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My Friend’s Wife – Part XII

Hi I am Sanju From Banglaore averagely built 31 yrs old, first and fore most thanks to the ones who have posted their sorties which has given me the confidence to share my life experience to you all. This is about my friend Luthra’s(Luth) wife Sheeba, Luth became my close friend in the 2008, he and Sheeba had daughter who was all most 1 year old . 

Luth was a model and he need to travel often. I have only heard from Luth about his wife, it was a love marriage and it was against her parents’ wishes. He used to narrate his stories how he meet her and how they got married against others wishes. I didn’t have the chance to meet Sheeba as I used to only drop Luth out of his house and go off. It was his daughter’s 1st birthday so he invited me for the party 

The next day I went for the party and as usual I was late, the party was only for few friends and his family. I was having my own business so my employees were also called for the party. I went and in the crowd I could easily identify Sheeba, Luth intrudes her to me and she at once told I have heard a lot about of you and she was glad to meet me, I could see she was very happy meeting me, 

I don’t know how to describe size but to tell you about Sheeba she is 5’4”, very fair , lovely shaped big breast, thin, and too sexy. For the first time I meet her I did have any bad feeling for her. After few days Luth had to go for any assignment, he was also having financial problems so he borrowed some money from me and went. Out of station. A few days he called me and told he has not given money to Sheeba and he is also left with no money. 

So he wanted to me to put money in his account and give some to Sheeba, (staying with Luth’s parents). I did as told when I went to give money to Sheeba her mother in law called me into the house she was a little old so she forgot her DIL was breast feeding her granddaughter. When I entered Sheeba was shocked so was I went out immediately, after a while she came out and she had slight shy face on her, 

I told her I a extremely sorry and she said its ok, I gave the money and left she thanked me a lot. 
After a week I got a call form Sheeba and she was enquiring about her husband, I told he had called and there was no problem, she just then casually was enquiring about me and my work. The next day I received a call from her she was just speaking and days past we became close on phone and I was happy I got a nice friend (still I didn’t have bad thoughts). 

One day she called me and told she had to go for an interview (she was a Nurse) and her FIL was not well when she enquired with Luth he told to ask my help so I obliged and said ok.The next day in the morning I picked her she was looking too good she is a from the orthodox family so I have seen her only in sari’s, this was a light pink one and was blending with her white complexion. 

I dropped her and was waiting for her to return. When she came back she had a sad face and when she entered the car she started to cry, she said because she had her mother tough in her English she has less chances. I was consoling her suddenly she kept her head on my left arm and was weeping, I was shocked by her act, 

I asked her to stop crying, she did after a while she kissed my hand a proposed me she told she love me, I was completely shocked and drove the car to a lonely place and asked her again what happened she hug me from side and told me in my ears she love me madly, I just could not believe what was happening. 

Then she told me she fell in love on the birthday I had gone to their house, she thought it was not correct as she loved her husband and kid, but she even started day dreaming of me so after a week so she called me just to talk to me, she told me she is very happy, comfortable when she talks to me. 

Now she is happy and very comfortable while hugging me. I just could not deny the proposal and told her I dint think anything bad about her so far but I told her I could not even reject her and asked her can I kiss u and I kissed her fore head she immediately kissed me on my lips her juicy pink lips just gave me a big arousal, her on boob was on my left arm it was soft, 

I was enjoying the moments with her we kissed passionately and I was enjoying it the most I didn’t have any experience earlier so it was like heaven to me she also keep I was new to this. I told her I just can’t believe what just happened, she then took my promise your are close to my husband please don’t tell him and took my promise, I blindly agreed as I didn’t want to loose a opportunity. 

She told she will be late so I dropped her home. My car was black tinted so before she getting out of the car her kissed on my lips in a hurry and left, she was pink when she got down the car she was very happy. She then called me that night and we chatted more that before after 2 days we started have phone sex and she was too hot on phone, now 

I wanted to fuck her as I just could not stop masturbating at night thinking and talking to her. She also told me after 3 days she want me badly so I said fine. The next day she told her In-laws she had to go for one more interview and I picked here this time I took my maruti van she as usual sat back I had planned her to take her to my friend apartment which was empty as he was on his official trip for a month, but Sheeba started to kiss my neck from back 

I told her just wait so we can do in the house, she was not stopping she was telling I love u and was kissing me on and on, I just could not bare my tools had immediately become hard rock, I immediately drove the van to a vacant and empty location jumped back and started kissing her, she removed my T shirt and started kissing my chest and licking me all over 

I for the first time in my life caught her boobs and squeezed them I was hesitant to remove her red chudidhar top, she understood that she removed it for me, she was wearing a laced red bra which was too hot I could not resist seeing her fair white boobs in red bra, my dick was getting harder I started kissing her and licking her she was mooning and the mood was up I immediate removed her pant 

And found again a laced innerwear she was the sex goddess in that out fit, I didn’t know from where to start as I wanted to have all of her body in my mouth, I was kissing her passionately on her rosy lips and my hand slowly removing her bra and I saw her bare breast it was looking at a Hollywood actress lovely shaped boobs and light pink tits it was a little big and she told me its of her daughter she pulls while feeding, 

I just loved it I had seen this type only in English films I started to lick it and I was in heaven she was mooning I was with her boobs for almost 10 mins she was enjoying it, mean time I skid my hand into her panties and found she had shaved her pussy and was wet, I removed her panties and now she was completely nude and me on with my jeans pant, she was enjoying my licking and hand fiddling on her pussy. 

I started slowly kissing her and went towards her wet cunt kissed on her flat stomach and then on my holy hole of hers, we had started for a while and the foreplay had her already cum once, now she was trying to open my zip which failed I help her open my zip she immediately put out my rod and her eyes opened wide she said this is too big as it was 7” she was hesitant to suck it as she had not done it before , 

I didn’t want to force her as she was kissing and playing with it while I was licking her cunt filled of love juice, she now told she want fuck very badly and she could not resist I helped her sit and I found a very easy position on her and entered her cunt slowly she started mooring and was telling you fuck me hard get in more she was shouting of happiness, pain aaahhhhh, mmm, fuck , fuck ,fuck , 

I slowly increased the speed and fucked her for continuous 15 mins as it was my first fuck I was about to cum she told go ahead as she was taking pill and she wanted me to cum inside she I released a whole lot of cum and she too had her 2nd orgasm. We both lay naked for 5 mins and she again started kissing me, 

I asked her should we have the second part in the house she said no and we started for the second time this I started slow as she was kissing me all over I slowly got my erection and this time I started wild on her I pulled her and started the wild fuck she was very excited with my moves she scratched me at my back and

I was taking control of the situation, I immediately inserted my rod in her overflowing pussy and fucked her in the old position for 10 mims then I pulled her over and fucked her in the doggy position and fucked her she was crying and moaning with happiness she had by now cum for 4 times and I was about to cum she said please cum in her hands and stomach, I cumed a big load as she told. 

We both lay in the van with the A/c on for 15 mins, she told me she never had such a lovely fuck with her husband. Then we drove to the house it was 1 PM I ordered food we have food naked and went to the bed room, I lifted her in my arms and through her on the bed and fucked her different position for 45 mins. 

By 2.30 she got a call from her husband and she told him she is in the interview and she will call back. We went to the bathroom and had bath together in the tub we again fucked 2 now we lost count of how many times we cummed. She was completely tired so me. But we could not stay back as she had to return for her child and because of her In-laws. 

We left and I dropped her home. She called me the next morning and told me she had body pain but still wanted the fuck I went to her house as her In-laws had to go out for 3 hours again fucked her. This was on for a long while till she got a nursing job abroad she had to take it up as Luth had no proper income. 

Luth, sheeba and their daughter went abroad. She calls me and talks to me so does Luth. 
Thanks for reading my story I am a first timer in writing my own life experience. Please do rate me. Any ladies or girls o widows in Bangalore who needs deep passionate sex with utmost privacy, You can send your feedbacks and comments to I want u to tell u frankly that I want to indulge in clean and good sex, so pls anyone need it can mail me with their mobile numbers…..take care……

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