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Hello friends, this is Bhaskar. This is my first story post here. I am about to tell a story which I have been told by one of my girl friends in my college. The story begins with Geeta(figure 34-27-32) and her sister Anita(34-28-34) and their family. Geeta is my college-mate and Anita, her sister is a couple of years senior to us. 

Both of them are very beautiful and sexy and the duo used to have a lot of heads turned towards them. However, last year, as I came to know, Anita’s marriage was arranged with a son of businessman, rather say, they had a relationship for about 5 years before marriage. As said by Geeta, her brother-in-law was a very handsome, stout guy. 

He used to attract many girls with his stylish nature and flirty attitude. Sometimes, she used to say that if her sister would not have married him, then she could. But as time rolled by, things started changing. It was last December when Geeta went to Anita’s house when things started changing. As last depicted by her, 

Anita’s figure then was about 36-29-36, and of course could pacify any male’s heart beat. For the last five years, Rakesh, Anita’s husband looked up at her as a sister, but they had open discussions on every thing and even sex. In the evening of first day of her visit, they had a friendly gossip, later followed by a blue film after dinner. But Geeta was quite tired by the journey that day and went to bed. 

As it was cold, Anita had prepared only their bed for all three to sleep with a single blanket for Geeta and a couple blanket for them. Moreover, every time Geeta went there, she would sleep with bost of them. So, the couple enjoyed the movie and went to bed at about 12:00 in the night. Anita slept in the middle with Geeta and Rakesh on her sides. But as they went a bit seduced, soon Rakesh started to seduce Anita but she denied as Geeta was there. 

Rakesh insisted on sex as Geeta was asleep and soon made Anita warm enough for sex. Then they started in missionary position and were doing slowly. In the mean time, Rakesh started caressing Geeta’s body as well, as Anita closed her eyes. Soon he began to pump a bit faster and the jerking of the bed was enough to wake Geeta up from her sleep. 

She could hear the feeble sound of Rakesh entering Anita and was surprised when she felt that Rakesh often was pressing her boobs. she was enjoying it and was getting seduced. He then expored the lips of Geeta and Geeta bit his middle finger with her teeth. Rakesh was a bit stunned by this and again went to her lips. 

Now Geeta licked his finger and this time he was sure that Geeta was enjoying it. He now started pumping Anita even faster and she was enjoying it with her eyes closed and moaning sound. Rakesh started exploring Geeta’s body, pressed her boobs, first lightly, then with a bit force, then he explored her vagina and saw it was dripping wet. He fingered her while fucking his wife and both the girls came after some time. 

Then Rakesh and Anita settled down in their positions and went asleep. Geeta was not satisfied and could not sleep peacefully the entire night. So she planned to get fucked by Rakesh next night. Next day again, Rakesh came back at 8:00 in the evening and they went out to a local park and came back after having dinner. Geeta meanwhile started saying that she would sleep beside 

Rakesh and Rakesh immediately knew what she was up to. He expected this and that is why he brought contraceptive pill for Geeta and also a couple of condoms. Anita did not mind as Rakesh used to love Geeta as his sister. Geeta went to sleep and the couple again had a blue film and then went to sleep. 

This time Rakesh was in the middle and he had already given the pills and condoms to Geeta before she went to sleep. Rakesh and Anita again had sex that night. Geeta was awakened by this and she knew that the next hour or so would be the fun time for her. Rakesh and Anita settled down after having a quick session. Geeta heard Anita asking Rakesh why did he finish things early and started smiling. 

Rakesh told her that he was a bit tired. Later about half hour later when Anita was quite in a deep sleep, Rakesh turned to Geeta and started to explore her. Geeta was facing away from him and was pretending to be asleep. Rakesh now started squeezing her boobs and also kept a close look on Anita if she was asleep. When he became confident, he pressed his bosy against Geeta and started kissing her shoulder and ear. 

Geeta could not control hershelf and turned towards him and started kissing him as well. Now they were in full flow as both of them kissing themselves and Rakesh’s hand pressing her boobs. Soon she was out of her top and pants and was left with her bra and panties. Rakesh felt her curves and his dick steepened. She touched his dick and was surprised at its steepness. It about 8 inches and quite thick. 

He lighted the candle present on the table just beside Geeta and moved her blanket down to see her boobs and was almost mad to see them. He opened the hooks of her bra and started sucking and pressing them vigorously. Then she asked him to fuck her, Rajesh began to finger fuck her and then tried his dick inside her. They were sleeping side-by-side facing each other as any other position could create enough jerking to wake up Anita. 

He had a bit problem to enter her tight vagina and started to fuck her slowly holding her in his hands. As expected Geeta not so experienced was feeling a bit pain from this position. So he turned her and now entered her again from behind while pressing her boobs. She slowly started sounding her enjoyment and he hold her mouth tightly while she was squirting. 

Soon he also said her that he is near his extreme zone when she asked him to have his condom though she already had pill. He agreed and continued wearing a condom. This happened twice more that night and Geeta felt satisfied. This continued happening for a week. But Rakesh was not. He planned to get her fully. One Sunday, while all were at home he bought a hardcore bf and after lunch, started watching. 

Anita first dis-agreed the idea of Geeta watching it with them, but Geeta convinced her that she was not a child anymore and more-over she is used to see these with her friends. So they enjoyed the movie together with heat up on every body’s mind and body. He became so hot by watching it that he started caressing and kissing Anita in front of Geeta. 

Later, that evening when every thing was quiet again, Rakesh asked Geeta to accompany him for buying a gift for Anita and so they left Anita back home and went out. They went to a local motel where Rakesh booked a room for them and then they went in. This was the first time Rakesh got Geeta alone. 

He fulfilled all his wishes and became satisfied after fucking her in five different positions. He had the deepest penetration inside her in the week. This was also the first time when he ejaculated inside her and started the same once again. They did this a couple of times and he was thinking of another when he saw the watch and it was about 10:30. 

They returned home briskly and were seemingly tired enough. He told Anita that they had to move around almost half of the town for a good gift but found nothing convincing. They had their dinner and then went back to bed. As he was tired, he asked her to sleep right away and just kissed her and played with the boobs a bit. It was around 2:00 AM when he again started fucking Geeta and now in a missionary position. 

He took her to the sofa and for the last time that year, he fired into her with all his force. Geeta was in severe pain but her lust turned it into enjoyment as she was asking him to fuck even harder. In about 15 minutes, he came and collapsed on her. She dressed her correctly and went to bed followed by Rakesh. 

The next day morning, she left them for her home. Ever since then, whenever she gets a private time with him, they don’t fail to hook up. This is a true story and I guess I have not missed anything she said to me. Tell me how the story was, my mail id-

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