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Masti After Depression

Hi friends, Rohan from Delhi. My email is one needs patience to fully enjoy my story and if you can devote your precious time to my story I guarantee you full satisfaction as i believe that one can enjoy a story when they have a crystal clear image of one’s character in their minds. 

I’m tall guy with a fair complexion and a well built muscular physique. I feel as a person I’m an interesting person to talk to but i really suck at relationships every time I feel that my relationship is going somewhere life shocks me in an unexpected way. 

My previous relationship was with Pranika which lasted 9 months, I had a lot of expectations with us but the twist came when I got the news that she was going to get married. Strange feelings arose in my as these unexpected chain of events had taken me to a state of depression. They usually say that one should celebrate a breakup and cherish life as a free bird again but I was not that man my 

Love was true and I could not cherish even a single moment of life without her. One woman’s man was what I wanted to be but I guess life had a lot in store for me. My graduation was complete and I had opted for MBA in Infinity college Gurgaon. I soon received the admission letter and was making arrangements as a PG nearby. I found this house that were looking for PGs near my college so I talked to the owner of the apartment. 

So here I was sitting in this guys office a 50 year old man looked retired with a bald patch on his head. Negotiation took a while but I was all set to leave my house and make arrangements in this flat. Now I got a room on the top floor (third floor) this room had a bed and an AC and old model of TV right in the corner. This was the first time in my life that I had moved out of my house so I was having a hard time adjusting here. 

Now I was just laying on my lost in the pool of thoughts that surrounded my head (to tell you guys it was a depressing act) when all of a sudden i heard my doorbell ring I got off the bed and opened the door and saw something that changed the aura of depression in my head. The third actress in my movie of life had just arrived. I saw this girl standing on my doorsteps with a very graceful smile on her face, I observed her as I welcomed her in my room. 

This girl was tall approximately 5ft8 and slim she had the right curves in the right areas . Her stats may be 32 26 34. She sat down in the room and told me a few things about the place. She told me that her name was Shivani and she was the owner’s daughter and she used to stay in the apartment before I arrived. 

I told her with a smile on my face that she doesn’t need to worry as she can have the apartment back in 2 years after my post graduation was complete. With an funny expression on her face she said, “don’t be ridiculous , I’m not asking you to go, besides i have a better room now that you are here”. I was a little relieved with the welcoming gesture. She also told me that she had also graduated with Infinity about an year back. This statement helped me to conclude that this beautiful girl standing right in front of me was 23.

Now I talked to her about college about the arrangements that have to be made and the norms of the house that have to be followed. After she had helped me out with most of my problems and doubts she left the room with a smile on her face saying that I could contact her for any further assistance now my situation there was not as crystal clear as it is right now as i was thinking about her. 

Her graceful smile was wonderful and her long dark brown hair were mesmerizing , she looked like a fair princess to me. Everything was perfect with her , only one doubt remained in my mind that was it time for me to move on , Was the solution of my depression due to a broken relationship was ending up in another one. the clouds of doubt fogged my mind as unexpected situation had clogged the thought process of my life. 

As the day passed I realized that this was just the owners daughter and besides i was not even sure if she was dating someone else. Soon i jumped back to reality and prepared for my day at college. The first day went well at college and i made a lot of new friends in college, The events of life were also showing me a positive side of life as the negativity in my mind reduced. I knew I was half way on the road of moving on and deep inside I also felt happy for Pranika as she embarked on a new journey in her life with happiness. 

I got a glimpse of Shivani on my way up the stairs to my apartment. The second floor door was open and there she was standing in front of the mirror looking at herself combing her hair. She looked amazing in a tight T-shirt and a tight jeans looking at her body structure from behind left me a little stunned. Standing there for a while and observing the beauty left me speechless that beautiful round ass of hers bulging out in the tight jeans made me feel that this is what women have that help them to woo a man. 

As I stood there staring at her i got a glimpse of her looking at me in the mirror . I jumped back to my senses and continued to my room with an expression of embarrassment on my face. I was expecting some argument to arise with Shivani , I was also prepared to face her parents. It was a long night but to my surprise nothing happened that night next morning i woke up and got ready for my college . Left the apartment , and the day went well. 

On my way back i observed that Shivani’s door was open but i rushed upstairs to my room without even taking a peep. My act of embarrassment had made an odd relationship between us. I did not approach her neither did I show myself in front of her to bring up the Conversation. A month passed and life had started to become comfortable in the apartment. I had adjusted to the apartment and also bought the things of requirements in there(almost everything). 

One sudden day Shivani came to visit my place, as I opened the door she had the same beautiful smile on her face and in her sweet voice she said,”Hows Life going on?”. I replied casually and a sweet conversation took place for a while before she left. The feeling of acquire had disappeared as she had not even mentioned the event that happened that day. 

As time passed by we became good friends and I kind of enjoyed a healthy conversation with her. She passion for what she does and her willingness to become a better person in life was what made me like her. This girl was the perfect combination of beauty and brain. her milky white skin and her dark brown hair made me lose control over our conversation once a while. just watching her speak was sufficient for me to understand that she must be speaking something good. 

As time passed by our bond grew even stronger and i found out that she was single and hasn’t dated anyone since 5 years. I was a little surprised at the statement that how could such a beautiful girl not date anyone , It is just like wasting ones beauty for 5 years, I would have loved to accompany her for those lost 5 years. 

But as we know the past is history and future is a mystery , so what we have now is a gift that’s probably why it’s called a present. I had now attached feelings with Shivani and even though most people think that 3 months is not a long time to feel attached to someone but I believe even the very first glimpse of the person is sufficient to attach ones feelings with another. 

So the twist of my story starts here when one fine evening i returned from gym and went to take a shower. after the shower i came out of the bathroom and saw Shivani sitting on the bed with both her eyes glued on my, As the scene of shock still gives me the goose bumps. I stood there naked wet from top to bottom and this girl was staring at with her eyes wide open , I soon took control of the situation and went back in the bathroom. I had nothing in there to cover myself with. So I patiently waited there . I soon took a peak outside to realize that she had left the room. 

I didn’t think much about this incident as i knew that it was a mistake and neither one of us had anything to do with it, But to mu surprise she did not visit me the next day. I was too shy to take any initiative. The next night i heard something outside my door I rushed towards the door and found out that it was Shivani in her nighty. It was pink in color and the smell of her perfume was also high. With a smile on her face she asked me,”Aren’T you going to invite me inside”. I welcomed her inside. She sat down on my bed. At that time I was just wearing my pajamas within nothing on top . This made me feel cold as it was winter time. I still remember the date 10th January. 

As i approached her i turned on the light and observed that the time was 1:30 Am. As i went closer to her the smell of her scent grew stronger and stronger i could observe from her nighty that her nipples were hard and she was not wearing anything underneath. 

I reached the bed and sat beside her and looked directly in her eyes. She asked me if she was attractive. I did not reply to her question . She said,”Am i that ugly that you would not even look at me, at one point of time i think you are showing interest in my at another point of time you avoid me for a month, Why do you never approach me? why should i always be the one to come talk to you? 

Why do you make me feel stupid ? I leave a door open for you and you don’t even look at me.” Her questions were simple but I had no answers to them. Even though i felt attracted towards her i had been giving her all the wrong vibes. I had to clear up all the mess i had made. I looked at her and said that,”Shivani you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life , you are smart and funny and amazing person to hang out with. I avoid eye contact with only because i do not get lost in your eyes and i did all those things only because I valued you as a friend more than i was attracted towards you. 

the serious notion changed to a polite smile on her face as she caressed my chest with her soft hands. She said,” You have always valued our friendship but I have always considered what’s between us as more than friendship”. She bent towards me and planted a light kiss on my lips. It was a sweet kiss with a mild flavor of butterscotch on her lips they say the first kiss tells you everything about your relationship and i found out that it was going to happen. 

I felt aroused by her actions and caught hold of her neck and planted a deeper kiss on her lips . She responded to my kiss by giving me full access to her mouth , A French kiss arose as our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths. Her soft lips were very comforting. Our kiss lasted for 5 minutes. She got up facing me and said,”you have always stared at me but never praised me enough. 

She removed her nighty and was standing in front of me in only her panties her aureoles were pink and her nipples were hard. the shape of her breasts were firm her body was perfect beautiful as i had always imagined buy the part that I craves was still lying in the shade of her panties. She approached me and sat on my lat as I grabbed her breast and started to suck on it while massaging the other. She dropped her head loose with her eyes closed enjoying the sensation. 

Her breasts were nice and firm and i got to a full erection after sucking them. Soon i found out that she had found the bulge in my pajamas and was holding it in her hand and lightly moving the foreskin up and down as i saw a little sparkle in her dark brown eyes that she was expecting full satisfaction tonight. As i began to feel the adrenaline rush in my veins i sucked her harder which lead her to release a little moan. i lightly bit her nipple before releasing them. She said with a naughty smile on her face ,”aaram se karo(little lightly please)”. 

I no longer had any control over my body it was as if it was moving on its own, the monster of lush had taken over me as I lifted her from her waste and kissed her she had wrapped both her legs on my back and now we were sharing one of the most passionate kisses I had ever experienced in my lifetime the kiss had turned warm and mild as if we were melting away in each other, sharing our breaths. I bent down and kept her on the bed while on top of her. 

My hand now reached for her panties lightly rubbing her clit. it was hot there as i continued to move my hand up and down. She released a light moan as I broke the kiss. I moved downwards as I observed a little patch over her panties. I removed the panties and there it was a beautiful pussy which was clean shaved. i said,”looks like you had made preparations for tonight in advance.”. she turned her face sideways in a shy manner unable to make eye contact with me. 

I reached towards it and licked it. Then I inserted my tongue in her. Her smell was like a sweet flower yet very intoxicating in nature. I Was gaining satisfaction with her moans which grew louder by the minute. I massaged her little bump on top of her pussy with one hand , this was driving her crazy and she was on the urge of an orgasm she grabbed my hair with her hands and pushed my head inside of her as she had reached her very first orgasm. 

As i got us to see the satisfied look on her face . I wiped my face with a little towel as she had gotten it wet with her juices. She looked at me and said,”No one has ever done that for me.”as i replied,”I guess that makes me special for you”. I bent forward as i planted another passionate French kiss to her. As i removed my pajamas my tool came into action. It was rock hard and fully erect. My 8 inch tool was too big for her as during the oral session I had found out that she was extremely tight. She grabbed it and said,”Im waiting”. 

I told her that I did not have any protection and that we could delay the event for one more day. She said,”I want the first time with you to be really pleasurable and besides I wouldn’t have allowed you to use protection even I you had it. What do you think I-Pill is for?”. Her words were enough to give me the consent I required. I went to the bathroom and came with a moisturizer in my hand. I took out a handful and applied it on my penis. Now I placed it on her entrance and looked directly in her eyes and said those three magical words before I entered her,”I Love you”. 

I pushed a little and the head was inserted in her a little expression of pain could be seen on her face. I did not want to hurt her but how could I have connected with her if I didn’t. Now i applied force and I was completely inside her. I felt her warmth and tightness as I stayed there for a while. But realizing her pain I started to move in slow motion with each stroke the sliding got easier and mild moans started to escape her mouth. She started to get wet again which had made the penetration easier and less painful. 

She started to match my rhythms as we increased the speed. Our bodies had gotten red hot and I no longer felt cold. She said in a mocking way,” I thought you could do it faster”. Her words erased the sympathy I had for her as I slammed my cock deep within her. my balls were hitting her ass as I had increased my pace. I started to enjoy more as her moans now became louder . She was also bucking her hips in the appropriate manner. 

Now I knew that she liked it rough so I started fucking her like a crazy animal. She started screaming,”I’m going to cum”. Now I was nowhere near an orgasm but I quickened the pace even more for her to enjoy her orgasm. Her pussy got tighter and I could feel her having an orgasm. I stopped there and removed my cock to observe that it was all wet from her juices. i told her to sit like dog which she obeyed . 

I reached her from behind and grabbed hold of her ass from both sides. This part of her body always allured me towards her looking at those big round white buttocks made me feel even horny. I opened her legs and placed my cock on her pussy. With one light stroke i was inside her and now fucking her in doggy style. I bent forward and grabbed hold of her from her waste lifting her towards me. 

My face was now on her hair which really smelled good. I waved them to one side of her neck as I lightly kissed the other. Her perfume was smelling really good and her neck was really inviting as I kept kissing her there during our intercourse. She turned her head towards me and we started to enjoy another passionate French kiss. Soon she broke the kiss and said,”Please fuck me harder”. 

I released her waster and now grabbed hold of her ass as I started to fuck her more vigorously. More moans escaped her mouth as she let go of her hand support and was now only bent forward with her face resting on the bed. I slapped her but lightly to which I received a positive feedback. Now I started to slap her occasionally. Her juices were now overflowing from her pussy and sliding down my balls on the bed sheet. 

Drop by drop the bed sheet had now become drenched. I was going to reach a climax soon so i quickened my pace. The speed had also taken her to new heights as she said,”I’m going to cum again but I want you to cum with me this time”. Her welcoming words had given me enough pleasure now and i knew that i was going to cum soon. Her vagina had become tighter now and i knew she’s going to cum now. She started to cum and her warmth and tightness had taken me to a point of no return . I started to cum deep inside her . 

With each thrust releasing all my jizz inside her. A few thrusts later I felt very weak and dehydrated as i removed my cock from her my her vagina started to drip my cum. She quickly grabbed the towel and cleaned herself. Both of us lay there on the bed gasping for air, It took us a while before our breaths were normal again. 

She then got up and started to wear her underwear when i grabbed it in between and said,”Where do you think you are going”. She replied by telling me that she has to go now. i said,”Please stay I cannot survive this cold night without you”. She smile and then removed her underwear again and lay beside me. I grabbed the Kambal(thick bed sheet) and put it on top of us. Then i switched of the lights as i grabbed her tightly from behind ,both of us stuck to each other on one side of the bed as the other side was completely wet. I soon fell asleep with her in my arms. 

Next morning was an amazing morning as i woke up with her in my arms. The room was cold but both of us were warm holding each other. I noticed that she was still asleep . She looked very beautiful while asleep , I caressed her hair for a while which woke her up. she turned over and faced me with a little smile on her face. She looked even more beautiful in the morning. The first words to escape my mouth were I Love You, to which she replied I Love You Too. 

She got up from the bed as i still lay there watching her walk naked in front of me bending and grabbing her clothes. She saw me looking and said, “quit looking at me that way you pervert”. I politely smiled and said,” Both of us know who the pervert was last night”. Both of us laughed for a while. soon she got dressed. I wore my pajamas and reached her as she was about to leave and said,”Wheres my good morning Kiss”. She Gave me a kiss and left. Alone in my room i said to myself,”looks like you have finally moved on”. 

My story with Shivani is far from over as I’m now dating her and we have sex at a regular basis in our apartment. I cherish our relationship and surely hope that both of us work out to be a pretty good couple. As I have said before also i look for a future with Shivani, But if it doesn’t work out I will be starting my new tale of seduction with a new girl(Nice…)Lols!)… My email address Do give me feedback if u like my story

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