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My sister's friend is a doctor, she is Bengali, she used to wear very sexy sarees, she is white and very saucy. She is 34, unmarried, and bi.

She wanted to introduce me and my sister into incest for a long time. The opportunity came when I went to my sister's house in Hyderabad. My sister is 30, unmarried, and she is also very sexy. Always wears sarees and very good looking.

It was around 6 PM, on Saturday, and I was watching TV. My sister went outside to bring Vegetables for cooking. Aparna came in a light blue saree she was absolutely gorgeous, her figure hugging way of wearing saree instantly made my cock erect.

I said, "Hello how are you Ms Aparna, my sister is out, and she is going to come in another 10 min. Please come in". She was also very attracted to me, I am 28, and very muscular, and athletic, and tight around waist and absolutely no belly, I was wearing Dark Blue pant and very crisp light blue coloured Shirt.

She asked me if I am feeling OK. I instantly joked, "you are a doctor, want to check me?" I forwarded my hand, and she was feeling my nerves and said, She is going to give me an injection, I was a bit scared.

She removed her hand bag and she took out a glass syrange, it was a 10 cc syrange, I was scared to death, she put a 2 inch needle to it. she took a vial and loaded 5 cc of red coloured fluid into it.

My sister came, and I told my sister that Aparna is going to give me Injection, I am scared and I hugged her. My sister was convincing me that the injection would be painless and also put her hand on my head and the other hand on my back and she was slipping her hand on my back towards my buttocks and she was palming my buttock. I was hugging her even more tightly and I was also palming her buttocks.

Aparna said, "stop being a baby, Suma, do you want to learn to give injection?? " My sister said "yes"

Aparna handed over the injection to my sister and ordered me to come close to her, she was sitting in a sofa. I was still hugging my sister, I slowly loosened my hug and scarily went near to Aparna, I was standing in front of Aparna, and aparna, started pulling my crisp shirt out of my pant, and she was getting aroused at the 6 pack Abs of mine, and she pulled the shirt all the way up to expose my chest and nipples, she was palming my chest, she was still sitting, she asked me to hold the shirt in that position and she removed my belt and she unzipped my pant and pulled the pant to my knees. She was dominating.

she saw the bulge in the undy, and she knew that the fear is only a pretence and in fact I have been liking the domination of Aparna in front of my sister. she asked me to turn to my side.

all the while my sister was standing holding the injection in her hand.

Aparna pulled my undy down on both the buttocks, and my both the buttocks are exposed and still the elastic is covering my dick. Aparna started palming the buttocks, and I got a small spasm and I oozed out pre-cum. Aparna had a mysterious smile of victory and she pulled my undy over my dik and said, you are a baby, come closer and she pulled me towards her. started pushing me down and I was in her lap, in right angles, my dik was poking her thighs, and she pulled my legs onto the sofa and started palming my buttocks,

she started parting my cheeks and she saw my ass and she tried to poke her index finger, but her nails was sharp and as soon as she touched my hole, I jerked, she then put her index finger into her mouth and lubricated her finger and put a little bit of her seliva on her finger and started slowly applying her seliva over my ass hole, and she started palming my buttocks, and she was palming my balls and she was slowly inserting her finger into my hole, it wsa very tight, and she was slowly applying pressure, gradually increasing it, only her nails went inside, she pulled out and she started smelling it, and she made me also smell her finger and my sister started putting Aparna's finger into her mouth and she put her seliva on her finger, now I was shouting" give me some pain, give me injection, "

my sister mercilessly in a jerk moment inserted the needle and she started injecting the fluid and the fluid was going inside slowly, it was painful injection, aparna, stopped my sister and she took out the injection half way,

Again aparna also mercilessly like an animal injection, she pushed the needle into the the left buttock. and she was also injecting me with all the force, she was enjoying my pain.

My sister could not bear the ecstacy any more and she started parting my cheeks and started poking my asshole with her tongue, the injection is still going on. Aparna took out the injection and she also started on my ass hole, my sister lifted me from side and she was kneeling on the floor and started suckking my dik like a small cow is drinking her mother's milk. Aparna was pressing the spots of my injections with her nails and she was licking my ass hole.

I was too excited and started the ejaculation, and my sister was drinking all the cum from me.

Then they left me, and my sister asked aparna for her milk, my sister lifted Aparna's jacket from below and started directly on her nipple, and started drinking like a small child drinking Mother's milk, I got erection once again, and I pulled out my sister and I wanted to drink milk, we both were fighting and she started on Aparna's other tit. we both were making aparna come she came atleast twice.

Aparna stopped both of us, and we were all sitting quiet for atleast 2 minutes.

Aparna got into the composure and told me that now it is the turn of my sister, so we both should fuk my sister like animals also I should give a lot of pain to my sister

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