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I Satisfied A Married Lady

Hi I am Sahil living in Delhi ( . I m 28 year old un married man and working in a private firm. I m telling u my real incident which happened with a married lady who is 7 years older than me but she sexy and mind blowing figure like models. Her name is Kavita Singh living Delhi with their son and her husband work in abroad. 

This incident happened two month back. I m driving my car on express way going to greater Noida for meet my brother. Then I saw a beautiful lady standing outside her car open her car bonnet. My eyes stuck on her wow what a gorgeous lady wearing light pink cotton sari. She wet due to sweating because the time was 11:30 am. I stopped my car near to her and asked may I help you she said if u car mechanic than u can help me. I said I am not a mechanic but I will help u to arrange car mechanic. 

She said Ok. I come out from my car and asked were u going madam. She told why u want to know. I said may I drop u if u r going to greater Noida. She said I m going to my home at greater Noida sector. I said ok than I called car help line service they told me that they will rich in half hour. I asked her you want to wait or we shall proceed she told I will wait. 

Now we r free and I see her from her top to bottom wow she is gorgeous looking hot in pink sari. I said to her ‘I m Sahil Singh living in Delhi and I m going to meet my brother. He live in Greater Noida’ She said ok. And I asked to her what your name is? and what do u do. She said my name is Kavita and I am teacher in a PVT school. 

Ok. And what your hubby do 
She said, he working and living in abroad. 
I asked, why u go with your hubby 
She said, I love to live here and my hubby come for twice in a year 
I said, ok, 
And our conversation is going 

And the car helpline mechanic reached 
He checked the car and told that. This car can’t repair here it will to take to garage. 
She said ok take it 
I asked to her ok come with me we will go with this car. She agreed and she sits in my car and I started following the mechanic cars. 
We reached in the garage and mechanic check the car and he told that the car will not repair today it will till next day. 

She is nervous now. I said don’t worry I will drop u at your home. 
She said, ok but the how will I take my car tomorrow. 
I said, I will help you to take your car back from garage 
Now she was looking some relax. 

Now we r going to her home and I m driving and we are continuously taking. Now she is openly taking to me. And I asked to her in between driving do have any boy friend (this question I asked because her hubby is out of nation she must want some sex pleasure). She smiled but didn’t answered my ques. And repeat this question to me that do have any girl friend. I said no. because I m working and takeout few time for my friend and girlfriend needs lots of time. She smiled and said ok. 

We reached their home and she asked for a cup of tea. 
Sorry I m already late because the time is 4:00 pm now. And I said I will take a tea with u tomorrow. She gets angry and said do u have no manners to talk with a woman. 
I said, I m really sorry what I done madam. 
She said, don’t call me madam, and call me Kavita or Kavi. 
I said ok Kavita ji what I have done. 

She said, come with my home and see. 
It was beautiful house. And I entered her house and she asked me to sit on sofa and she go inside the room. When I m waiting for her, my cell phone ring it was my brother phone he was asking were are u, you are coming my home at 12:00 pm now the time is above 4 pm were r u I told my friend car is not working and I m in greater Noida I will reach at your home with in half hour. He said ok and disconnects the phone. 

And listen almost of my conversation said which friends car is not working and smiled and I said your she smile and said give me your cell no. I Give to her. And we take cold drink brought by her. And I leave her house. And I reached my brother house tell all incident which is happened with me. He listens and told stay here for night and you have to go next day to her house to pick up. And I stayed there. 

At the morning about 9:00 am my cell ring it was new no. I pickup and said hello it was she. She asked were r u I said I m at my brother home. She said come immediately to my house. I reached there in 1 hour she said angrily why u take so much time I said come immediately. I said I m sorry. She said its ok. And said the mechanic phone come he was saying that the car will ready till 3:00 pm. I said ok. I reached her home in 1 hour. 

We sit on sofa and started gossiping. I noticed she wear syntactic night wear and nothing wear in it I m easily see her melons which is beautifully shaped and nipples. To see this beautiful and beyond the earth sine mine penis wake up and get some reaction in it. She noticed my uncomfortable and said be easy and nobody at home except us. She giving me green signal that she is ready to do sex with me. 

Im relaxed and said I will come within hour to take some snacks. She said why I have all things which u have need and went inside and take some toasted bread and tea we take and this time we are in same sofa I m thinking how I start. I took some long breath. Finished our breakfast 
And she took all glass and plate and went inside the kitchen and I followed her when she put the tray I grabbed from behind. 

She shocked and said what r u doing. I said I m loving you. She said really. I said yes. From behind I kissed on her neck. She moaned like mmmuuumm….. 
I turned her and kissed on her lips she closed her eyes. Our lips are locked we r testing other tong. We do this for five min. I am moving my hand on her waist it just moving like on silk. I pressed her boobs from the cloths she started kissing desperately. 

She stopped kissing and started moaning like uuumm m mmmma ahahhahah 
I am pressing her boobs and her tits. She is on the seventh haven. And I removed her nighty wow what shaped lady she was. I am seeing her. She said u only see or do something. She took me her bed room. And pointed to me lay on bed. I done as she told. She opened my pants and underwear and took my tool and started sucking my cock and now 

Im on the seventh haven. After few minute I said her my cum is going to come out she left my cock and take my all come on her hand and rubbed on her sweat and soft melons. And I said now my turn she wait and went to her almirah and took condom packet. And I am watching her she nude and her walking just like cat walk and to see that my cock again like monster and ready to fuck her. Now she is on bed and I my face on her pussy and started licking her pussy. My tong touching her pussy lips and she started moaning like umumum…. Mammmmm……uihihhihhhihhhhh…. 

Now my tong started fucking her pussy. And my tong started in and out in her pussy and she got very much excited she pressing her boobs herself and moaning ahahahhahha…uiuiuiiiiiiiiiii…..mammmmhhhhhh…..This we done for the 10 min. after that saying fuck me dear fuck me. And I am not able to wait. Now I take the place to fuck her, I am in between her legs and I wrapped the condom on my cock and 

I placed my cock on her pussy and slightly pressed my cock started inserting in her pussy almost of my cock inserted in her pussy and I started moving with a slow motion she is started moaning umumumummm ……. Mammmammm…… uihihhihhhihh….. 

I am increase my motion she increase moaning umumumummm ……. Mammmm…… uihihhihhhihhhh….. umummm ……. Mmmmmammm…… uihihhihhhihihhhhhh…..While I m fucking her I m sucking her boobs slightly cut on her tits. Kiss on her lips. My this activity increasing her moaning umuummm ……. Mammmma…uihihhihhhihihhhh….. umummmm ……. Mammmmammm…… uihihhihhhhhhhhh….. 

After 20 min she said I discharged and I m left. She do harder and harder that I remember for long. I said ok. And my cock doing his job:- moving in her pussy and touching her deep. My hand doing his job:- pressing her melons and her tits. And my mouth doing his job:- kissing on her lips and slightly cutting and kissing on her neck. And she started moaning louder than first time it means that she is ready to discharge again. She is moaning like a wild cat like umumumummm ……. Mamma mmmmammm…… uihihhih hhihihhhhhh….. umumummm ……. Mammmm ammmmammm…… uihihhi hhhihihhhhhh….. umumummm ……. Mammm mammmammm…… uihihhi hhhihihhhhhh….. 

And this time we both discharged and I felt on her body and we slept for moment. That day we do intercourse for two more time. After 2 intercourses the time is 1:30 pm now we dressed up and went to take her car. We reached and done payment trough her hubby master card we went for our destination. We do this intercourse on regular basis. We did our best. If any horny lady need me massage me at I am available for any and any time.

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