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My Hot Brinda Aunty

Hi, I am Bala, I would like to go straight to the incident that happened in my life 1 year back, now, am working in a reputed IT company. I am 23yrs old. Let me tell u about my experience with my neighboring aunty which transformed my life. 

I live in an apartment, and new neighbors came next to my home in the same floor. The family’s head (name changed) Mr. Kiruba (44yrs) whom I used to call uncle and his wife Mrs. Brinda (38yrs) whom I called as aunty. They had 2 sons one was in college first year staying in a hostel and the other son is in 5th std. Let me tell describe aunty Brinda, she is a really hot woman and she has got a very beautiful face, long hair which flows till her back. She was about 5′10″ tall with really big boobs and a very curvy and beautiful ass. I am not good in guessing the size but her boobs were enormous in size where you would need two hands to hold each one of them. The best part of her looks is that no matter from which angle you look at her she looks killer with those very prominent curves. She also has a moderately slim waist which goes very well with her curves. 

As time passed by I became very good friends with both uncle and aunty and spent all my time at their place only and become a very integral part of their family. Uncle was a frequent business traveler but never went for more than a day or two. I was constantly staring at aunt’s figure and would often masturbate fantasizing about her. She was my dream woman. One day I came early from office since I did not have much work and while I was just settling down at home I got a call from uncle saying he was out on tour and he told me that he was held up with something important and will be out for atleast another week and if I could take care of his family till then. I told him not to worry and promised him to take care… then he called up aunty also and told her to reach out to me for anything she needed help with. 

Now after listening to this news the devil in me woke up and I was really thrilled and looking forward to being with her and possibly realize my fantasy of fucking her. While I was lost in my devilish thoughts working out a plan to seduce her someone knocked on my door. I opened the door to find the woman of my dreams standing there in full glory dressed up in killer red sari and a red blouse with a plunging neckline. Her hair was tied up neatly in a bun her two melons were proudly protruding from her chest. Her sari was not very transparent but it could not hide the deep cut blouse and her extra large cleavage. The instant I saw her, my eyes were glued to her chest while I welcomed her in. my lil bro was hard and waiting to get out of my pants. She had a sad face and told me that uncle was going to be away for a long time now and she was surely going to call me more often when she needed help. 

My heart was pounding hard hearing this great news and I told her to forget all the formalities and I would be very glad to be of any help. I also told her that she was looking gorgeous today to which she immediately blushed and smiled. Then she said that she was going to the school to pickup her younger son and will be back soon. I then asked if she wanted me to accompany her to which she said that was not required and she will be back by 5pm and if I could come to her place then since she need my help with things. I told her I will be there and wished her bye and she turned around and started walking towards the open door. I can’t describe how beautiful her big and curvy ass was looking draped tightly in the sari and was swaying sexily while she walked. This time I noticed that she was wearing her sari really low and her milky white waist was completely exposed and was looking very beautiful. I followed her all the way till the lift and waited till she got into it. Then I raced back to my house and freed my monster and started jacking off thinking about the woman of my dreams. 

I took a bath and got ready by 5 and knocked on her door. She opened the door with a smile welcoming me in and asked me to get comfortable on the sofa while she got me something to drink. Before I could say anything she asked me to keep quiet and to let her do what she wants since she wanted to take care of me. Then she turned around and headed to the kitchen and I saw that swaying ass again. She was still dressed the same and I was beginning to get back my hard on. She brought a glass of fruit juice and bent forward to give it to me and my eyes literally popped out of my head looking at her two big melons hanging a few inches from my face because her pallu had slipped to a side. I didn’t want to get caught so I immediately looked back at her in the eye and smiled thanked her for the juice. She asked me if I had some time in hand, I replied saying I was free for the rest of the day. Then she asked me if I could go to the market with her since she wanted to purchase groceries and her son was out for tuitions hence there would be no disturbance… I immediately said sure and she said she will get ready and be back in a minute. 

She rushed to her room closing the door behind her, I wondered what more did she need to get ready since she just came back from outside. Then I slowly walked up to her bedroom door and peeped thru the key hole. I saw from the mirror opposite that she removed her pallu and unhooked her blouse and spread it apart. Then she cupped each of her boobs with her palms and like repositioned them again in the bra cups. Then she hooked up her blouse again and put back her pallu and rearranged her sari. This is the first time I saw her belly button so clearly and it was looking very sexy. Then she again put on some lipstick, gloss, etc.. I was really enjoying the show and when I saw her move towards the door I quickly went and sat back on the sofa. 

She came out and said she was ready and if we could leave, I said sure and got up to go with her. She picked up her scooty keys and we locked the house and left. This time too I walked behind her soaking in the sight of her beautiful butt. I was so lost in myself that I did not realize when she stopped and pushed the lift button and I bumped right into her pushing her against the wall with my hands literally grabbing her from behind and my bulge pressed right into her ass. I apologized saying I was looking elsewhere, she immediately said it was ok and I should stop saying sorry and thank you since I was a member of their family. I agreed and then she again turned around and told me that I should stop calling her aunty henceforth and just call her Brinda, I could not believe my ears and I told her that I found it very uncomfortable calling her directly by name because of her age, to which she snubbed me asking if she actually looked that old. I smiled and winked at her and said anything for you Brinda. She too smiled back saying “now that’s the way my dear Balu”. 

We got to the basement and when we reached her bike she asked me if I would love to drive, I thought to myself that I would to drive you all over especially those big boobies. Then I told her that I will prefer to ride pillion since I was not comfortable with the scooty. Then she sat on the seat and started her bike, then she asked me to get on the seat behind her, I immediately got on behind her and sat against the stepny. Now she readjusted her seating position and due to the small seat and her huge ass there was barely any gap between both of us and my dick was touching her butt. Then she asked me if was ready so we could go when I told her I needed something to hold on to for support because the roads were in bad condition. 

She replied saying I could hold on to her for support. This was the best thing to happen and I immediately placed both my hands firmly holding her hips from both sides and told her I was comfortable now. As soon as I touched her she jerked up a little and I immediately asked what happened. She said that she was expecting me to hold her by her shoulders. Now we started off and the breeze was good and I was resting on her back and both our bodies were in complete contact. I could smell her perfume and also her hair oil. I looked over her shoulder from behind and was zapped by the beautiful sight of her huge boobies and deep cleavage. It suddenly struck me that she could catch me looking from her rear view mirrors and I did not continue staring at her chest. 

For the first time I was thankful to bda for not maintaining the roads in a good condition because everytime we went on a pothole I grabbed her harder and my dick rubbed against her butt. Also with the wind her pallu was flying and she told me to hold it in place. I grabbed it and held it down pressing it between our bodies. Seeing me fall so frequently on her she asked me if I was ok and I told her that the road was very rough. Then she asked me to hold on to her more firmly. Seizing the opportunity I hugged her from behind with both my hands around her bare waist. She again jerked a little and when I asked her if something was wrong she said nothing Bala. I now had the opportunity to feel her beautiful waist while my bulge was pressing deep between her butt and the seat. Infact because of the bumpy ride my dick was now between her ass crack and the seat and she had now advanced more back on the seat literally squeezing me against the stepny but I did not mind since touching her felt great. 

She was feeling really uncomfortable, I could understand that, but I acted so innocently, the market is nearly 10kms away from home. Now i got bit bolder and slowly moved my palms towards her navel, she was shaking a bit and sometimes I tried to insert my finger in her deep navel, she couldn’t bear it but at the same time she thought that I was simply holding her for grip, meanwhile my dick was rock hard and it was pushing further into her ass. She asked me “are you feeling comfortable?” I said “yes aunty, I have got good grip”, she said “ok but…” I asked “but what aunty”, she said “nothing”, I don’t know whether she was enjoying or just pretending as if everything was normal. Her sari completely covered my palms which were around her waist and sometimes due to the jumps my hands slipped and kept touching the lower part of her boobs, I thought my god I have my hand around her waist but still her boobs were touching my palms, so how big her boobs got to be… I thought to myself, ahh i was finding it very hard to keep myself from keeping my hands on her massive milk tanks. 

Then I thought of getting bolder and proceeding up to her boobs, but sad by that time we reached the market. She asked me to get down. While getting down from the scooty I acted as if I lost balance and grabbed her by her boobs tightly, aunty got surprised by this act of mine touching her private milk tank and said hey “be careful don’t fall down”., I said ” oops sorry aunty I slipped”, but I thought to myself that I had finally succeeded in touching and grabbing her boobs and was overjoyed, but instead of reacting she just said be careful. I was quite confused because I was not sure if she enjoyed my boob catch act. Then we started to walk towards market, actually a shopping mall type, we went inside the mall and started purchasing things. 

All the shop attendants were openly staring at aunt’s boobs, some guys even brushed their hands on her buttocks which I was silently observing looking from the side, but I was quite surprised that aunty didn’t react at all to all this. I assumed she was aware that her curvaceous structure attracted many men anywhere she went and she couldn’t help all this. She couldn’t hide her boobs which were juggling up and down with every step she took and was easily visible and her mighty ass which was swaying was always giving all the males around a great treat. I thought by this time she would have given many males a hard on. During all this I occasionally saw her boobs while walking by her side and sometimes brushed her ass when she bent forward to pick up stuff from the lower shelves. 

Then we went into Food world’s fresh counter to get vegetables and there aunty bought lots of beans, carrot, cucumber etc., I asked aunt “why are you buying so much now?” she said” it will get over soon and again we have to come here” I said “ok” then I saw melons in one shelf and just went near and took one in each hand, aunt then asked “do u like melons?” I said of course I like them very much especially the big and juicy ones” Brinda aunt said “big ones? What do u mean” I said” watermelons only aunty and with an innocent face and saw her boobs by mistake”. This time she caught me watching her boobs and she herself saw those, I felt really embarrassed at being caught red handed, but surprisingly she looked back at me and smiled and said “take them along with vegetables”. I felt great by her response and thought that’s a good sign, but was confused what she is thinking in her mind. Then we paid the bill and left to the scooty. 

Now on our journey back, I had so many bags to carry and was disappointed that I can’t touch her hip this time, few bags she kept in front and few I took in my one hand and the others I kept on the seat between us. I was feeling very uncomfortable, she started the scooty and we started moving aunt asked “are you ok?” I said “go slowly aunty I am holding too many things and not able to balance” Brinda aunt said “ok will go slowly”, now I felt like doing some mischief and pushed the bag containing the cucumber against the gap of aunt’s ass and the seat. She slowly raised her ass up and asked me “what happened?” I said am keeping the vegetable bag in between us aunty. Ohh fine Brinda aunty told. Meanwhile I slowly continued pushing the cucumber further in along with every jerk motion while she applied brakes, and what I saw through the rear view mirror was an amazing sight, she was biting her lower lips. Her body heat was rising and I could feel it. 

Then unfortunately the tyre got punctured, but home was only 2 km from that place, so we started walking, she took the bag of veggies that I was carrying and I took the vehicle and we started talking, I didn’t exactly know what was in aunt’s mind, she said “I think the veggies are fresh” I said ” yes aunty”. Aunt asked me a stunning straight question “I think the cucumber is very hard” with a smile I got stunned and didn’t know what to say, and I said” yes aunty since it’s very fresh, even the melons are nice and ripe” she said “yes Bala, will taste good too”. In that street light aunt was looking very hot, she was walking to my left side and her side view was great with full big bouncing boobies. When we reached her place, her son was busy with his home work. I parked the scooty in the shed and aunt went inside the house. I too reached in and she was in kitchen, arranging those veggies. Then I went in and asked for water, she gave and I drank standing there, I noticed her dress were now a bit out of place and her pallu had slipped to a side and I could see her deep exposed cleavage . 

Meanwhile her son came and spoke about his happenings in his school, ate snacks and went back to his room. Then I said “ok aunty am leaving” but she insisted me to stay back, have dinner and leave for which I readily agreed and sat in the hall watching TV. Then aunt went to her room changed to an old yellow sari with black blouse and went to kitchen to prepare dish. Brinda aunt asked me do you know to cook… I said “no aunty” then why don’t u come and learn I will teach you. I thought to myself 
that am damn lucky that everything is going the way I wished and immediately I went into the kitchen. Aunt was standing near the stove and was cutting potatoes. I stood near aunty and she said, first you 
have to peel the outer skin of the potato, I thought to myself, how will it be when she peels (pulls) my penis skin. She then showed me to see how she cuts potato. 

Then I watched, but I could not concentrate on the way she cuts the potato since her boobies were obstructing the view it was so huge. she found out what I was seeing, but didn’t care about it, I said let me try, aunt said ok and gave me the knife, I started cutting but was not coming properly, aunt said oh you not cutting properly and she came from behind me and held my hands. I shuddered the moment her boobs pressed against my back but soon began to enjoy the feeling. My dick was beginning to grow and push against the table. Then I said no aunty you cut I will watch and gave the knife to her, she was bit disappointed with my act, now I guessed Brinda aunty was in a mood for mischief, so I got bolder and stood behind her. She asked me “what are you doing?” I said” aunty let me hold your hand and cut those” aunt said “oh good idea”. I positioned myself standing behind her looking over her shoulder and I placed one of my hands on her waist holding her firm and with the other caught her wrist, she suddenly stopped the work, “I asked her what happened?” Aunt said “no nothing” and started working again. Slowly I caught her palm and squeezed it gently while my dick was digging deep into her butt thru her sari from behind. Aunt reacted with a gentle moan and arched forward standing on her toes and then slowly lowered herself to the original position. 

Because of this my dick went deeper into her ass almost pushing against her anus hole through her sari and by now she knew it very well. Then slowly I moved her hairs with my nose from behind and blew air slowly on her bare back. She was breathing heavily now. I slowly raised my hand from her waist towards her breast while thrusting my penis deeper into her ass. Now Brinda stopped her work and was just standing still. I slowly inserted my right hand into her sari and now with both hands cupped her boobs and squeezed them softly. She moaned and arched her body backwards and closed her eyes. Ohh those melons were amazing. I then started slowly to knead her right melon alone, and said in a low tone, “Brinda I like this melon the most”. Brinda aunty didn’t say a word, she was just closing her eyes and moaning. Then I told her to open her eyes and see how her melons were trying to tear her blouse and pop out. 

She said ” ahhh.. I am feeling like they will fall off my body”. I said “I am just kneading them softly” she said” but I feel like that”. I told her “your boobs are bigger than those melons we got”, mean time I started kneading her left breast, she leaned her head back on my shoulder and was just making hissssssing sounds and biting her lips. Now I slowly removed her pallu and when I did aunt too opened her eyes and we both saw the amazing. Those two boobs had grown bigger and her blouse hooks were clearly stretched and about to tear. I was stunned to see them like that, Brinda moaned in a low voice “ahhhhhh”…. and I cupped her boobs harder from under her armpit. I couldn’t hold them entirely as they were huge and her white complexioned cleavage made them look even hotter. I pushed her melons upward with my palms from below till her neck level and suddenly let go of her boobs, the way they fell was a super sight jiggling like anything. One of her blouse hook gave way because of the weight of her melons.. We were both very hot now. I removed her hair band and let her hair fall free. She said”ohhh Bala ahhhhh…. It’s ahhhhhh hissssss…” I then tried to remove the rest of her blouse hooks when suddenly her son came shouting mom, mom, ohh my God we came into our conscious, and before we could arrange ourselves her son came there.

She was still adjusting her sari and was tying her loose hair. I said “hey finished studying?” he said yes and told to Brinda ” mom I am hungry” she realized that it was quite late already and started preparing dishes and told “beta few mins I will have everything ready and asked both of us to go watch some TV as if nothing happened, then her son and I came to hall and we watched TV and chit chatted. After few mins when her son was deeply engrossed in watching TV, I slowly crept back into kitchen and hugged her from behind catching hold of her boobs. She said “ohhh Bala please let me finish preparing the dinner” and I said “ok but I want melon juice” for which Brinda said “you naughty boy, you are speaking as if you don’t know anything, anyway I know you will not go without having juice from my melons” I said” of course your melon must have more juice then the real melons” and I continued kneading her melons while I pushed my hard on deep into her ass. 

Then she finished preparing the dinner in this same state and we all sat at the dining table and aunty started serving us, in the middle uncle called and they both spoke for few mins and her son also spoke with his dad. Now the time was almost around 10:30pm,her son finished eating and went to watch TV in hall. Aunt came and sat opposite to me and was eating, I was also eating slowly accompanying Brinda. She asked me” how’s it?”, I simply stared at her breasts and said “awesome”, she said ” I asked about the dinner” I smiled and said” it’s good but somehow not tasting the way it should be”, she immediately got worried and asked me “what was wrong with it”. I replied saying “it might taste much better you feed me”. She blushed and replied “how can I do that with my son sitting in the next room?” I said he is busy watching TV and will not come here. I asked her to get up and sit next to me. She got up from her chair opposite me and came over next to me, I immediately pushed my chair back a little and holding her by her waist seated her on my lap. She shrieked at what I did and luckily didn’t drop her plate. She said “this was very dangerous and I can’t do it”. I held her firmly and did not allow her to get up and told her nothing will happen and to start feeding me. 

She said “you are very naughty and not as innocent as you look”, I replied that “you are so beautiful that I could not control myself”, while saying this I lightly rested my hand on her boob. Now I told her that we should finish dinner soon and she picked up my plate and started feeding me while I was busy kneading her boobs from below her sari. I realized that she was luckily sitting right on my hard dick and was constantly wriggling her ass over it trying to get it inside. She said “your cucumber is quite hard and big”, to which I asked her “do you like the feel of it?” she just blushed and nodded her head. There was a moment when she just raised her head and moaned softly closing her eyes, and seizing the opportunity I locked her juicy lips with mine and kept on kissing for a few minutes. She too responded well and we both kissed with burning passion for a few minutes. After the kiss we were both breathless and she told me “this is the first time in my life anyone has kissed me so passionately”. Because of my continuous mauling of her boobs with my hand all the time even her 2nd blouse hook also came off. Now she was left with only two more to go. I look down and started kissing her exposed boobs and her neck and behind her ears… she was continuously moaning softly and I kissed her a few more times. 

We finished dinner in super fast mode now since both of us were so aroused and were eager to get to the next level. We both came to hall and her son was watching TV, she told him to go sleep as he has to go for school tomorrow and it was quite late already. She accompanied him to his room meanwhile I was waiting for her in the hall. I thought of giving her a surprise so I hid myself behind the door which lead to her son’s room and waited. After few mins she came after putting her son to sleep, and was searching for me. I went and switched off the hall light, she got frightened and said “ohm damn power” but I said “hey Brinda” aunty replied “hey where are you? What are you doing?”, I said just be quiet and went behind her took a kerchief and tied her eyes. she whispered “hey what are you doing?” I said “just wait and see Brinda”. Now I let her hair loose and it fell till her waist. Brinda was now standing in the middle of the hall with her eyes tied and I switched on a dim light and drank her beauty with my eyes. 

Now I went near her and she was breathing very heavily, I slowly proceeded and kissed her lips, she was surprised but she immediately responded with kissing me back and in few mins we were sucking each other’s lips, tongue and were making hissing sounds.. I hugged her tight and kept my palms on her buttocks and pressed her hard into my waist, I started pumping her ass by squeezing it very hard with my hands and my erect dick was pushing hard against her abdomen. Then I went below to her neck and kissed her there licking her neck from top till her cleavage, and her boobs were rising up and down due to her heavy breathing. Brinda couldn’t take my swift kissing actions anymore and she just shook her head slowly and making hisssssssss sounds… Then I left her took few steps back and removed all my clothes and became stark naked with my dick standing in all its glory saluting her. Aunty mean time was whispering “hey where are you, what are you doing Balaaaa??” I then went behind her and hugged her tightly, aunty moaned “ahhhhhhhhhhh…” I pushed my naked dick into her anus through the sari and removed her pallu, now I could see her mountainous cleavage from over her shoulder. 

I cupped both her melons with my palms and started squeezing them. Her boobs were so round and enormous that whenever I press them an ample amount of flesh is pushed out of her blouse, aunt was just resting her head on my shoulder and was just “hisssssssinggggg” and moaning “ahhh ahhhhhhh balaaaaaa….” I kissed and licked her neck and bare back completely like a wild animal. Then I went in front of her and removed the kerchief slowly. Aunty opened her eyes and saw me naked and got surprised. She was with black blouse and petticoat with her pallu on the floor. Immediately we again hugged and kissed each other “muahhhhhhh hmmmmm hmmmmm” while I pulled out her sari and let it drop to the floor. She in the meanwhile caught hold of my penis and gave it hard squeeze with her hands and pulled my foreskin back. I could not control myself anymore and I ripped apart her blouse, she shrieked to see her melons which had become bring red because of all my squeezing and mauling. I simply pulled her bra down which also came with ease and her pink nipples were erect with large brown areolas, I went mad and started sucking them hard by grouping her boobs together. Aunty just bent her head up looking at the ceiling and was moaning “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh hiissssssssss”… 

I just bit her nipples a few times, for which she patted on my head whispering “ahhhhh stop it Bala, don’t eat those”. Then I went down to her stomach and darted my tongue into her deep navel, she just held my head and pushed me deep into her navel and I licked and sucked her navel hole as if to get some liquid from it, we were now in a frenzy mood and so I just pulled the strings of her petticoat and pulled it down and wow there her beautiful vagina with pubic hairs was visible, I immediately started licking her love hole with my tongue and she was out of control and she moaned a bitlouder “ahhhhhhhhhh Ballaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh”… Then I slowly laid her down on the floor right there, while aunty started whispering “come on Bala I can’t take it anymore just insert your penis in me, fuck me dear”.. As I made her lie down she spread her legs wide open and my legs were in between hers with my dick dangling between our waists. Her hair was spread all over the floor. And her boobs were heaving up and down with pointed nipples. Now I locked my lips with hers in a kiss, while Brinda guided my spear towards her love tunnel and positioned it at the entrance, I gently started rubbing it at her entrance, she closed her eyes and was waiting for me to push in, but I waited for her to open her eyes so I continued teasing her by just rubbing it against her vagina and not proceeding forward. 

Then aunty opened her eyes to see and she whispered slowly” what are you waiting for?” before she could finish talking I thrust my dick deep inside her vagina and she moaned loudly “wait forrrr ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh hissssssssssssssss ahhhh” and shut her eyes tight. I just paused for a moment because I too didn’t know that it would be so painful for me, she was just breathing heavily and was wriggling with pain, then I asked her “Brinda can I proceed” she couldn’t reply after few mins she nodded her head signaling yes, and later she whispered ” yes yessss” while gasping for air”. I started pushing my dick in and out very slowly till we got into the rhythm. When I pulled my dick out she would open her eyes, but when I pushed it in hard she shut her eyes, moaning “ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh”. I picked up the pace and started ramming my dick harder and harder keeping my hands on the floor with Brinda under me. Within no time I was ramming her mercilessly and her entire body especially her boobs were juggling up and down violently with my motion. We were kissing each other with burning passion all the time and she was moaning continuously “ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh”…. 

Then suddenly her son woke up and opened his room door came out saying “ma ma, I need to go for pissing”. We got terrified because of the fear of getting caught, immediately aunty pushed me aside and I crept behind the sofa and she took her sari and just wrapped it around her body, luckily the lights were dim making it difficult for her son to see us. Since his room was bit far from the hall’s center aunty went to her son “beta wait I will come”. It was really a sexy scene to see her fully naked wrapped only with her sari, she was sweating like anything and her hairs all flowing to her hip. Her boobs were dangling and her beautiful ass swaying inside her wrapped sari, her son was half asleep, she didn’t want him to see her in such situation so she soon ran behind him and caught hold of his shoulder and took him to the toilet room. I was just lying by the side of the sofa so her son couldn’t see. Now Brinda was waiting in front of toilet room for her son to finish while I devoured her beauty, she was looking great. I could easily see her bloated boobs which were heaving up and down because of the fuck she was having few mins back. 

Brinda was just looking at the floor trying to catch some breath. Then her son finished and asked “mama why are you sweating so much and your hair is all messed up?” aunty said “kuch nehi beta, I forgot to switch on the fan, you go and sleep” saying this she accompanied him to his room. I just couldn’t control looking her move, her every step made her boobs jiggle… Then her son went into his room she waited out and made sure the room gets locked properly, meanwhile I crept slowly and stood right behind her without her knowledge. Then the moment she turned back I just pinned her against the wall besides her son’s room door and started kissing her all over. Brinda whispered “nooo Balaaa hmmmm…hmmmmm nooo not here he might wake up” but I didn’t listen to her and kept my palms on her boobs and started squeezing hard. Simultaneously I peeled off her sari and she was naked again. I now lifted her right leg up in air with my left arm and squeezing her boobs with my other hand. 

Brinda was just enjoying with great excitement, she was wondering what was next, then I let hr boobs free and with my right hand I positioned my dick at the entrance of her vagina, she opened her eyes wide open and said “no no not in this place pleaseee” but before she finished I pushed my dick hard into her and she was about to shout, but quickly I sealed her lips with mine and kissed her passionately, she was murmmering “hmmmmahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm” , I slowly picked up my rhythm and fucked her in standing position only and now I let her mouth open. Brinda was just hissssssingggggg ahhhhhhhhh and she was pushed up against the wall because of my fucking action and her boobs were rising and falling hard. She couldn’t stand like that she said “I might fall, I might fall” so now I lifted her other leg too with my penis still deep in her vagina and she locked her legs around my waist, I continued thrusting into her like this and thought to myself that I should take her to some better place which would keep us free from other disturbances. 

I carried her in this position only and went to her bedroom and lay her on her bed. The room was too dark and Brinda suggested I switch on the bed side lamp. I switched it on and we both saw each other and we were soaked in sweat from head to toe. We were again in the missionary style and I started ramming into her with very hard and fast strokes. Brinda was just moaning uncontrollably “ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”……. Suddenly she started leaking liquid like a river, I knew she was cumming and she wound her thighs tighter around me and I was not able to push harder. Then after few mins of her cumming she relaxed her vice like grip around me with her legs and I started fucking her like crazy and couldn’t hold on anymore and I said “Brinda I am going to cum…ahhh” she immediately spread her legs wider and I rammed very deep in her with her boobs touching my face and in my final ram I shot loads of my juice deep into her womb and simultaneously squeezed one of her melons very hard. 

We both groaned and moaned “ahhhhhhhhhhhh huuuhhhhhh” and then we hugged tightly and kissed for another minute. We both were very tired and I rested my head on her over swollen red boobs. She was panting heavily and after some time we came out of our frenzy fucking mood with my penis still inside her pussy but shrinking inside her. Then we both smiled at each other looking and I said “Brinda you are great”, Brinda then whispered “Bala you’re an animal, my god I had the fuck of my life. I feel like a virgin who was just deflowered. I am all yours whenever you need me”.. Then when I saw the time it was 3 am. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms cuddled together, with my penis still in her vagina…. this was my first sexual encounter with her, still we had many more encounters which I would love to share based on your feedback. Please mail me your comments at…

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