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A Hamster and a Bullfrog

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. 

"Listen," he says to the bartender, "If I show you the most amazing thing you've ever seen, is my beer on the house?" 

"We'll see," says the bartender. 

So the guy pulls out a hamster and a tiny piano out of a bag, puts them on the bar, and the hamster begins to play. 

"Impressive," says the bartender, "but I'll need to see more." 

"Hold on," says the man. He then pulls out a bullfrog, and it sings "Old Man River." 

A patron jumps up from his table and shouts "Thats's Absolutely incredible! I'll give you $100 right now for the frog." 

"Sold," says the guy. The patron takes the bullfrog and leaves. 

"It's none of my business," says the bartender, "but you just gave away a fortune." 

"Not really," says the guy, "The hamster is also a vantriloquist."

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