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The Girlfriend Experience – Part II

I am writing this story after receiving a call from her today. All the memories from olden days were flashing back to my mind and started with this story. We broke up as in with a mutual consent, because I could not convince my parents to get married to her. Her parents doubted if we were into a relationship, but to date they do not know about us for sure. 

We broke up a year before graduation, yet we had the same love and affection for each other until we settled in a job later. We went on a college tour (all India tour) during our final year and that is when we discovered ourselves. We were quite intimate during the entire tour, more particularly during the train and bus journeys. We were cautious not to set an alarm in our gang about our relationship. 

You know how difficult it is!! Remember we had not even kissed each other, not even once. Not yet. This tour was our best chance and we both knew it, an untold conversation. We had to hop on to a pre-arranged bus, an 8 hour journey to the location. It was 1:00 AM. The lights went down, most of our classmates were asleep as soon as they boarded the bus. A few others who were awake were couples whom everyone knew about and they were busy with each other. 

We were sure that they wouldn’t mind us. When everyone was asleep we were awake, sitting closer. I was trying to touch her waistline, her hands trying to put my arm over her shoulder and all sort of things. She was not obviously letting me do it but at the same time she was not objecting to anything I was trying to do. So the entire night went along with nothing much but trying to feel her touch also not having courage to seek her consent. It was dawn, my classmates were trying to wake up one by one. 

We moved to the last seat of the bus where we had some other friends around but were busy chatting. They did not disturb us. We were sitting in a 2 seater, We were working seriously using our feet. She was wearing a Grey top and a bottom with a scarf around her neck. She lost control and finally gave in to me. She took my right hand to her left boob and pressed it a little and left a moan. 

She immediately undid her scarf to hide my hands on her boobs. I tried to continue it for long but I am a little reserved and did not want anyone to notice our acts. I moved back to the same position. This went on for a while we finally reached the hotel we were about to be put up in. There were separate rooms for girls and the male and female staff who accompanied us made sure that the girls were secure. 

We still had access to their rooms and when I was dropping her luggage in her room, i found her alone. We were full of lust, and we hugged each other for the first time, not for long. My male member was really hard and was not in control. When we hugged, my dick was touching her and she adjusted herself to its position. All this happened in seconds and we had to part as we heard a knock. We immediately positioned ourselves far and I opened the door. I am sure there was no suspicion. 

We went out sight seeing that day after a shower. It was a hill station and we were together, wherever we went. After having a good time visiting all the points, we came back to the hotel, packed our stuff and left for the next place in list. On the way we stopped to worship Lord Shiva on shores of a holy river. all of us were on our own and had to return to the bus in 2 hours. The both of us went to the temple and were back in an hour. 

A couple of girls decided to stay back in the bus and when we came back they welcomed us with smile. We had a quick chat and took our seats in the last row. We were holding hands and chatting. Both of us were excited with no one around to watch us, I don’t know what I thought, I looked around and planted a kiss on her cheeks. 

She went red in her face. I could literally see the hormones doing reacting in our bodies. I still remember the sensuous look she had after the kiss. She stopped talking for a while, I was facing away from her. She then closed the window and gave me a deep kiss on my lips. I lost myself in the moment. I was in heaven. A few minutes later, she rested her head on my thighs and we were in to the dreams. 

Our friends started coming back and we were still in the same position. After a while the bus started, we were completely ignorant about our surroundings and were drenched in lust and were in dreams. After a while she fell asleep or probable dreaming closing her eyes, I slowly had my hand moving on her waist. I was touching her bums now, slowly moving my hand to her thighs. I started feeling her mouth pressing my dick. It was not comfortable for her in that position but she did her best and I adjusted my position to suit her comfortably. This continued on for the rest of the day. 

That evening we had to take a train to Delhi for 4 hours. We boarded the train and since it was just 4 hours all us were having fun singing and dancing. A few of us had some liquor too. We reached Delhi, checked in to the Hotel reserved for us. By now our staff accompanying got comfortable with us and asked us to stay whichever floor we wish but girls to be out up in separate rooms. We obliged. 

We purposefully stayed in different floors so no one would suspect. The next day we visited the Taj, spend quite sometime there. We did not have any other place planned for the day. We came back to our rooms at around 5:00. It was shopping day. We were free to go anywhere on our own but had to return not later than 10:00. We had a 3 day stay in Delhi and the routine was the same, to shop around in the evenings. 

Me and my girlfriend went out to the market with other friends. We said we were tired and came back to the room early. Once inside the hotel we headed straight in to my room. The first thing we did was to lock the room, and hug each other. We were kissing and hugging like there were no tomorrow. I pushed her to the wall and lifted her a little. 

She gave her in fully. She was wearing a red checked full sleeve shirt and a black Jean. She was looking stunning. We continued hugging and kissing for a while and I threw her on the bed and jumped in. As soon as I was there she started unbuttoning my shirt and started sucking my nipples. 

This was the first time someone was doing this to me. Our joy know no bounds. I started unbuttoning her shirt and threw it away. She was releasing her bra clasps. I helped her reaching out to the back. I was about to see her assets. I was anxious about how it looks. This is the first view of a woman’s private parts ever in my life. I cannot express in words the feelings I had. 

I am feeling really hot as I write this story; my dick is at its peak, even 10 years after the incident. I leave it to you to conceive the feeling and the thought. Some thought ran in to me and I lifted her to the floor and made her stand in front of the life size dresser/mirror. I came to the front and sucked her nipples hard alternatively while one hand was working on the boobs. I asked her not to close her eyes but to watch the whole act in the mirror and she did the same. 

The more I sucked the more excited she got and she let out loud moans. The situation was tense and was getting uncontrollable for both of us. I undid her Jeans and was kissing her pussy on her panty. I am still on with my pants. My pants were wet with my pre cum, and she undid my pants to free my manhood. I was oozing a lot of cum that after removing my inner wear it was flowing out continuously. 

I hugged her hard and pressed her against the wall. I made her stand on the edge of the bed and she leaning her back against the wall. I lowered her a little in that position so I could reach out to her pussy. It was completely exotic. I tore her panty apart and with her standing on the bed, me standing on the floor. 

I moved in between her legs and reached my tongue out to her pussy. Since this was the first time for both of us and because of the long going foreplay, she reached orgasm the moment my tongue touched her pussy. She shuddered out with a very big orgasm and I licked her clean. She could not stand any more, I helped her reach the bed. She had her eyes closed for a while and grabbed me on the bed. It was her turn.

She asked me to shove in my dick. She was completely wet and hot in there as I tried inserting my finger first. I then moved on top of her and tried to insert my dick. It was hard, about half an inch went in and stopped. I kept my dick there for a while and reached out to her boobs pressing them hard. 

I warned her and quickly entered her with one full thrust. I broker her virginity so did she. There was a little blood on the sheet. She screamed a little and said she was waiting for this moment since an year and she would do anything to be with me. I then continued my thrusts slowly and could not last longer than a minute. She was literally hot like a furnace inside and I could not hold any longer. I shot my entire load of cum in her. 

We had little time to clean up the mess. I asked her to dress up and leave for her room. I quickly called the reception for change of sheets and got in to the bathroom for a shower. I asked the room boy to spray the room to get rid of the fragrance because of the love we just had and tipped him a hundred bucks.. 

We met a few times at her place and outside after returning. She got married immediately after graduation and is now somewhere in EU. I am married since 2 years now. We both live happily with our respective partners, but the love and feelings for each other still had not gotten away and would live forever until we are alive. Will we have a serious encounter again if we get to meet is a truth to be discovered.. until then sweet dreams…Please share your comments to…

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