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Hi this is Karthik [name changed] from Salem, Tamilnadu. For comments and requests contact me on At first I would like to introduce about myself. I am an Engineer now and I am going to share my real life experience when I was doing my engineering course. I am 6ft and chubby boy doing exercises at gym regularly. 

I lived along with my dad and mom in a three floor building. We were living in the ground floor and above that a Muslim family lived and in the second floor lived my sweet Maha [Not full name]. She came to that rented house when I was doing my second year engineering. She was married 25 years old with a kid. Her husband was a business man. Both of them was a bit short around 5 ft, which I like in her a most. In short she is 36 32 36 perfect figure with a fair complexion. Her skin is so silky and soft. 

On the day she came itself she came down and asked for a bottle full of water. When I saw her for the first time, i decided to fuck her or at least to press her big bulging melon boobs. I told her to go to her home and told her that I will fill the water bottle and give it to her. She agreed and went back to her home. I was filled with joy to have such a beautiful sex goddess above my house. I filled the bottle and went upstairs and gave her. 

While giving the bottle I intentionally touched her hand and I was feeling hot and my cock got erected. She told thanks to me and told that where she was coming from like that. And she asked about me and I told about me. 

After that my mom and Maha were friends within a week. They use to sit near the door and talk for several hours. I use to see her curves when she sits at that place. I use to record it with my mobile phone and masturbate on seeing that video. Her voice is also so sexy and I came to a decision that I have to fuck her or at least to suck and press her boobs. 

6 months went, I was masturbating like anything thinking about her. I started my game to be friend of her. I started talking to her freely. I started kidding her which girls like the most. She use to respond for my kidding. So i was happy that I got 1% success. I stepped forward in my game and went to her home when she was alone by telling a reason to my mom that I am going to dry the clothes in the third floor. I started to kid with double meaning when she was alone. She responded to that also 

I was so happy that 20% of my game got success. When she was alone she use to wear nighty with back and front zip, which i like the most. When I go there I talk to her by seeing her boobs. She too know that but she didn’t respond negatively for that. One fine day my mom and dad went out and I was alone in my home. They told that they would come at night only. I got a new blue film and thought of watching it. Due to over excitement I forgot to latch my main door and went to the room and I was watching in my computer. 

It was a nice Kerala movie, I started thinking me and Maha in that place and started rub my cock. I got hard and hot and I started to masturbate. Suddenly I noticed Maha watching me from the room door side. I was too hot and she was wearing a tight long front zip nighty. I have a large bed in my room. As soon as I noticed her, I suddenly got up and pulled her towards me and gave her a lip lock so that she can’t shout. 

At first she resisted with her hands and I started pressing her boobs. She started to moan and i was half nude without any underwear. After a deep lip lock and boob press she hold my cock with her hand and started to rub it. I got the green signal. I went to lock the main door and came inside the room and lifted her and dropped her in my bed. I started to kiss her forehead, eyes, ears, nose and started a deep French kiss. 

I played with her tongue rolling it inside her mouth. She was moaning and I started to suck her boobs which was large and got pink nipples over it. Due to her fair complexion, it was very beautiful and I sucked and chewed it with great pleasure. 

Then I made her 3/4 nude by removing her nighty. She was wearing her panty alone. As i didn’t have any condoms, she asked me not to fuck her pussy. She told me to enjoy her without fucking her pussy as it was risky days and her husband was very strict and capable of finding if someone else has used her pussy. 

I agreed, i was filled with joy at least i had a chance to suck and enjoy my sex goddess. I was sucking her boobs like anything. She was moaning in joy and pain. She pleaded not to remove her panty also as both may be out of control suddenly. I too agreed and started my job. I licked all over her body and tasted her. I smelled her pussy and pressed it without removing her panty. 

I was getting hot and harder. I told Maha that I can’t control. She gave an idea to mouth fuck her. I agreed and started to mouth fuck her. She was perfect in her blowjob and an expert. It took 5 minutes and I rained 1 week full of unused sperm inside her mouth and face. She drank it with joy and both of us took rest for 10 minutes. At that time also I was pressing her boobs and sucking it. 

After 10 minutes I pleaded to have sex with her pussy. But she refused. She gave an idea to thigh fuck her. She gave blowjob for 10 minutes to make my cock hard. I recorded it in my mobile without her knowledge. After that she kept her thighs close with a little gap in it and ask me to fuck in it. I fucked in that for 10 minutes and rained my jelly again all over her thighs. 

After that we too had bath together. I put her soap and she did it for me. I massaged all over her body and tasted her by licking all over her body. It was evening 7.00. So we decided to stop as my parents may come at any time and her husband also may come. She went upstairs and we continued this till I finished my third year. But she never allowed me for a pussy or ass fuck. I always did mouth fuck and enjoyed her boobies. 

At the end of third year of engineering, they planned to go to Chennai and she came for a mouth fuck and satisfied me and went away. Still we use to chat by phone and still I am asking for a pussy fuck. She has now come to my way and told that she will give me what I asked when she comes to Salem. Nowadays I am missing my sex goddess but her videos are gold to me and I use to masturbate seeing that. Still now I am virgin and my cock has never touched a pussy or ass… Waiting for my Sweet Maha!!! Please post your comments to the mail id

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