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Housewife Gets Spanked

During my escapades with various men I learn to enjoy the pleasures of sex. Among other things I learn that what might be pleasurable to one may be painful to others. Rather I learn what might appear painful or sheer torture or madness to most might be a thing of sheer bliss to some. 

This fact was made known to me by one of the most amazing sexual partners I have enjoyed in my life. He was a young man of 25 when I met him with a high profile managerial job. I had met him in a party and felt the immediate sexual chemistry between us. It was only after two drinks when we had headed for his house for the night and we were already feeling each other as his chauffer driven car tore across the eastern metropolitan bypass road of Kolkata. 

On entering his room we grabbed each other madly and the passion was so electrifying that we failed to reach the bedroom. We were fucking each other’s brains out on the heavily carpeted floor itself. As I rode him in the reverse cowgirl position he cried out “Debolina, oh my god you got the hottest cunt I have ever fucked.” 

I blushed at the compliment, which acted as a spur to my impending climax and I came like a fountain, which bursts, open from the walls of a mountain and collapsed on his well bench pressed chest. He encircled me in his strong arms and let our respective warmth seep in to each other. 

I was the one to regain composure first. I kissed him deeply on the lips and said honestly” Ankit, you were good. This is perhaps the first time that I came so fast and big.”“The pleasure is all mine Debolina,” he kissed back “Now it’s my turn sweetheart”“Off course dear, I am at your service you stud.” I replied in a naughty tone. 

That gave him a new impetus for the proceedings as a felt a fresh twitch in his rock hard cock still embedded inside my pouring cunt. He withdrew from me and made me sit on all fours. It was evident he liked the doggy position which was equally enjoyable to me. And after having achieved an orgasm most ladies liked being rammed well in the doggy position. Fresh excitement started running in my veins as he reentered my adequately lubricated snatch. 

He started of with slow deliberate strokes pulling out to the head of the thick cock and plunging it in softly and to the hilt. His balls were heavy and I enjoyed the gentle slapping sound it made as they bounced on and off my cunt. He kept on the steady slow and deep rhythm till I found myself moaning shamelessly in another session of mindless pleasure that had started building up in the base of my stomach. 

“Oh Ankit, you are doing good don’t stop just keep on pumping sweetheart.” I goaded him. 

“Oh Debolina, “he gasped, “Your cunt does feel like heaven and kept thrusting in and out. 

The frequency of his strokes kept increasing with every passing second and within a minute he was groaning in intense pleasure. I felt his hard cock throbbing inside me. He was about to achieve a huge orgasm. The thought about his impending climax gave me another high and I found the bundle of intense joy which was building up within me grow larger and stronger. 

He was pounding me furiously and the slapping of his heavy balls was driving me wild —- and then something strange happened. Ankit shouted out in pure Bengali slang “khanki magi aj toke chude sesh kore felbo.”(you fucking slut today I am going to fuck your brains out) and I heard a tremendous slapping sound and my right bum stung like hell. 

What the hell ? before I could look back I felt three more hard slaps stinging viciously on my bums. I looked back and sawq Ankit’s face contorted with a savage pleasure and his hand raised high . then he brought it down viciously on my bum. Oh God , I thought , I was with a maniac pervert. Maybe he is a serial killer . 

But strangely enough his continuous plethora of slng and his repeated spanking combined with his increasing thrusts somehow made the whole thing intensely pleasdurable. And from his expressions I was sure he was about to cum, so I decided to kep quiet and enjoy the whole new experience. 

The repeated slaps now started to feel warm and pleasurable. Ankit was fucking furiously now and he could hardly speak. All he was doing was bellowing like a bull in heat. Then he shrieked out like a maniac “Ore chudkhanki ne rendi Sali tor chamki gude dhele dichchi amar fyada.”(You big slut I am filling your cunt with my cum”) 

He embedded his rock hard pulsating cock deep inside me and I felt hot bursts of thick cum hitting me deep inside. As he kept cumming shrieking like a maniac and shaking like a tree caught in a cyclone he slapped my bums viciously and everything worked up to a massive buildup of inexplicable pleasure inside me which burst like a over pumped balloon. 

I also shuddered and moaned out his name loudly as I felt my second orgasm gushing out. He kept pumping and slapping and the orgasm felt like never ending. it continued in installments and I felt like passing out in unbearable ecstasy. We both collapsed on the floor with his cock embedded inside me. I t seemed like eternity as we lay slumped together and heaving like whales. 

Ankit was the first to move. As he got up and pulled out his diminished cock I felt the hot broth of our love juices gushing out like a fountain from my joy hole. This guy had cum real hard and it pleased me immensely that I was still capable of giving a much younger man so much pleasure. I think we should clean up.” He said and pulled me up. The love juices oozed out and ran down my thighs. We quickly moved in the bathroom and started having a shower together. 

We started applying soap on each other and felt excited again. His cock started growing at my touch and he smiled at me. I couldn’t help asking “Ankit, what was that slapping thing? It hurt a lot but you were about to cum.”“Tell me honestly, didn’t you like it a little bit?” he questioned back.“Yes, it was something new, different and yes it did intensify my pleasure.”“Tell me honestly have you ever seen a man cum so much?” he asked me while he lathered my boobs. 

“No.” I replied honestly and started fondling his heavy balls. 
“Believe me earlier I came like a normal guy. But one experience with Sonia Boudi(Bhabi/sister in law) changed me forever. It was she who taught me these things and more. From that time when I slap while fucking I cum madly.” 

“Who is Sonia?” I asked feeling curious.“I will tell you everything. Let’s finish our shower first.”We finished cleaning up and wrapped in towels entered Ankit’s bedroom. We threw away our towels and slid in to each other’s arms and kissed passionately. I started licking his chest gently and purred sexy “tell me about Sonia please.” 

“Why don’t you give me a long sloppy blowjob while I tell you the story?” He smiled at me. I lowered down and started licking his nut sacks. he sighed in pleasure and started to speak. Ankit’s story “It happened when I was doing my management course and staying as paying guest in a South Kolkata apartment. She was the landlord’s wife.” If you guys and girls have enjoyed this story, wait for the explosive revelations of Ankit and how Debolina is drawn I to a bizarre world of sexual experiments. I will ensure all of you cum before you can reach the last line.

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