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Neighbor Kid Seduces Me

Hi this is my first story to this site. Forgive my mistakes if any. My name is Latha. I live near Cochin in Kerala. I choose not to disclose my exact place. I am 42 years old and am happily married to Mukesh. We have one daughter Kavya who is doing her Engineering in Calicut. She went to Calicut last year and is staying in a hostel. My husband owns a restaurant and he is usually out of home all morning and most times he arrives by 8 in the night back from the restaurant. 

What I am about to narrate happened last November. Though in my forties I am still pretty good looking. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh about 65 kilograms. My statistics are 36-34-38.I have a fair complexion. My body may not look like a fashion model’s but still I consider myself hot. My boobs have not sagged much and are still firm. My ass is round and the way it moves while I walk can still give men hard on. My slight concern is my stomach. It’s a little flabby now but hey I am 40+. 

The last few years of marriage was very frustrating for me sexually. My husband was now 50 and he was losing interest in sex! Our lovemaking was becoming like a chore rather than a pleasure. We have had a wonderful sex life until then. I felt this is what happens when you grow old. I began to spend more time in household chores and with my daughter. While I kept busy the fact that I was not having any sex rarely registered. 

It went like this until Kavya went away to Calicut. Now officially I was lonely. To make matters worse we opened a new restaurant. This made Mukesh busier than usual. With Kavya gone and his busier days there was new void between me and Mukesh. It was as if I was living with a stranger. I loved him but he now barely had time to talk with me. This was my state in last November when my life changed dramatically. 

Our house is in a residential area. There are just one or two shops in the neighborhood. My house is near one of these shops. The shopkeeper a woman 0f 60 lives there in a room above the shop. There was another room above the shop which she rented out. I woke up at around 5 that morning. At 7 Mukesh went to work and after he went I went to take a bath. I usually use the bathroom inside the house but that day I used the one in the back of our house. 

After bath I came out and was putting my towel bra and panties to dry. Then the towel fell down and I bent down to pick it up. As I bend down I felt someone was watching me. I stood up and carefully looked around. Then I saw who was watching .It was the boy who was staying above the neighboring shop! I quickly went inside the house. 

Once inside I began thinking. From that room the only way to see the back of our house was through the bathroom window. Oh God! It was embarrassing. How long has he been watching me? I then took a look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white slitted churidar top and no bottom. I was not wearing bra or panties as I have washed them and forgot to take a second pair. I could see my nipples thru the white fabric. But he couldn’t have seen them since he was a little away. 

But I was sure he has seen my ass when I bent down and he might probably have gotten a glimpse of my pussy. I put on a bra, panties and churidar bottom and ventured out. I looked at the bathroom window where I saw him. Luckily he was not there. Then I saw the clothesline and my heart froze, my panties and bra were gone!!I looked for them on the ground but they were not there. Surely he has taken them. But what could I do? Then once again I looked up. This time he was at the window. Our eyes met. 

Only his face was visible. He looked about 19 and was smiling. Judging by the fact that only his face was seen I would say he was 5 feet 9 or 10 inches tall. I looked sternly at him but he smiled at me. Then he lifted his hands for me to see. He was holding my panties!!Then without breaking eye contact he put my panty in his mouth and sucked at it. Horrified I ran in. Once inside my house I noticed something my pussy was wet. 

That evening I went to the shop and chatted up the shopkeeper Radha. From her I found her tenant’s name was Ajay. He was working in the nearby post office. He was a fresh recruitment. The kid has just completed plus two. Back home I tried to forget the whole thing but I couldn’t. I knew what was happening. My lust was trying to get the better of me. That’s why I got wet. I promised myself that I will not use the outside bathroom ever again. 

Next morning I broke my promise. I was once again in that bathroom. This time I took a nighty with me. But why was I here? I knew that question’s answer. I liked the fact that someone was noticing my body. My lack of sex and my loneliness has made me look forward to the boy’s advances. Also he was only watching me. If things ever seemed like going too far I can always stop. So inside that very bathroom I decided to see where this was going. 

After bath I wore bra panties and the nighty. Then I climbed on the toilet and looked at his window. As expected Ajay was there. He looked eager. I climbed down and slowly opened the door. Once outside I didn’t looked at his direction but I was sure he was watching. I looked at the neighboring yard but nobody was there. Then I took off my panties and put it on the clothesline. Then I walked in the house and locked the door. 

My limbs were shaking and I could not believe what I had just done. The kid will now get only bolder. I knew he would go to work at 9.After nine I went back out. My panties were there. Maybe he didn’t see what I did. Thank God!I breathed a sigh of relief and decided to end this nonsense. I said to myself “Ok Latha, stop this. You have gone far enough. From tomorrow you will not look at that kid ever again”. I took the panties from the clothesline and it was wet and sticky. Something was wrong. It was not water. 

I put the panties in my mouth. It was semen. That night I couldn’t sleep. I tried to interest Mukesh in sex but he said he was tired. I felt rejected and lonely. It was 6 months since I have had sex. Then there was this morning’s episode. I practically ate Ajay’s cum. And I am the only person responsible for this mess. I shouldn’t have gone out to bath today. But deep down I knew I will keep going until I seduced Ajay. That night I decided I will let Ajay fuck me. 

Next morning I went out to bath at 7.I looked for Ajay and he was there. I smiled at him. He looked surprised and a little startled. Then I went in the bathroom and took a long bath. This time I deliberately didn’t take my undies. I pulled on a nighty and got out. I looked straight at Ajay. I pointed my finger at the shop and I started walking towards it. 

I told Radha I needed some washing powder. Soon Ajay came running down the stairs. That was the first time I really saw him. He was 5 feet 10 inches tall and was dark skinned. His eyes were brown he had dark curly hair. The boy looked overjoyed. He asked for a soap. Then luckily Radha’s phone rang and she went in to answer it. I went inside the shop. Ajay followed me. I moved to the back of a shelf so that I was hidden from the street’s view. 

Ajay moved in behind me. We could hear Radha speaking from the other room. Now we were alone in the shop. My heart was hammering inside my chest. I was thrilled excited scared and horny all at the same time. I felt his breath on my neck and I froze. One part of my brain wanted me to run away but the other part wanted me to stay where I was. I was in an open shop with a boy my daughter’s age. 

Anybody coming in the shop can and will see us. All those thoughts vanished when I felt the touch of his lips on my neck. He softly bit and licked the back of my neck. Meanwhile his hands encircled my waist and they roamed all over my tummy. Just when he was about to get to my boobs I stopped his hands. He asked in a whisper,” What”? I whispered back,” Not now. Someone might come” But I did not want him to stop either. I leaned back to him so that my ass touched his cock. His cock was rock hard and felt ready for action. 

But I knew that had to wait. With my left hand I lifted up my nighty and with my right hand I guided his right hand to my eager wet cunt. As his fingers penetrated past my cunt lips I could not help but moan. Luckily Radha didn’t hear me. To avoid this happening again he shut my mouth with his left hand. 

By this time he has found my clit and was playing with it. My moans were suppressed by his large left hand. His finger movements were becoming faster and faster and I was about to reach orgasm. He then inserted another finger and began fingering me even faster. I had to bite his hand to keep from screaming as I had my orgasm. I licked my juices off his fingers and we straightened our clothes. Soon Radha returned and we left the shop. 

At 5 in the evening my phone rang. It was Mukesh to tell me that he wasn’t coming home that night. I was glad and I felt like a whore. But my sex drive wasn’t finished. I wanted to feel Ajay’s cock inside me. I walked to the shop once again trying to catch a glimpse of him. He was standing in the road as if waiting for me. I walked straight to him and told him ” 

I want to see you tonight”. He grinned sheepishly and replied “Can you come to the temple at 8″?It was festival time in the nearby temple. I told him I will meet him but really I was a little surprised. Obviously I wanted to fuck him. But he wanted me in the temple. I wondered what he had in mind but nevertheless agreed to meet him. 

Around 7.45 I reached the temple. I was wearing a dark green Salwar and Orange bottom. Underneath I wore a bra but no panty. I walked around the festival ground for about 20-25 minutes but he was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass. I could sense it was him.He delicately mumbled in my ear “Follow me”. I followed him. 

He went out from the festival ground near the pond. It was quite dark .We went behind a peepal tree and we were hidden from view of a few guys sitting by the pond. Luckily they didn’t see us. Once there I knew what was about to happen. I felt kind of amazed .Until five days ago I have only seen this boy one or two times. Now we are in a public place ready to have sex in the open. Before I lost my nerve I went to him and kissed him on the lips. I caught him off guard. He wasn’t expecting me to make the first move. 

Clumsily he started kissing me back. He was not a very good kisser so I decided to give him a lesson. I began sucking his upper lip and with my hands I pulled him closer to me. He too gained confidence as he began sucking my lips and started playing with my tongue. We both could not suppress our moans of pleasure. Hastily I peered out from the back of the tree. The guys hanging out by the pool were gone. We were really alone. 

While I was looking out Ajay unzipped my salwar from behind and began kissing and licking by bare back. At this time he was feeling my boobs with both his hands. He was squeezing them so hard that it hurt a little. I told him to slow down and he did. Now I decided it was time he saw my boobs. I took off my salwar and laid it carefully down. Then I unhooked my bra and there they were round and firm right in front of Ajay. 

He went crazy seeing my boobs. He began kissing my breasts. He sucked on my nipples like a baby. He began biting softly on my nipples and I could feel my juices beginning to flow. Meanwhile his hands were all over my ass. He lowered my bottom and to his joy he found I was pantyless. He kissed his way down and he found my pussy waiting for him. It was dripping wet and Ajay began his work. For a guy of his age he ate pussy really well. He began licking my pussy lips placed small bites on them that made me even wetter. 

He parted the lips with his finger and guided his tongue inside my wet hole. I moaned loudly and pushed his head into my crotch. Meanwhile he found my clit and was teasing me. His hands were now busy as well. His left hand was busy twisting and pinching my nipples while his right hand was squeezing my ass he parted my ass cheeks and his index finger began circling my anus. He began fingering my asshole. I was now practically screaming. 

My orgasm was very near now. His fingering, pinching and licking grew faster. Soon I screamed in pleasure as I reached my orgasm. I was now in heaven and didn’t care if anyone was nearby. Ajay’s lips find my lips again and I could taste my cunt. Suddenly Ajay looked at his watch and he began taking off his pants in a hurry. I could see he was in a hurry. That’s when I remembered that we are standing in an open place and we really do not have much time. 

Ajay took his dick out. It was 7 inches long which is a bit shorter than Mukesh’s but it was very wide. I bent down to suck it but Ajay stopped me. He said sucking cock disgusted him. He looked like he was dying to fuck me. But it was not easy. The ground was hard and thorny. Neither of us could lie down without hurting. Finally we found a solution. Throwing caution to the wind we stepped out from our hiding place. 

I walked in my naked glory towards the festival ground wall. There is a stone slab lying near the wall. I stepped on the slab with my back facing the wall. Now our heights fortunately matched. Wasting no time Ajay came to me. He has now stepped out of his pants. He stood in front of me and I guided his cock into my well lubricated pussy. It was since a cock entered my pussy and it felt good. 

He began pounding me so hard that it hurt very much. Seeing my pain he slowed down. We started again. This time he went slowly. My pussy was flooding with juices. Ajay has found a good rhythm and we were panting and grunting in pleasure. I saw a few people walking by the path before us. I recognized all of them. They were my neighbors. They saw what we were doing but as it was dark they couldn’t properly see us. Luckily everyone in that group was women. So they didn’t come near us but walked away faster. 

Now my pussy has gotten used to Ajay’s monster and we increased our speed. I tightened my muscles as Ajay increased his speed. He was grunting like a dog. I was whimpering and moaning. He was near to his climax and so I was. Ajay groaned and shot his load into my pussy as I screamed in orgasm. Both of us were tired but we wasted no time. This time I was sure someone heard my screams. 

So we ran back behind our peepal tree and put on our clothes. Then I saw Ajay take a travel bag from under a nearby tree. I haven’t noticed that before. I asked him “Are you going somewhere?”.He replied “I am supposed to join at Malappuram post office tomorrow. I stayed until now for this”. He kissed me again and left me there. 

If anybody have seen me last night they could have known what I was doing. My lips were bleeding, there were bite marks on my face and hands, my dress was rumpled and torn, my cheeks were flushed. But nobody saw me. Next morning my neighbor Revathi told me she saw two lovebirds fucking by the peepal tree. 

Since it was dark she didn’t see who it was but she was sure the woman looked familiar. Fortunately nobody knew it was me. My life went on as usual. Just to make sure I took some emergency contraceptive pills and I didn’t get knocked up. My life fell back to its old routine. Still I think about Ajay and that glorious day. I still bath in the outside bathroom waiting for the next tenant.

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