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Hi everybody. Life is strange naa? Yes, and the happenings too. Luck plays a very important part in everybody’s life. If adventurous, one could stay happy for a very long time. A truth Ok… now I am going to describe some beautiful episodes of my life saga. I am raj, now 22 and is working as an c.a. I am from Mumbai. 

Looks good(my female friends say so) and is a guy who enjoys the looks of beautiful women regardless of age especially between 20 and 48.Now I miss no chance to make contacts with beautiful women if happens an opportunity. This character evolved when I was 19 years old. Since my parents were employees in govt services I was with my grandparents during my schooldays because of the transfers in govt firms. 

Mom and dad visited house once in a week at those years. Sometimes they were together and sometimes they were at different cities Since a famous school was near my mom’s office which was about 60km from our house my parents decided to get my admission there for +2 thinking my mom could give more attention to my studies and also I could attend entrance coaching classes on holidays there. When I got admission to +2 there, my mom left the working womens’ hostel and took a flat for rent and we began to stay there. 

My dad was working about 75km from there and he came on weekends. Things were going nicely and my studies also. After a week, mom told me that some of her friends in hostel and office will come there on the flat for visit and we need to arrange all things nicely. My mom asked my dad also to come there but since he had some other programs he told that he will not be present at the time. On next Sunday morning, we prepared a very good Sadhya(feast). 

I forgot to say one thing my mom and me are very good cooks, thanks to my sweet grandmother. Ofcourse , cooking was my hobby when I was left alone with my grandparents on my school days. At about 1pm they came. They were three ladies. Two of them where from my mom’s office and one was her ex-room mate at hostel who was a bank officer. My mom introduced all of them. All were goodlooking but my eyes struck mainly on the hostel-aunt. 

In fact I had talked with her two-three times while calling my mom when she was at hostel and she too took more interest in me than others because of this. Her name is Soumya. Her officemates where about my mom’s age(above 40) but the hostel aunt who was the most beautiful was about 36 or 37.She was wearing a tight chudidar and others were in sari. The chudidar clearly showed her shape and I began to chat more with her so that I could see and enjoy her sight more . 

She too liked my company and soon we went for lunch. All items were delicious especially the “paayasam” and everybody appreciated my mom. But mom gave all credit to me saying that “It was a combined effort and Paayasam is Sanjay’s master piece”. Soumya aunt quickly took my arm while sitting on the chair itself and shook my hands and told with laugh that she never had enough courage in her entire life for trying payasam. 

Everybody laughed and one aunt named Rekha asked Soumya aunt not to waste time and be a student of me. Everybody laughed again but my thought was on that touch….that soft palm with her long fingers….. those nicely polished nails….. While having food Soumya aunt told that she is having two children-both school going-and their only interest is TV and cricket and it is rare to see a boy like me. The party came to an end by 3.30pm and after some chitchat they began to walk to the ground floor. 

Our flat was at second floor and my mom asked me to follow them up to the car parking. They had came on Sowmya aunt’s Santro car. While walking Soumya aunt took my hands once again and told that she will come to meet me soon for studying the preparation of “paayasam”. I was little shy because it was in the presence of the other two aunts but they were not paying any attention to this act. 

All of them got into the car and just before starting Soumya madam asked “Jithumone kuttante mobile number onnu paranje…(tell your mobile number)I have to get an appointment for paayasam preparation class naa?” Everybody laughed again and I gave my mobile number.They told bye…and then the car started. I went back to my flat and get into the bed pretending sleeping… but actually I was dreaming about Soumya aunt,the beautiful lady with soft palms 

If the palms were this much soft then what would be her…wow….? Slowly I was getting an erection for the first time by the touch of a woman.The feeling was unexplainable. After about 15 minutes my mobilephone which wason my bed rang… The number was unfamiliar…oh! I wonder it was Soumya aunt? I took it immediately….”Is it Jithumon…?” The same voice I was longing….Soumya aunt.”Yes Jithu….I replied “I am Soumya….Tell your mom that I reached hostel. 

OK? See You Later.Bye.I said”OK”.and that was it….. nothing more. She disconnected the call. 
I got desperate. I knew that my feelings were not right. A much older women…. But what to say…….I was simply got addicted to that beautiful piece of opposite sex. Slowly I got into sleep. It was 8pm when my mom called me to wake up and study. I was not in a mood for study. But did something and had lunch at 9.30pm and went to bed. 

My mind was filling with her thought. I lost my control. I decided to try my luck slowly….at least for chatting over phone.Yes…if an sms could help….then why cant I try ?I thought. From my Inbox, I selected an impressing “good night”massage and sent to her number…Then only I bothered about the time….oops it was 11.30pm.She would have been sleeping…What she would think? If she tell to my mom ,what she will think. 

I feared .A million thoughts passed through my brain at the next moment. Suddenly I heard the ringtone.It was Soumya aunt…! I took the phone quickly wiith trembling hands.”Jithumonurangiyille(are you not sleeping)…?”….Soumya aunt asked. ”No.I was studying.Aunty urangiyille(you not slept)?”I asked in a low voice so that my mom on the other room could not hear.”No.I was just coming from bathroom after bath. 

Here it is very hot that I usually go to bath just before sleeping”. Her voice was also low. I noted.”When you are going to sleep normally?”I asked. “11-11.30”she replied.”Mom is there near you?” She asked. “No. She is sleeping. She goes to sleep at 10.30 everyday”.”Ok! You are not going to sleep now?”She again asked in a low voice. Oh! 

What a sweet voice? Since the voice was low it was very much arousing… but I was confused by her question and in a fear I told”Yes aunty,I going to… So Good Night”. “Raj…….You already wished me Good Night by that sms”She told…It was a slight teasing….I understood…..”yes aunty”I replied. “Since you already wished Good Night you may Wish Sweet dreams now”She again teased me. “Yes aunty, Sweet Dreams”I wished her. “Thank You…same to you” 

She told. Hearing this I disconnected the phone quickly and switched off in order to escape from this dilemma. I went to bed and to relieve from the tension… for the first time in my life I dedicated the masturbation session to the ideal woman of my dreams… to the woman who touched me and aroused my sexual urge…yes… to my Soumya aunt. 

Next morning too I kept my mobile phone on off condition because of the tension. I was approaching my mom for breakfast with high blood pressure but she was as usual. Slowly I gained some courage and went to school. In the evening when I reached home I was little bit abnormal because of the chance of any news from Soumya aunty to her. But she was cool and within an hour me too became cool. 

After dinner and studies I began to think about Soumya aunt. But I was not having the courage for any sms or phone call. It was 11.45.I was lying on my bed and was having a hard on. Ofcourse masturbation was the only remedy. Suddenly an sms alert came on my mobile. 

Wonder! It was from Soumya aunt. A picture message saying good night and sweet dreams.See this is the first part of an exciting episode of my life .Hope all of you enjoyed. Ladies and gentlemen, I expect your comments about this part especially from the female readers because they would be having some unexpected exciting incidents in their life like this. My e-mail id is . Will submit the remaining part soon. Wait please…….

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