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I had reading those story n incidents many times and masturbating was hard. This is my first time writing my sex experiences it will be 2 parts. One with gal and other was affair with married lady so get arouse while reading and do write about yours likes. I had average body n hard cock I lived in south Goa India it happen long time years ago when I was 19 yrs. 

In college life i was shy boy with gals never had girlfriend but in our gang boys few of them had kept as sex partner. Guys were lucky when their girlfriends bunk the lectures n spent time in their house or outside. Most of us were staying by close to college had good chance to visit their house in short time for fun. I and mine few friends have to travel by bus but we had fun of boy’s life watching xxx movies and party. But my virginity was frustrations watching movies n fantasying was not enough for me. My email id 

At last I find gal who gives her attention to me always but we all knew she was hot and had physical relationship with boys who cares I said. I took interest in her n talks at break time then you’ll know every ne was talking about our affair. Her name was Riya 5ft she had good figure looks was sexy and fair skin firm boobs and sweet lips which main attraction of hers. Her parents were working in Dubai she was elder staying with aunt who has 2 kids and uncle working in ship. 

We were chit chatting and spent time by touch’s I was needed more real pleasure. Slowly I courage and kiss her hands then I took her to empty class room bolt the door hug her tight she embrace me that surprises me no shyness I kiss lips she closed her eyes. Next I stamp my lips on hers chewing lips she was making noise when I broke we breath she hold my face kiss wow what she was doing correct expert kissing I massage her boobs when I unbutton her blouse jacket she stop me said please don’t removed 

I asked why she said that her boyfriends had used her in bed many times don’t wanted to ruin her life again. I said I love u very much what she said that shock me n made clear message from her side. Don’t promise me about true love even I can’t my parents will not agree with u we are teenagers lets go with our only friendship till we can. So I asked her what about me I like u very much. Riya giggled and pinch n kiss my cheek said I didn’t say stop liking me continue yours even I like you very much but don’t tell anyone what were doing in class room. 

I thx my luck no need to worry about her I easily fuck her and no tension of false promise if girl gives u freedom to use her. That day I kiss her whole face & neck pressing boobs wildly she moan n giggles about my act as my 1st time with gal. I promised her i won’t tell any of my friends till now no one knows. Those 15 mins was my 1st sex pleasure only smooching and pressing boobs was got me mad that night I fantasies her many ways n Cumming many times. Next day in college she had big smile on face at break time when we mate at our place 

Riya sat on table I hug n she elope her legs at my back we smooching I request to show her boobs but she didn’t hesitations were lot but same time she engaging for me kiss I obey what I was getting. I slide her skirt saw sexy thighs n panty her skin was soft when I caress her thighs Riya moan it was sensitive whenever I reach inner thighs she removed my hand what fucking was bell ring of break time. 

After that we almost 10 days more didn’t get chance to play. That class room was occupied my other college lovers. Riya was getting disturb she was hot and like those sex games. I asked to come out door for fun she afraid about her aunt as its house was close by college. 

Her aunt was working in private bank employee comes n kids were 7 yrs and other was 9 yrs. Riya urgency was clearly seen on her face when her aunt goes for bath she calls me at night her voice was husky. One night she call me said she is not coming for college tomorrow come to meet at her house along with book keeping books. I tease her by saying we had chance to play our game she laugh told me not to be naughty at her home. I bunk the college went her house early I had been, 

I was mad and plan to make her nude n forced for blowjob. I knock the door saw her she was in track pant and t-shirt. When she blot the door I asked her aunt she replied she n her kids re out at friends place. Riya moved to get me tea looking at her ass shape 1st time I was mad I followed her hold her hand pull against me. She fell like doll in my arms her soft boobs crush they were not big we kiss I lift her one leg up rested on my waist gave hard smooching by holding her face. 

Riya was enjoying smooching her moans were sensual I too pleasure the moments. While arousing her I move my hands on hers body she was stopping me n saying windows re open but my horny mind didn’t listen her words my palm straight went inside her pant touch her bare skin of buttocks she got thrilled groaned with hesitations. Her ass were tight I pull off her pant n panty expose her ass in air Riya broke from my hug raised her pant again ran to staircase with giggling showed her tongue out tease. 

My horny mind couldn’t tolerate her tease I went up she ran with laugh n giggling my name saying u re naughty. Once we in bedroom she stare at him asked me why u re here. I smile n confused still I knew she is need sex pleasure without any word I took her in my arms gave hug n caress said don’t worry I won’t spoil your name n future only once I need from u. Riya didn’t said anything lift her face she sign of yes I kiss lips press her boobs for while her moans were sexy she stop me asked me close lock door. 

But I was busy kissing n pressing her boobs over t-shirt .Riya groan with loud please let me close door do what u wanted. I released her when she bolting the upper door I went her close did by me n squeeze her ass .Riya looked back said u re very hot guy please don’t hurt me. It’s my 1st time so guide me to Heaven. Riya giggled my talks came we smooching again but this time was passion way eating each our lips lapping tongues. In mean while I squeeze her ass pull her track pant on her knees. 

It was hot smooch saw her nude thighs didn’t waste time I kiss her thighs removed her track pant came up off her t-shirt n bra cups from boobs naked. Due my in experience I directly took nipples suck her whole boobs .later Riya told me 1st always pamper female boob’s lot by hands then lips work. Riya was moaning high I was mad she hides her boobs by hands asking me to get my clothes off. I unbutton my shirt n ask Riya to unzip my pant she off pant n pull my underwear naked me wow it was lovely scene. 

She hand job my cock with soft hands palm thrill me electrify my body. I strap her bra squeezing her boobs they became hard n nipples were point which she recall me saying erect when sexually aroused. I kiss her n she playing my cock n caressing my balls. Riya whispered me condom let’s start don’t have time get condom give condom her breaking voice 

I couldn’t find she then gave stare look I said I was not sure about our sex. Riya bite her lips moved to her PC table drawer she pin point me saying how come u came without condom to have sex with me when u re horny about me. I kept quite n said sorry like kid massage her ass over track pant Riya asked me will u able to withdrew at your ejection time I nod my head. 

She smile said I will be trouble if you’re not able to do Ur first sex am scared. With my luck she got only 1 condom I went on her bed she removed her track pant along with panty. Now I will described her figure sexy body fair skin firm boobs light brown nipples big navel was not sexy but her pubic look amazing mound was covered with pubic hairs lot thighs were sexy and tight ass was poking out. 

I examine her body call her on bed she cover the curtains it was light dark inside the bedroom. Riya put on fan fast I asked I need light on she did it. When Riya my sexy babe came to bed I pull her jump over her body she hug me tight I was feeling cool in her body it was soft. I open her legs she shy first then open her inner thighs saw Heaven pussy lips were light dark and small beauty I open caress her inside rubbed fingers Riya moan hot seduce me madly. I caress her boobs saw face it was different eye shut closed. 

Her magic soft palm done my cock hard on i whisper to wore me condom. Riya open her eyes saw my hard cock she cares for while then roll the condom and open her legs. I came inside her thighs point her pussy it didn’t find the way Riya raised her hip up guide me I gave thrust it was like sneak going thru his hole my cock went half Riya told go slowly yours cock meat is hard n big . I did 3 4 thrusting Riya moaning 

I was looking her face gestures even I don’t know when my whole 6 inch cock went inside her pussy doing his job. It made me crazier fucking 1st time in life I screw her hard and fast squeezing boobs and kiss her. Riya kept her thighs over my thighs hugged and voice of moaning loud u know how is it. I wrapped my hands under her back hide my face in one arms kept on fucking her as if this is my last chance of sex. 

It was just 5 min pass I sense my battle of sex at ending time. I knew female have to achieve her climax also but it was too late and I gave strong punch inside her pussy .Riya screaming me by taking my name please don’t stop kept me fucking when I broke my breath Cumming inside condom .Riya abuse me saying fucking guy can’t wait u was going good I could happier ever. After while when I took my cock out I couldn’t imagine how hot and fucking pussy was good 

I empty my balls it was huge sperms collected in tip of condom even my pink top was covered with white liquids. Riya too surprise see huge load of sperms at same time she was rubbing her pussy wildly. From one hand she removed condom stroke my cock which still had hardness. How fucking idiot i was I left excuse to clean my cock went bathroom. Riya asked me to stay play hers when I clean I heard screaming her in bedroom. I wash my cock with her soap came to bedroom Riya was laying on bed saw some watery on floor and bed too. I kiss her she was playing my cock soon it was hard rubbing her moist pussy for long time. 

I took my cock from her hand and masturbating Riya encourages me to do so cum on her body. She massaging my balls that lead me to climax soon I point her pubic hairs load all my sperms there. It came in huge load then I applied all over her body from neck to thighs she was sticky now. I left from her place while traveling to my home 

I recollect sex episodes and what mistake I done in sex forgot all foreplay sucking her pussy and blowjob etc. Riya called me said how was the day with her we chat and then I asked her to shave her pubic. She replied me saying why u wants to tasted other area. Riya was horny n I was fucker , soon 2 days we mate her bedroom this time I went slow and steady sex her mound was more beauty then her pussy lips we suck and fuck for triple times a day saw her orgasms wild. 

After around few sex episodes I got all sex knowledge of female seduction Riya too support me in different sex pose when I play her body she wriggling like fish and sucking her pussy and fingering her g spot was making her mad now my plan to target her tight ass. First I fuck her pussy then I caress her ass press hard later spent time lot time biting her ass flesh told her I want to fuck her ass. 

Riya agree but told me not to be vigorously anal sex as my cock shaft is big and hard it will pain I gave my assurance. I was taking condom from packet Riya tease me saying u re free to come inside my ass. I was happy now had chance to go bare inside her at least she can feel my protein inside her ass. Riya was so horny n smart no need instruction she laid on bed resting her head on pillow when came over her at back she open her ass bums side it was small I knew she will have pain now. 

Inserting my top she sign of pain I push more Riya groan with little pain I did more to push but not possible easily Riya stop me i lick her earlobe n squeezing her boobs give her little cooling. Just 2 inch I guess she was in pain I asked her its ass is virgin No… His cock was not stronger then yours as I said go slowly don’t enter full I can’t take. I gave slow thrusting went on fuck her ass she was groaning with pain. I hold her tight with hands push my butt slide my cock full inside her 

Riya scream with pain I did more and her groaned loud kiss her back she told me to stop if I can’t do slow. I rub her clit same time I strokes my cock inside her ass Riya fleshy ass was amazing I kept fucking now in my pace not fast she like the anal pleasure but her moaning not stop I was not know it’s her sexual pleasure or pain. After 15 min I reaching my climax point I speed up to n for oh so amazing fucking her ass. 

Riya moaned loud when I collapse started to cum inside her ass I felt sensation Cumming inside her ass sperms erupting more then usual wearing condom. Riya was tied with vigor anal sex stay for long time I apologize. I relax her caress her body smooch long time she hug me and I inquired about her sexual experiences. Riya reveled her sex her virginity lost when she was 18 yrs having affair with boyfriend later his friend also fuck at his absence it was just for 2 months then my parents moved to 

Dubai I join my aunt place here and later he used come to have sex with me once I got caught with him . My aunt told everything to my parents they came here scold me hard , I though this was end of my sex in week I found my neighbor boy stare at me most of time I like him but he was very elder to me we had sex of few days one day when my aunt was gardening outside he came to meet me and had my 

1st anal sex and stay with me of 1 hour more but my aunt didn’t came inside to ask why this guy is here for long time until she saw him inside her bedroom then her doubt was clear having affair. I was shocking hearing her and felt pity but Riya said he can’t hold his erection he cum very soon doesn’t feel his cock inside her. Only he is like time pass fucker after that I had anal sex many times and I was making best use of pussy n ass to quench my sex hunger. 

Riya pussy was need extreme sex pleasure so allow me to cum in her pussy for certain days that was my dream Cumming inside her fill the pussy. She tastes my sperms n blowjob spilling on her face we did lot of horny sexual love her orgasm juices was sweetest. Pee n shower together in bathroom mostly we like to sex in missionary , doggy ,Riya riding on top, fucking from back laying over her body that gives us hard passionate sex making anal love was that pose Cumming more sperms counts. 

In 10 months I fuck Riya till my heart contents wish she got well treatment for her sex desire. . After college farewell I sex few times Riya promised me even after getting married she will allow me luckily we pass that year then she left her parents place. I mate in city she was looking beautiful and put weight on her tummy and Hip. She showed me her engagement ring but didn’t disappointed me kept her promise she was hi5 gal now came from aboard took me to 3 star hotel for sex pleasure 

I screwed her during her stay. Later that we call each other from her side lost contact and stuck with my work life till I made my new sex bombshell which was more hot , horny ,sexy and fucking lady. This will be my next to write for u I hope you’ll like if my Riya reading this please to mail me I know if recollect our loving sex pleasure I miss u and I won’t disturb your personal life only once give me chance to love u and suck your pussy. Email me

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