whole body naked in front of me on the other side. When I rinsed her off, from now onwards don’t lock the door. I will not touch your body unless you told me to do. U can be free like me without any dresses. I want to masturbate for your beautiful body only. She smiled as I went off. She was coming out of the bathroom without any dress as I liked to. 

She didn’t locked the bed-room to change her dress too. I was seeing her dressing. She asked me, ‘do you think I should make old my dress by using it?’ I nodded no. she then left without wearing a dress and went to kitchen for cooking. After 30 minutes, she called me from the toilet to wipe her ass off from pissing. I was excited very much this time and washed her ass along with her cunt for some minutes. 

Then i was licking the water dropping off from her ass. She was moaning in pleasure. She dragged me to the bedroom and started sucking my cock. She said, ‘even my husband didn’t made love like you made with me. you are really a true admirer.’. We made the in-and-out and pleased ourselves. Sucked her breast for milk. It tasted sweetness yet, I like it. We made Kissed and touched our tongues. 

At lunch we were feeding ourselves by mouth to mouth. Hunger was more for eating like this. 
Still we were making love every night on the terrace on the presence of her husband and make love in the house on absence of him. Now I do my engineering 2nd year. It’s been 3 years. Her daughter is going to school now and she has conceived. I don’t know whether it was me or her husband but I feel bad that I can’t make love with her for some months. Like my story, and then mail me to:

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