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Hi ISS readers this is Prakash here I want to tell you the one of my true experience. I too was thinking will the sexual encounters with aunties will work this was my question to myself but they are really attracted to young boys well coming to my story I am Parkash doing my engineering in Bangalore actually my native is Chennai. I stay In a good and rich apartment which is near to my collage alone .well it was 

Saturday week end I wanted to go to pub with my friend but I suddenly got a call from my Neha aunty she is my mom’s sister stays in tirchy with her husband family . Her husband is a software engineer in Abu Dhabi. She told on phone that she wants to attend her friend’s daughter s marriage on Monday so she is coming to Bangalore she said by evening 7pm she will reach railway station . it was already 6 so I locked my room and took my bike to railway station. 

At sharp 7. the train has come and she got down from ac coach with a small bag . She was in blue sari then she came near me and kissed my forehead with love she has a daughter of age 18 years . I asked about her family and about her daughter while walking out from railway station . She sat on my bike and finally reached my apartment she told that the room was so good I had a big bed room with double cot bed attached bathroom and a kitchen and a big hall. 

She went to bath room and got fresh and came out and she said she brought only some dresses to wear but she wants to go out for shopping so told her take her out for shopping I said ok and we went to a big shopping complex which is only for ladies she buy two rich looking saris . and went to another counter she asked for bra’s and said her size was 36 and asked for panties of extra large and bill was cleared by credit card and we came out and reached home she said she is hungry and I said I will bring some food from 

Outside she said ok and she will finish her bath so she went to bathroom and I went out for food the restaurant was near only so I brought two chicken fried rice and coke and came within 5 mins I kept those things in dining table and I came and sat on the bed I heard shower sound and thought that my aunty was still in bath after 5 mins she came out by wrapping a towel that she thought that I was still out but I was stunned by seeing that seen her breast was half visible and her thighs were milky white and I can see her big ass exposed some part and she was surprised to see me also 

And asked me that you are so quick and I bent my head and said that restaurant was near only and I went out by closing the door I sat on sofa and I was thinking about my aunts figure my cock was already tight and was pushing. After a while she came out wearing white nighty with v shaped neck I can see her boobs pushing out from her nighty. I was starring her boobs and she called me Prakash are u ok and smiled I got up and I served food we both chatted and finished our food and I came to balcony and took a cigarette 

And finished smoking and I came and locked the outside door and I went in to my room my aunt sat near the TV and I went to wash my mouth in to bathroom there I found her sari and black bra and pink panties I took them eagerly and smelt them it was a different kind of smell some part was wet and I licked the liquid type of substance I masturbated there only and poured all my fluid on that panty and came out with wearing short without undies 

I was shocked to see that my aunty was playing a dvd it was the sexual encounter by a couple by seeing me she changed channel and she thought that I dint watch but the movie was going on dvd but some program was coming in TV due to changing channel she went on to the bed and I said I will sleep in hall but she said why sleeping in hall it’s too cold u can sleep here only then I said ok and covered myself with blanket and my aunt also covered the same blanket . I took the remote and was changing the channel to music channel 

I put more sound because it was my favorite song coming that was Enrique’s song my aunt was adjusting herself in blanket but I dint concentrate and I was changing the channels by mistake I changed TV to av mode and the fucking encounter was going on with a loud sound the girl was screaming loudly the guy was banging her pussy hard I got up and removed the blanket and went to off the DVD , in hurry I removed the blanket on my aunty also when I saw my aunt she had lifted her nighty up to her waist this was happened a long time back only 

I think so she was trying to cover herself but dint happened that much quickly . she was not wearing panties also I saw her pussy in flash and it was now covered I came near my aunty and I took her head and placed a kiss but she dint agree with me and said leave me it was my mistake of doing this when you were here please leave me she shouted . I asked why we can’t do this she said I am your mother sister I am like your mother but I said its ok please allow me to do for only once I will not ask again but she dint agreed . but I begged at least 

I will see your pussy but finally she agreed for it and lifted up and widened her legs I can see her shaved pussy gosh its too hot pink lips very short hair surrounded on it . I went near and watched it was smelling sweetly I was unable to control she said it’s enough then I asked can I touch it for once please only once then she said ok only once then I planted a kiss and my tongue was opening the pussy lips and my tongue was half inside I can taste some wet salty juices I bitted slowly she screamed and said it’s enough and covered 

I came out with lots of disappointment to balcony and started smoking after a while my aunt came near me and said I am sorry for disappointing you but these thing should not be done with family members and I am like your mom and my age is 36 and you are 21 how can we do this .I asked what’s there I removed my shorts and showed my penis is this not big enough to u r hole size my cock was raised and was tight she was shocked by seeing my 6 inch tool she dint have any words to say then she said with a slow voice it’s a sin 

Prakash no aunty it’s not a sin please aunty she said slowly with a sweet voice if anyone knows this means it will become a big problem . I came to know that she Is accepting me then I said promise aunty I won’t say to any one please and came near and I hold her from back and turned towards me and kissed her lips she was responding nicely for my kiss our saliva was exchanging I kept my hand on her back and lifted her nighty my cock was touching her pussy we both walked to our room and she said one minute 

I want to piss and she went to toilet without closing and she lifted her nighty and started pissing that sound was so loud and I feeling to keep my face under her pussy while pissing she came out and lifted and removed her nighty she was nude I was standing and she widened her legs and her eyes were welcoming me I went near her thighs and started licking her pussy juices were flowing I was licking every drop she was moaning haa haa please bite them please Prakash 

I am starving sex from one year please Prakash she took my cock and said I think young guys have ripe cocks I think its felling like to eat it and she kept it in her mouth and sucked and now she took and pulled the fore skin of my penis and licking my pink portion the tip of my penis I was unable to control . It was a sweet pain her soft lips doing this it’s a heavenly feeling my cock was growing strongly never happened like this then I pushed and her widened her legs and inserted in to her pussy it was little tight and my aunt was directing in to right direction 

I pushed forcibly my aunt screamed loudly I thought my neighbors will come by hearing that sound like that she screamed half of my cock entered her pussy I stroked her faster this is my first shot I don’t know how many shots she had I cum within seconds and my juice was flowing out and my cock was getting soft and my aunt smiled she had water in her eyes and her eyes were red and I said I am sorry aunty did I hurt you ,she said hey this is the felling every women wants it’s the sweetest experience in my life and removed my cock and lied towards her she was massaging my tool. 

I was pressing her boobs and I was biting her nipple then I was sucking her boobs within seconds her nipple got hard and erect I started to chew it slowly my aunt was massaging my cock then again my cock started growing then she said can u fuck me again I said it’s my pleasure aunty then I inserted it again this time it went freely in to her pussy now I stroked slowly in a rhythm and fucked for 10 mins and I cum then I said I want lick your ass hole then she said ok and she lied showing me her back and I first inserted my finger and played and she was moaning the 

I inserted my tongue and then it was smelling like a ripe fruit so soft big ass again my tool was growing then I made her bend and tried doggy style this was the best shot my balls were hitting her ass it was making me horny and I cum again both of was tiered and hugged and went on sleep. At morning 5 she got up and was pressing and sucking my cock it made my cock erect and I was unable to open my eyes but when I woke up she was not there I went in search of her she was in toilet sitting on commode I opened the door and 

I went she said she will come within few seconds but I dint here to her , the toilet was smelling for me it was a sweet smell then I made her to stand I found big yellow cubes of my aunts shit she said no but I sat on commode I was holding my cock with one hand and kissed my aunts ass hole she said u are becoming naughty I made her to sit on my cock and inserted and stoked, then we took bath and went for another session on bed she became completely mine we enjoyed that week and now she went to her native place and she called me and said now she is pregnant . 

Then I said to remove it and this time everyone in her family went to Abu dhabi but she stayed for me now I am with her enjoying bed with her . after few months again she came with her daughter to get some application forms in Bangalore she was also amazing but we was thinking how do sex the by seeing my aunts daughter I was planning to fuck virgin pussy .I asked my aunt that I want to do sex with Geetha my aunts daughter but she smiled and said I have no objections to fuck my mother also she said I smiled and said ok 

I will try we three slept on same cot and said to Geetha to sleep beside me and beside Geetha my aunt was sleeping we covered over selves with big blanket it was at 11 pm I slowly kept my hand on Geetha’s ass and slowly massaged I can feel her panties edges it was tight and soft she turned to my side and stared and slept straight I kept my hands near pussy on the nighty and was rubbing I boldly kept my hand into her nighty and went in to panties and was fingering her pussy she was breathing heavily she turned her mom side but acted like sleeping 

I kept my lips on to her lips and bite she was unable to do anything after some time another hand came in to Geetha’s panties it was my aunts Geetha got stunned and was speechless both of us were fingering . now everybody got up and I asked my aunty that can I fuck your daughter Geetha was looking in to her moms face then she said ok and Geetha also was wondered by her mother’s answer then I kissed my aunty lips and Geetha was watching us then I came near Geetha and she took my lips and bitted and removed her nighty my aunt also removed . 

Geetha pussy was hairy but aunts was shave because she know that I will fuck any ways Geetha lied on her mother’s lap her mother said its nothing wrong we are humans we have feelings at your age I was very horny I had sex with my boy friend s she asked u don’t love sex Geetha shyly smiled and said I too want to enjoy sex and she widened her legs then I went and licked her pussy Geetha was moaning her mother was massaging her hair she saw juices coming from her daughters pussy and said me to play with her daughters boobs she had good size her mom was massaging one and 

I was biting one Geetha was shouting with heavenly pleasures then I said to suck my cock but she dint know then I told my aunt to suck she sucked like a lollypop then I was about to cum I took it out from my aunts mouth and I kept in to Geethas mouth now she started to suck and I cum my juices in to her mouth s my aunt came near Geetha and she kissed her daughters lips and they both shared my semen then I inserted my cock in to Geethas pussy and started to stroke my aunt was telling to do slowly but I banged fast Geetha was sweating 

I said to take some rest and I pulled my aunty now and we were kissing I lied on my aunty she was kissing me smooching my lips her daughter was watching us eagerly then i inserted my cock and started stroking for about 15 mins I fucked her and over juices mixed and came out over flowing from her pussy then I removed my tool and lied on the bed tiredly aunt also was resting Geetha came near me and stared playing with my cock and said she want me to fuck again by listening to that her mother was laughing then I got up 

And said to bend her and widened her legs and went back and started kissing her ass hole it was sweeter to me and I forced my cock in and she screamed with pain I asked shall I remove it but she said no I am ok please do fast I am having itching like in my ass it making feel to scratch in to my ass do fast like how u have done to my mom I did that much fast and when I removed it some yellow substance was sticking then I took it to my aunt my aunt started licking now the time was 3 am we all went in bathroom and had shower and came and fallen 

To sleep next day morning my aunt said Geetha that we have to leave today but Geetha said she want to stay with me for another week my aunt smiled and said ok enjoy and she came near me and kissed me and said I too want to go but I have some work over there I will finish and I will be soon here till that time make my daughter also pregnant she said and went now we both are trying every angle watching in bf and trying and enjoying life 

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