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My Last 7 Years – Part VI


Hi Guys, This is Haarshini again back with my sixth part. Thanks for your comment that’s encourage me to write my next part of my experience. For those who don’t know me please read the first two parts before reading this as there is no time for introduction again sorry guys.. More over I want to make a point clear that I am not a call girl or bitch. Let me move on to the story.
I know it’s been a long time that I shared my experience there were lot of comment and feedback from you guys to share more and more of my experience. I decided now that Iam not going to share all my experience but only those are really very interested. Honestly all my holes are been filled mostly every day by some one or another.
This story recently happened in Goa with my new friends who are the ISS reader. It all started like this by then my 3rd part been published I have got few regular friends who comment on my presentation we started chatting and got closed to each others. It became a habit that we started chating on every day. It was first a guy called Mukesh who came close with me. He was almost 47 years old, married and has a kid too.
He we basically from Mumbai and then the second guy called Nair who joined us in the chat. He was basically from Kerala and he is almost 54 years old. 3rd was a girl from Delhi who join the group, her name was Sheetal, she was around 21 years and cute. Last was again a guy from Mumbai and his name was Peter. He is the old among all of us around 52 years but a well build body. Ok I think this information is enough lets move on with the incident that happens last month.
We started chatting with each other and became very close that we were even having video chats with each other and we use to see everything in cam, most of the time I will be in with my bra and panties and the guys will be with shorts or boxer. Sheetal was the only one bit shy to revile her in cam. Two weeks back Nair came out with an idea that why can’t we all meet up in a place have fun. I and sheetal were not agreeing for it but the three guys made me agreed to it.
But Sheetal was till negavite about that meeting. So the guys said if sheetal don’t want join lets four meet up and have fun.  The place was decided to be Goa and Mukesh who is a business man have a friend’s house in Goa so we deiced to meet in Goa as per the plan on a Friday evening we all reached Goa. I told Sanjay and Pradeep that I will be out off city for two days and somehow got them convienced on it. We all met in Goa in the evening and had some talk for 2 hours by the time it was 7 pm
Sanjay got the drinks and Peter got the food for us. Nair was company me, actally Nairs hands were running on me when we both were talking. I was in my shorts and t shirt and Nair was only in his shorts and his big dick was bulging over his shorts. I made my self sit in such a way that my breast over my t shirt was rubbing his chest. Also my ears were close to his lips so that I feel his hot air from his nose and mouth on my ears and neck.
Mukesh called me that time to ask about the drinks I want to have and Nair also. We were ok with any drinks that Mukesh wants to get for us, because for both of us at that time the priority was fun and not drinks. I slowly moved my leg over his ties in such a way that it touches his cock. This made me went even closer to him. Nair slowly came to my ears and said that he is getting hard and what to do. I tell him that we came here for fun and we can do that.
He then slowly moved his hands over my t shirt and clubbed my breast and started snoozing it and with his tounge he was licking my ears and neck. I stared enjoying his action and didn’t want to stop him. By this time my waste hubby called me and I picked the phone. He was asking me how Iam today? Where Iam and did I have my dinner I didn’t told him that I was not at home.
I said him that I came to a marriage of my friend and he suddenly asks me whos marriage and where I am now. Since I didn’t get any other name I told him that I came for Sheetal marriage and Iam just outside the city. The marriage is on Sunday and she wants me with her two days before for helping her. So I told my hubby that I will call him on Monday once Iam back home. Then I was checking with him when will he be coming back and he was told me that.
Mr. Sharma is having more trust on him (actually the trust is on me) that he has given him more responsibility and cannot be back home before mid of next month. I told him that Mr. Sharma is a nice and wonderful guy and we should always make him happy. Then a few normal discussions and he hang up the call. All this while Nair was snoozing my breast and his hands went inside my t shirt. Once the phone was hang up
Nair asked me why did I tell its Sheetal marriage and I told him that your hands were on my breast and I cannot control myself and need to say something to him and so I said its Sheetal marriage. Nair then said” even iam hard now and I cannot wait anymore” I said “who ask you to wait dear lets start, Nair then undress me and made me naked and he also removes his shorts and his cock was hard and erect.
Me and sheetal have seen all this three cock in webcam when we chat. So I know the size of them and how to handle them. Even though all the three are in late 40s they have a well built body and a hard strong cock. Above all they are well experience in handling ladies, we both know that and most of the time when we chat it will be all about sex and life.
Nair push me in sofa and push is cock into my mouth and I started sucking it deep in my mouth. He holds his head and I grab the entire cock deep into my mouth. He pushed it deep into my mouth and his 8 inch cock started hitting my tongue. I took my mouth out from his cock and lick his balls. He put his leg over the sofa so that his balls were near my mouth and licked his balls Nair was enjoying every sec of this and his right hand was grabing my breast and snoozing it.
He holds my nipple and rotating it I was in heaven. He then came down to my pussy and started licking my pussy. He was deeply licking my pussy and I started screaming with pleasure “aaaahhhh yessss Nair keep licking me, I love guys licking my pussy your tongue is doing a good job yes don’t stop keep licking it! His tongue went deep inside my pussy and it’s made the pussy so wet he licked my pussy for almost
10 minutes and then he inserted his cock into my pussy started fucking my pussy hard. My legs were tied his neck and he was pumping me too hard and fast. I was in pleasure and enjoying every bit of it aaaahhhhhh Nair keep fucking me as much as  you can, yes don’t stop keep fucking me yes like that at that time I got a call from Pradeep, I said “mmmhheelooo Pardeep was asking me,
Dear what are you doing where you are now; we both missed you a lot and when will you back.” I reply yes ahhhh darling I miss you all will be back soon take care. I can not continue because Nair cock was pumping me hard and fast so I need to hang my phone. I know he would not mind if I hang the phone, more over he should know by now what I am doing. Nair was keep fucking me for almost 20 minutes then he cum, he cum on breasts.
My entire body was tired and it was a very good fucking session, I didn’t expect this from an old guy who is almost 54 years. I have seen the young one failed in this when compare to the old guys. Then we were in sofa for another 10 min. Nair then got up pulled me towards him, kiss me on my lips and cheek. Then he drags me to bathroom, made me sit on my knees and he started pissing on my body. I didn’t expect this from him and this is the first time someone is pissing on me.
He ask me to open my mouth but I said No, I will not take your piss in my mouth so he piss on my body and left me there, he went back to the living room. I open the shower and started to have a bath, I hear that Mukesh and Peter were back, and they started asking about me, Nair dint say anything about our fucking session, he told them that I have went to have a bath.
Nair: Mukesh ji what drinks did you get
Mukesh: I got 6 beers and 1 half liter of wiskey
Nair:” I think this will be ok for us tonight
Peter: Shall we get all the food and drinks set for the party to begin
They all agreed to it and they set everything on the table and waited for me to come, I had a nice shower, wipe my body with the towel, and get myself dressed with a sexy night dress, it was entirely transparent, this was gifted by Mr. Sharma once. I had my bra and panty too. Then I went into the living room where these guys were watching some songs in TV and chatting with each other. Nair was on phone taking to someone in his mother tongue.
As soon as I enter the living room, everyone was eyeing me top to bottom. Peter was the first one to comment “Harshi dear you look glorious on this dress”, then he came close to me hugged me and on my ear he told that “you will look even more glorious without this dress”. I just laugh and push him back. Then I asked them “guys whats the plan then” Mukesh reply” everything is ready and we are waiting for you.
I just look at the items on the table other than drinks Peter has bought chicken and fish. Also they have bought cashew and peanuts. I just pick two cashews and sat on the chair. Nair by this time came back after his mobile call. Nair say opposite to me, Peter to my left and Mukesh to right. It was more or less we all sitting in some restaurant which was not good so.
I told them “can we move this back to the t-table where we can sit in the sofa and enjoy it. The guys agreed to it and took two beer bottles and half liter wiskey to the t table. I took the chicken and fish bowl and moved to sofa. Nair pick up the half bottle and glasses, peter then pick up the cashew and peanuts. We all settle in sofa in the same way. Nair was on the single seated and Peter to my left and Mukesh to right.
This time they sat close to me in such a way whenever they move their hand it needs to rub my breast. Nair had one round of whiskey; me and peter had one glass of beer. Slowly Peter moved his hands around my solder and holds my right breast and started snoozing it. He pulled me towards him and kissed me on my lips. He pulls my tongue with his lips and started sucking it.
Mukesh was rubbing my ties and slowly moved his hands over my panties. He just pulls the panties to one side so that my pussy is visible to him. He started rubbing my pussy directly. I just went back and lifted my legs and kept it on the sofa. Nair was watching all this and rubbing his cock to get ready for the second round. I then moved my hands over Mukesh shorts pull it down so that I can hold his cock.
I started playing with his cock up and down. Peter now removed my night dress and I was only with my bra and panties. My right hand was holding Mukesh cock and he came close to me and started kissing me on my lips and licked my neck. I was in heaven and got ready for the next round. Peter in the mean time fill the next glass with beer. And Nair was already having his second round of whiskey. Peter gave me the glass of beer I hold it with my left hand and with started drinking it.
My right hand was holding Mukesh cock. Once the half glass of beer was done Mukesh took the glass from me and kept it on the t table and pushed me over Peter, my back was on Peter and he came close to me push his cock on my mouth and I started sucking his cock. The taste of beer with Mukesh cock took me too high, my pussy started getting wet and I was fully horny. Nair now came close to my pussy and started licking my pussy.
He sips his wiskey and lick my pussy regularly. That’s make my pussy even mover wet and ready to be fucked. Peter in the meantime was snoozing my breast and fingering my nipples. The nipples have become so hard and he put his mouth on my breast and starts sucking it. Nair now remove his shorts and took out his cock, which is ready for the next round. But Peter wants to be the first person to fuck me
He moved to my pussy and rubbed his cock over my pussy, and slowly he inserted it into my pussy. He held my wrist and lift it up so that my legs tied to his wrist and he started fucking me. Nair moved to my face and I was sucking Mukesh cock. Now I got two cocks to suck so I hold both in my hands and started sucking them one after another. Nair and Mukesh were drinking there drinks and fucking my mouth.
Peter slowly increase the speed and started fucking me hard and fast. I was in heaven with this three old guys takeing full control of me. Mukesh now move to Peter place and wants to fuck me. I too felt that I want someone to fuck my ass too. So Mukesh sat on the sofa and I push his cock into my pussy, Peter understood that I want fuck his ass too. So peter move back of me and started slowly push is cock into my ass.
Since Pradeep and sanjay have already ride me on my both holes at the same time it was not new to me. More over it was not that tight that I felt any pain. Peter slowly start fucking my ass but Mukesh start it in speed in my pussy, he was pumping me hard in my pussy and my breast were jumping up and down. I also rub Mukesh face while he was fucking me hard. Nair push his cock into my mouth and these three cocks were filled all my holes.
Now Nair wants fuck my ass so Peter came to my mouth and Nair moved back to me and start fucking my ass. He held my breast from back while he fucks my ass. Peter was fucking my mouth and Mukesh still fucking my pussy. After 15 min of this seems the guys have become tired and hence they reduce the speed. Within this period I came once in Mukesh cock. Mukesh now put his cock in my mouth and Peter in my ass.
Nair came down and started licking my pussy while I was riding Peter.  Nair then inserted his finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me… I was in high and cumm on Nairs hand and don’t want to waste my cumm so he started licking my pussy and suck all the cumm from my pussy. The guys in rotation keep fucked me for another 30 min and Mukesh was the first to cumm on my tits followed by Nair and Peter. I was totally exhausted and fully tired and cannot even able move my hip.
This was the first time that I was fucked to the core and it was really a hard core session. We all slept in the same bed. And I was immediately start sleeping before I sleep I saw Peter going for one more beer and Mukesh going to the wash room. I don’t know how long I sleep all of a suddon I woke and and fond that some one is rubbing my pussy and it was Mukesh. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he signel me to come to the wash room.
He holds his cock and went to the wash room and I followed him. As soon as I enter he locks the door and hugged and kissed me. I ask him “what happen Mukesh and he said “I want to go for one more round if your ok, I told him I am ok but can we do that in the bed room” he said” no I don’t want to disturb other and we will do it hear and I was my dream to fuck you in the wash room. I hold his cock and bend down and took it in my mouth and started sucking his cock deep into my mouth.
Actually I want to finish this round fast since I too need to sleep for some time so I suck is cock deep and faster and then moved to his balls licked the balls nicely. He then left his leg and I understood he wants to lick his ass too, so I lick his ass deep and then slowly I run my tongue on the back of his body and came close to his ears and said “Mukesh Iam ready are you ready? He then turn around push me towards the wall back facing him, lift my left leg and inserted in his cock into my pussy
I was holding a tap to balance me and started enjoying his aggressive fuck mmmmm, wow your cocks fucks good dear and he then hugged me and his arms were near my sholders what an arms mmmm what a man are you, fuck me good yes keep fucking me. He said I will tear your pussy yes babe fuck me as you like fuck me hard dear, I love your arms what a man yes don’t stop, keep fucking me yes”
He cum in 10 min and all in my ass, then he bring his cock to my mouth and ask me to clean it. I lick the remaining cum and clean his cock. Then we both went back to the room and slept I woke up around 8 am in the morning when Nair was calling my name. The next day all the three had fucked me for 3times together and each one got one more round when other two was not in the room it was really fun that I don’t get a break to relax and when
I was back home Iam entirely tired. Pradeep and Sanjay were waiting for me and I told them not today and give me a break for two days they said, we are waiting for you two days and today you come and say give a break for two more day. I told dear I know you guys but I cannot because iam fully tired and cannot company you just wait for two more day and I will be back to normal” Pradeep then told me “if Mr.Sharma calls you what will you do.
I told him “Sharma is not in the country and will be back only next week and I promise you I will give you a good company before he comes back” Sanjay then ask me, what to do with our cock for next two days. I just think for a while and pick up my mobile called Sheetal “Hi Sheetal how are you Sheetal “Iam doing good and how about you and how was the weekend trip.
I am fine you really missed this week end you should have joined, where are you by the way” Sheetal told me “Iam at home and papa and mama has left to office Iam alone” I ask her” hope you know Pradeep and Sanjay they wants to meet you” She ask me “the same Sanjay and Pradeep as you mention in your story
Me: yes the same one, can you come online so that we can chat
Sheetal: Yes give me two minute
Me”ok bye

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