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Hi friends since long I am regular reader of ISS. Every time I read I think that all are imagination of the writer, but few days back I myself had such incident, which make me to b here. First of all let me introduce myself I am 35 year old married lady I live in Delhi with my Hubby, 2 kids both 10 and 7 years old n my father in law and mother in law. About me I got married in my early years when in was just 20 years old, 

I am fair in color and very beautiful and I do regular gym to keep me in size. My husband is running a Medical shop and shop keep him very busy from morning 8 to 11 in night, in between he come to home for lunch only. He loves me very much and I also love her very much, but then also I don’t know how this incident could take place. Now I dot want to put you on hold hand come to the point. 

My husband’s business is running very good and my friend circle is from upper middle class business families. My most of the friend use their car for going here n there. We also have maruti wazon ,but I afraid to drive it alone as I had accident few years back. So I ask my hubby to give me 1 hour in morning so that I will get back my confidence in driving, but in shadow of business he said no to me, and tell me that he will talk to someone who can b with you to got your confidence back, 

I simply said ok.then after few days he gave me a cell no and ask me to call on that no and fix time for driving. As my husband gave me that mobile no so I thought that driver will b good and I don’t care. Then I call him (Madhu) and said him that I know driving but due to one accident I loose my confidence, and I get afraid to see some heavy truck or bus coming in my way, he replied don’t worry mem I will help you and in 15 days you will b very good in driving ad from Monday 9 am I will b at your home as I take your address from your husband. 

Then I put down the phone and I got very happy that so I will also take my car to my home friends I spend 6 days with him and all those 6 days change my life in horrible way I will tell you day by day incident. Day day1- I was very excited about my driving, as it was 2-3 years I don’t drive. Right 9 am he arrived on a bike and introduce himself. By that time my hubby already left to the shop. He takes out car from home and I get out and sit next to him .now he was driving the car. 

After few minutes of driving we came on main road and he looked at me for first time and I also looked to him. About him madhu was around 40 years black color man with good physic. Then he starts talking to me, Mem as your husband said to me you know driving but you have lil bit hesitation, tells me what’s your problem? I replied him bhai sahib I know everything of driving but since long time I never drive and I get scared if some heavy vehicle come from the front side. He smiled and said don’t worry 

I got your problem and believe me you will be very good in driving after 15 days. Then he start talking to me which lace I often use to go by scooty, so he will first take me to all that places said ok and I said him go to my gym its near abut 5 kms from here. He said ooh so you use to go to gym?? I said yes from last 10 years I am regular to my gym. By now I said him that it’s my wish that my hubby will see me while I will be in perfect driving. He said mem believe me your hubby will proud of you .I was very happy that I good so good teacher who will help me in driving, but I was not aware that what’s wrong gonad happen in next 3-4 days. Then he asked me mem could you pls shift little bit closer to me with cross your one leg to driving side so that you will hold the steering and rest of the control like break and gear I will handle, you just hold the steering so that you will have some idea about the how to make balance. 

I got little bit hesitate as if I do so my entire leg will be in touch with his leg and when I will hold the starring I have to inclined my upper portion towards his side, as maruti wagon done have much space between both of the seats. I said no bhai sahib I know how to control the handle and if you want to see I can show you if you want. The road was empty just 1-2 bikes and care was crossing us in 5-10 mins.he said ok then he stops the care and open the door and we both change our seats. Now I was driving the car and he was sitting next to me. 

My full concentration was in driving I was fully covered the steering with tight grip and my eyes where on road, now as there was lil bit ramp on road so I could not manage accelerator properly I car stop and coming back, he quickly asked me to use the break paddle and while saying so he put his hand on my thigh will lil bit pressure. I also got lil bit afraid as some care was behind us. The car behind us was start blowing horn and he said mem quickly start and take the car to the left side as the car behind us was of some VI with red light on it. By the time his hand was resting on my thigh. 

I start the car and somehow manage to take it little bits aside so that car behind can pass away. After this incident driver said me Mem” this is one of the most biggest problem especially with girls that if you have to drive car on some ramp or hilly area they can’t drive properly and incident like it happens, we were lucky that that VIP care driver was not in speed and he applied his break in right time otherwise it could be a mishap. I was fully agree with driver and said him this other problem with me .he said don’t worry he will take care of this also. 

This was our first day I drive abut 8-9 kms.after getting back I told my mother in law how I drive and my teacher is also good. Teacher said to her that she is ok in driving but don’t worry she will be fine soon. I offered him some tea biscuits but he simply said no as he is getting late for his work. Day 2- again on right 9 am he came to my home and we both get out soon, this time also he was driving. After some time he stop the car and asked me to drive. 

Now I was driving the care and he rest his ankle on side of my seat so that he was little bit incline to me then with no hesitation he put his same hand on my thigh .I got very uneasy and was about to ask him to remove his hand, meanwhile he said to me mem now I will give you signal that how to increase pressure on accelerator paddle when needed, when my fingers put pressure then it means you also have to increase pressure on accelerator. 

I thought maybe all teacher teach like this so I should not care about it, after all he is my teacher. I said ok but in slow voice as till now I was not feeling comfortable. But this was my biggest mistake, later after 6 days I realize that if I would said no to him on 2’nd day then this all could not happened with me, but it was too happened. Then he start talking me about my family, my hubby about his business etc? 

I just answered what he asked to me I don’t take imitative from my own side, I told him my hubby remain very busy in his business so he don’t have much spare time so that he can teach me driving (his was my second mistake). He said I know he is very busy with ill bit naughty smile which I didn’t notice that time. All the way I noticed that he is very talkative. And not need to say that all the way he was playing with my thigh some time he hold my thigh tightly and some time softly. 

I was not giving any attention on this so no question about any kind of naughty feelings in me, but other side he was getting bold n bolder. Then we get back to home and still I was thinking great I am driving by myself and crossing heavy vehicles also. Day 3-by the time I got lil bit comfortable in driving, and I was getting back my lose confidence. On 3’rd day he told me mem now we will go to TT nagar (abut tt nagar its all officers colony and all is and as officers live there,) as there are so many sharp turns and I think you need hard work on turning. 

I said ok master ji as you wish now he drove the car to tt nagar as it was officers colony in morning hour’s not single vehicle was looking on road. By the 3’rd day he noticed this thing that my hubby is very busy and he leave the house before the driver comes. And in between he never give me call .I asked him to call me once or twice that will boost my confidence as I am with some strange person. But he laughs and said all peoples learn driving you is not alone. 

On a blind turn all of sudden one car came in our way in high speed then he quickly he hold the handle and shout on me mem what are you doing pls turn properly and by doing this his ankle touches my big breast for very first time, and after turning he didn’t remove his hand from steering and started to give me class by all the time his ankle was touching my breast and I noticed that he is rubbing my breast with his ankle very slowly got very strange feeling inside me because 

I proud myself that I never took my eyes on any other man ,but this was true that he was rubbing my breast, I ignore it as it was my mistake and if in right time he don’t turn the care it could be an accident. On that day he start holding handle often and doing so he touch my breast and his head come so close to me that I can feel his breath on my ear, don’t know if he was breathing heavily in my ears by knowingly. 

Now he got the signal from my side as I was not saying anything to him some time he put his hand on my thigh and move it slowly from my upper thigh to lowered show that he is doing it for giving me signal for when to put pressure on clutch me and some time he hold the handle. I was not wanted to create any drama so I keep quite. But I thought I must discuss this with my hubby .on that night when my hubby came to me and we both were on bed he himself asked me how my driving is going on? 

I said him its fine and I also tell him how master teaching me I explain him every single incident. After listening all this my hubby start laughing and said to me if some one like you sitting then how can control his feeling? I said pls don’t be funny I am serious, my hubby replied if you feel then leave it and its all my mistake”main bhi kanha ghadhe ko ghoda banana chala tha” you can’t do anything in your life. Both of his sentences pinch me as at any cost I want to learn the driving and secondly I think now I will show my hubby that how good driver I gone be. Day 4-it was very good morning that day at sharp 9 he came and we both where on road. Today he was looking more confident and he also put some spray on his body. Again he started his talk as usual. I was ignoring him and just replied him in yes or no. 

After some time he landed his hand on my leg and now to my surprise after few minutes he started massaging my leg slowely-2 and also I feel his fingertips on my thigh.i was sweating badly now he looked at me and said what mem you are sweating? and why all the time you remain in tensions? first of all you have to be relaxed if you want to learn driving. I am seeing you from first day you remain very tense, what wrong with you? is there any family problem? 

His last question hit me badly. it means he calculated that I told my husband everything about him and my husband ignore it.i replied no no nothing like that, and try to smile. he then took my little towel from car dash board and without hesitation he rub it on my face to clean the sweat. this is first time I feel her fingers touching my lips. he then said mem I think now you are getting good day by day in driving so now yesterday we will go to some Ghat(hilly) 

Portion, as there you can practice fur deep and sharp turns and your ramp problem will also overcome. as its Sunday tomorrow so it will be my off so that I will give you more time. I said where is ghat portion he said its just out side the city.i afraid and quickly ask him that my hubby also want to see my driving so tomorrow he will also join us he just said ok as I feel he didn’t like my answer. Now all of sudden don’t know what happen the rubber cover of my clutch paddle get out as 

I release clutch from my sandal ankle now it was all metal paddle and my with my sandal I was feeling very uncomfortable to use it .he feel it and asked me what’s wrong? I said it seems the rubber of paddle has come out he move lil bit to my side as his shoulder touching my shoulder and said yeah, stop the car I will fix it.i said ok and stop the car and try to get out from the car .he stop me by putting his hand on mine 

And ask me to sit there only then he laid down in my lap and try to fix the problem while doing so his one shoulder was on my lap and touching me everywhere and one shoulder was touching my boobs he was taking much time. Then he started rubbing my boobs with his shoulder and pretending that he is moving for fixing the problem. It will further continue till 1 or 2 mins.then he get up and said with smile that rubber is very tight. 

I got the meaning what he wanted to say. Now he put his mobile between his legs and starts playing with it and was continuously looking to me as he is scanning my body from top to bottom. I was very majboor as I don’t want to gave up the chance of learning driving and secondly my hubby was not listening me and driver getting bold n bolder as he also understanding my situation then he said mem you are very beautiful and I just no reply him. Now he asked me to put 5’th gear and drive in speed and I did what he say. 

It was little bit rain outside so he close the glass and ask me to do so .now we both were in dark room (black glass) I was in 70-80 speed, he put his hand on my thigh this time with more confident as I feel his palm is covering my all thigh .he told me just to sense the moment of my hand and when I touches to your knee it means you have to be slow and if I put it on middle of your leg it means you have to be fast. 

Now his fingers were moving on my thigh and in between he was between my thigh with his fingers. Now decide to ignore him and let him do what he doing and I will concentrate my eyes and mind on road. but one thing I must say his fingers where full of magic touch, he was good in touch. Now without any hesitation he put his hand on my leg joint and keep it there for some time as he was tasted me. 

All of sudden he ask me to stop and control the care as in some case you have to do it.i asked how? He said just apply breaks and I did so car suddenly stop and start giving jerk .he press my leg very tightly for first time and ask me mem just hold the clutch properly and my friends this was first time his middle finger were into my both of legs and abut to touch my private area, this time I feel little sensation in between my legs for first time. now I was driving smoothly but his finger was rested on that area also and as 

I was driving the car so there was great distance between both of my legs and he was taking advantage of that. I feel he was rubbing my cunt with his finger slowely-2.and he want to reach to the target. I wear loose it was easy for him to locate my cunt .now I feel clearly his fingers touching my outer lips. I was getting excited now’s my pussy started getting wet and he soon realize it. Now he shifts little closer to me so that he can have good angle to touch me there. 

Then he put his one more finger to my cunt side and now he was confident that I am not going to resist anymore and he was taking full advantage of that. Now he was so close to me as from one hand he was rubbing my breast by his elbow pretending he is holding the steering and by other hand he was rubbing my cunt over my salwar.i was so wet now and ask him to get back to home. 

He said ok but tomorrow we will go to ghat and do practice for more time. I said ok he remove his both hand and put his fingers to his nose and feel the aroma of my juice I noticed it, and he wanted it to be notice. Finally we reach to the home and he went .I was very upset with all that was happening to me. Many questions were swimming in my mind, is it happens with every girl who learn driving? 

Is it not serious as its necessary to touch here n there ?or it might be not bad as I was taking it. what should I do next day should I go or not? I decided that I would talk to my hubby one more about it. Later in night he came and I told him about everything that happened with me. He was very tired and wants to sleep soon, he just takes it lightly and said his intention is not dirty you taking in wrong. Its natural to touch as he is teaching you and he has responsibility to make safe you as well as your car. Then he did not talk much and he went to sleep. 

I was still awake and thinking about tomorrow, then I decided might be I am taking master ji as wrong and my husband is right. I should not mind much and after all he has to keep the car safe also from accident. Then I got little bit satisfy and they to sleep.Day-5 it was very good weather that day, as it was first rain of Manson last night and still it was raining little bit from the morning. he came at 9 and took out the car. 

Soon we both were in the car. after some time he broken the silence and said me mem now we awe going to ghat section, and let me warn you it will be very though driving there and you should be very careful and pay full attention to every turn and the traffic. I uttered o.k. was in white trouser and black short kurta that day. he said mem you are looking very beautiful today. in reply I just smile with off hearted. 

After few time he put his hand on my thigh ,but this time some new place my upper thigh and his finger was touching my lower lips. as he already touched it there yesterday so he knows I won’t say anything. and moreover seeing me again in car he was very confident that I didn’t mind anything as I can say no to him for driving. but as I am with him he was very happy. and looking my whole body from top to bottom. 

Now after some time we reaches to ghat,it was 5 km in length and danger board was there to drive safely. I got lil bit nerves as I saw heavy trucks coming and going. he notice what I was thinking he ask me to take car in side and stop for while. Then he press my thigh with great pressure and some panic sound ahhh comes from me he look into my eyes and said don’t worry mem I am with you and you should just follow my instructions only just keep your brain aside. listen me what 

I am saying and do what I am saying. This was first time I was directly looking to his was like he trying to hypnotize me. And honestly speaking I said to myself that I will follow his instructions. now I put the car on to the road. he came very close to mine seat as his half seat was vacant. in any other situation I won’t like this but honestly I was very afraid in ghat portion and I myself wanted him to do that as in some emergency if needed he can handle the car. 

I was amazed to see his cleverness everything was going in his favor it was very steep road ahead he asked me to take the first gear and put pressure on accelerator and be careful that car should not stop as behind us was long Q and in that case the truck which was behind us can hit our car. now his shoulder was touching to mine shoulder his one hand was resting to my lower thigh and touching my lower lips. 

And his other hand was rested on my other shoulder, as he trying to courage me .I was lost into his words that just look straight and so what he saying, so I was not bothering anything this time. I just wanted to cross the ghat as soon as possible. I was driving slowly but safely and he was making me confident by saying good mem ,wow you are doing very good, as he wanted me to make myself little bit comfortable. Then he starts slowly rub my pussy with his fingers. 

Today I feel he rubbing it little bit harder and his other hand slipped to my armpit as I hold the handle so there was huge gap to rest his hand on the base, Of my right side breast. Now for few second he kept his hand like this only then slowly he start dancing his fingers to my breast. I was getting little bit turn on .as it was still raining and cool air was coming and some time makes me shivering. 

I was honest in myself that I already told everything to my hubby and its all natural as what he said. Later I watch there was hardly any truck or car passing us. The entire road till my eyes goes was empty. So I got little bit in relax mood. Till now he have cross the half of our way. He choose very right road as later I come to know that some other new road is also their and all traffic using that road only. 

The heavy traffic I saw behind us was merge into new road, and we were still on old road. But still I can’t relax as we were almost 1 km up on the hill and I can see how deep valley was beside the road. Then he show some little boldness and put his hand on trouser zip and said you are doing good mem by saying this he hold my whole private part in his palm and started slowly pressing it. And his other hand was squeezing my right side boobs now it was getting very difficult for me to control myself. 

I decided let him do what he is doing. Showing all this his confident goes to 7’th sky. He was now very relaxed. Then he kept his hand on my zip and with one swift move he open it and with using two fingers he separated my both zip end now my pink panty was clearly visible. Then he inserted his one finger by the side crotch of my panty, and I feel his fingers where touching to my outer lips skin for the first time. I was all wet and feel shy what he will think about getting me wet. 

He rested his head to my left shoulder and try to insert his finger but as was driving in very attention portion so he find it very difficult to insert his finger. He asked me mem you are driving good and I am happy to see that how fast you are learning, no my other student is as good as you. then he said now be relaxed and rest your back on the back of seat. I said ok and I did that. Now I my back was touching the seat as I sit comfortably and doing so 

I took my waist portion to the edge of the seat and that’s what he wanted to be now my pussy was all open then again he insert hid finger and this time he won’t find any difficulty for doing so and now his middle finger was into my pussy and he was taking it in and out slowely-2it was looking difficult for me to control myself now, meanwhile he was pressing my boobs very hardly 

Now rain become very fast and he ask me to take on the window glass of mine side and he was doing same from his side while doing so he take out his fingers from my pussy I saw it was all wet and with full of my precum before closing the glass he took his finger to his mouth to taste it, it makes me more hot but I still ignore. Now no once from outside can see us. As by the time rain was at its peak nothing was visible as due to hilly area it all cloudy. 

And I though wow what weather, God I would have with my hubby right now. After few distance there was a narrow road was going to left side and it looks it’s not using by any one as it was not maintained .he asked me to take car on that road as weather is not good and we may hit by some one’s also appreciate his idea and put car on left side road after going to 100 meters road was closed so 

I stop the car over there only. Rain was having something in its mind and getting heavier n heavier now nothing was visible. I took my mobile so that I can inform my hubby that we stuck in rain, I called him and said about it he said don’t be in hurry wait for the rain to stop and then drive. I said ok.master ji also listened our talk as he was sitting very close to me. He got very happy after listening our conversation as 

I simply talked to my hubby with telling him nothing of him and he took it as my permission. He asked me it will take long time to stop meanwhile you will be third you take your seat in fully resting position so that for some time you can give rest to your body .I said no its ok but he insists and he himself pull the leaver so that I fully lay down on seat. For passing time he put on the deck on and I closed my eyes to pass the time, as I don’t want to talk him. 

Suddenly I feel his hand on my panty again, now it was his daring that car is stop and he was doing all this to me. But I remain my eyes closed as I was sleeping. Then he start fingering inn my psyche insert his finger and bend it half into my pussy and try to find something, and soon he got what he was looking for .actually he was looking for my G-spot. now he start rubbing my G-sport(Gp)with his nails. 

I was feeling very hot now and I start moaning for first time…..he was stopples and he was doing it very fast now. I was moaning hard now and after listening my moan sound he become more courageous. after some time I feel that I am about to cum and my gosh finally I cum and what cum was that with so force I never had same before. he also came to know that I had cum his all fingers were wet with my cum .then without any permission he open the button of my paint and try to take it down I also help him by lifting my hips. 

Then he lowered down my panty and sit between my legs and start licking my juicy vagina once again. I asked him that pls leave me don’t do it with me as I never have done this with any other then my hubby.he said my Darling from last 5 days I am watching your hubby he don’t care for the beautiful wife like you. I have never seen beautiful women like you before in my life. He simply ignores you and use you while for having sex urge only. 

Tell me honestly if I am wrong? She didn’t reply as she was also knew that her hubby don’t care for her. If he cares for her then he himself can teach the car driving to her. The he spread my both the leg apart and start taking out my juice from the pussy he was licking so hard and moan sound from me was so loud. 

His tongue was striking to my inner walls and all this making me speechless I was like in heaven. I hold him from his head with my both hands and ask him basted lick it hard and drink every single drop of my fresh juice was also eager to hold his cock. Hi friends this is my first story to all of you. i hope you all would love it and I will wait for your feedback to me. You can write me to next part I will tell you a new story.till then bye and tc vj

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