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I Fucked My Nalima

Hello all reader, first let me thank you for reading my story, this story between me and my aunty, she is married and has 2 kids, 39yrs old, good looking nice big breast and butt, she is living in same street where I live, I go to her home all the time talk with her & her husband for hour just regular things. When I m in her home I watch her ass and breast all the time, make me feel so great watching her, when she talk with me 

I love to watch her lips, make feel so great. Her husband is my uncle (not a close) most of the time when I am with her hubby we drink together have a fun. One day her and my husband and couple other friend was sitting on her back yard drinking beer and vodka having good time. After one by one other friend left for home, I was living in same street walking distance so was not worry about living early like other friend. 

Drinking vodka her husband got drunk, I was little buzz to but was managing myself. But her husband couldn’t even walk to inside home. And I wasn’t able to hold him either; I call my aunty to support him to get into their bedroom. Kids were busy watching to TV and playing game on TV and us both taking him to bedroom. Me and my sexy aunt were holding her husband in middle and we both a walk him holding, 

While holding her hubby, touch her butt, she look it me but didn’t said anything my hand long enough to reach her back so i moved my hand form her butt to back and keep my hand on her back while walking her husband to her room. we made him sleep on bed and came down to clean patio on back yard while cleaning we were just talking here and there. she was saying why you guys drink that much that you all forget to walk proper, and 

I was like ya uncle had little bit too much and she asked so you think you are alright, I was like ya i am ok, then why you were touching me instead of your uncle. And I said my hand was just sleep to your back, and I explain how can I hold him my hand has to touch your body since you are to close to him and I asked did you feel bad then Im sorry and she was like no no, it’s ok. I said oh that mean its ok if I touch you she gave me a smile. 

She said i know you, when you came here most of the time you are looking at me. I have seen you many time checking me out. I was speechless don’t know what to say she asked me are you interesting me or something and I said yes, and I said aunty I like watching you, when you talk I like to see your lips moving you are very sexy women I like everything about you. Wish I can hold you in my arms and I took her hand into my palm, she didn’t say anything she was just looking at me. I told her I really like you & 

I love you she was looking scared and said if your uncle find out we will be in big trouble, I don’t want to go in affair and also I have 2kids I don’t want to cheat. I said nothing wrong with change once in a while, I started to rub her hand and I went closer to her, she went little bit far and she said don’t talk like this again, I m not that type of women she went to her kids room start talking to kids, I got scared that now she is going to tell everyone, 

I shouldn’t have done it by time we finish cleaning everything and I was living to my home which is 500ft away from her home she said good night and said be carefully walking to home. I said ok and left. Walking back to my home I was thinking damn I shouldn’t have said anything to her. hope she won’t tell her husband or any of my family member. 

I got home and went sleep don’t even know when it got morning and all of things happen in last night came to my mind and just cursing myself why the hell I said that to her. Since I know she is married and she has 2kids. I decide to ask her apology and request her not tell everyone. I got up from bed got ready and I asked my mom if someone from Nalima aunty home(my sexy aunty name) my mom said no one call. And asked me why i was like no nothing. 

Next day whole day I didn’t go out, my father and mother went to shopping they asked me if i want to come I said no, I stay home. Around 5pm my door bell ring, I thought my parent came from shopping, so went to open door and I saw my aunty standing front of door. I didn’t see anything she asked me weather your mom is home, I said they went to shopping and she was about to leave I said come inside. 

She came in, I closed the door behind ask her to sit and I asked her about her husband where is he, she said he went out and we were just chatting here and there and tell her I am sorry for tomorrow I said, please don’t tell that to anyone. I know you are married, I shouldn’t have said it. but I couldn’t hold it and it came out from mouth, she came near me and told me don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. 

I had to talk to you mom about other things that’s why I came here. (haaaas it was big relive), then she asked me do you really like me or you just said it because i know you are drunk to. I told her I was drunk that’s why I got courage and I told you the truth and after drink usually people don’t lie she said Chal ab filmiy diglous bandh kar and laugh. she came near me hold my hand give me kiss on cheek, I grab her whole body against mine said 

I love you aunty and give her kiss on her lips our both lips was explore each other mouth, and I was moving my hand all over her back. i got so tight, she also grab me tight, i kiss her on her neck, under neat ears. she got excited and move her hand and hold my face and give me kiss on lips and separated. we both were holding each other for about 10 minute. i grab her hand pull her into my arms again and she said your parent will be here any time and kids are home alone 

I should leave now. I said I would like to meet you somewhere, where we both can enjoy our self she was like Kyun kaya karene ka irada hai, I said I would like to play with enjoy with you, I want make love to you without any interruption she said will see and said now let me get go. I gave her kiss again and release her from my arms she left, i was so happy to touch, on that night I master bet thinking about fucking her 

Now me aunty were talk more freely since our relationship has been extended, we call each other lot from work and e-mail, we talk all journal things plus we talk about love and every time we exchange kiss over phone. When I go to her home if no one is around we kiss each other or we just hug each other, when her husband is not home she is alone with kids she take me to her bedroom and basement making some excuse and give me her big tits in mouth to suck it many 

Time I slide my hand into her pussy and put my finger in her love whole and come to the front of kids like nothing happen. and we talk about which way she like to get fucked, she told me she like to be on top, how long you want me to suck your tits also everyday i asked her what color panty & bra she wearing today she enjoy answer all question, sometime without even asking me she tell what color inner she is wearing, she even asked what color of bra and panty she were next day and whatever color 

I said she wore them and she tell me over the phone, even at her work talking to all naughty things made her so horny, she said sometime she can handle it so she had to finger herself and she always told me what she was thinking while fingering herself and I share my fantasy with her to when i master bet. We both were dying for real action, one day I asked her to take a day off from work and meet me at one of the closest hotel we are living by, 

Finally she agreed and meet me 8.00 am in morning instead of going to work we both meet in hotel parking lot. She stayed in car and I got room key and I came to give her one room key and told her room number, we both went in one by one. I went in room first and she came after me, that was her idea she don’t want to go together I was so excited, because today Im going to make love to my sexy aunty see her naked and fuck her all day, as soon as she enter in room 

I held her from back side and started kissing her neck, and moving my hand on her belly, and I said to her I love you my sweetheart and she replied in same way I moved her we exchange kiss, she said today I want to be in your arms all day I was busy kissing her lips, cheek and she said let me put my purse on side itne jaldi bi kyon hai aaj pura din may tumhari hu jo karna hai wo karo. 

I lift her up in my arms and took her to dressing table, which was about 4 feet away where she put her purse from her shoulder I made her sit on table and again kiss her, and I start removed her shoe, then unhook her pants and her top she was wearing, she had black bra & panty she was looking beautiful i ask her to stand up said let me see how hot you are looking I went away couple feet and look at her she was standing in style 

Im telling you guys she was looking so beautiful and hot I told her that she was blushing, I took her in my arms and took her on bed and start kissing her face and I moved down little by little she started moaning, I unhook her bra and removed it both her tits pop out and I started squeezing one and lick other one for -4 minute and then I kiss on her belly, I took my tong out and made circle on her belly 

I was moving my tong down by her pussy, she was moaning all the time tell me its feel so great said said aaje se ye aunty tumhari hai, jo karna hai wo karo, I reach to her panty and start removing her panty inch by inch I removed it and every time I removed I was giving her kiss on her things, once panty completely removed I got up and look at her and said to her my lovely Nalima you are so hot, and she said aunty ko naga kar diya aur kuhd kuch nahi nikala abhi bi pure kapde may ho and she grab my belt and took my belt out 

I stared unbutton my shirt and remove it she took my partially pant out and grab my cock from inner and she measured with her she said you got long and thick I said this is your now you can do anything you like, she said aaj to iska pura maja loongi, she start playing with my dick she kiss on tips and she hold my dick with against her cheek. 

And she pulled me on bed my pants wasn’t fully out so I bend down and take it off then moved on bed she give me space, she was slipping on her back and I was slipping next to each other facing her and my one leg on her feet, I start licking her nipples one by one and same time I started fingering her pussy she was all wet, I said to darling you are all wet and she said itna tu muje tadpa raha hai to wet to hogi na, ab jaldi se muje dede ab raha nahi jata, she grab my lund and stroking 

I was going to lock my lips with her lips but she immediately got up and climb top of and take my penis in her pussy and starting stroking in and out with have moaning, and she was satisfied by something she want it for a while and she got it, she was moving fast up and down and I was pushing hard into her pussy and asking me keep pushing more & more I moved her on side and pound her pussy from site she was so excited with my stroke, we almost fuck for 20 min. 

Her love juice was floating like river, after I cum we sleep side by side holding each other, she said this her best fuck, I said darling this is just a warm up, remember you are going to be with me all day today, she smile and give kiss on lips and said I love you and grab me tight against her naked body. If you guys like this story let me know after that I fucked her 4more time, I am still with her it been almost 2.5 year, my Nalima aunty drive me crazy each time I have her in my arms. I don’t know how long our little secrete will last send me comments at

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