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Encounter With Neighbor Sangeeta


Hi, my name is Saurabh and this is my first true story for you guys. I have been a fan of this forun since 2008 and finall I have decided to write a story about my personal experience, it was a cold winter day in Mumbai. I hope you guys remember winter of 2008 which was different from any other winter in Mumbai by the way let me tell you about mysely.
I am Saurabh from Mumbai and I am 5.6, fair, and have an 8" dick, ahhh I know Indians are not good at the size, but god has blessed me so getting back to the story, we have 3 flats on each floor of our building and I’m blessed to have a neighbour named sangeeta staying in my building. She is white skinned horny little slut, she is married and has a son.
I always had a crush on her and but you know how Indian boys are, we are shy and we are really scared to approach any aunties who stay next to us. One day during winter, I had a chance to meet sangeeta alone on our terrace and she was taking rounds and was speaking on the phone to her colleague. I decided to interupt their conversation and started enquiring about her son, she told me to hold on for a second and she finished her call and started speaking to me.
By the way friends she was in her mid 30's and had an exceptional figure. She used to drink and smoke and was very fond of throwing parties at her place, but normally they used to invite couples. So here, I was speaking to her on my terrace about her boy, she told me that he was doing good and started walking with me. I had always had a crush on her and wanted to fuck her in her ass and she had an awesome ass like Kim Kardashian, also she was very fair and had hughe boobs.
Days passed by and we started having normal conversation on our terrace. One fine day I asked her about her drinking and smoking, she got really angry and gave me a tight slap and said that it was none of my business, then the nights were lonely and we never met on the terrace for a week or 2 and then after 2 weeks we met again and she was hesitant to speak to me as I knew that she was wrong in slapping me. I showed a bit of an attitude.
Finally she came to me and said sorry for the way she behave soe 10 days ago. We started speaking again and I was desperate to know about those couple parties, so I decided to speak on that so I started speaking to her about the parties of couple and for my surprise she invited me for the party. I was astonished and was really excited, she told me tht the next party is scheduled on 8th of dec, some 15 days from the present day.
I started working for the same. I was really excited about how will be there in the party. On 6th December I shaved off my pubic hair as I knew these couple parties were for sex, I made myself ready and finally the day came. It was 9 at night and I decided to wear a skin fit t-shirt and jeans and accompanied them was my tight fit bikini briefs. I was so excited that I almost came in my pants looking at Sangeeta.
It was 9.15 that I entered her house and what I saw was really astonishing, in the party were my building's secretary with his wife, chairman with his slutty wife and som hot teenagers from her work place with their boyfriends. Sangeeta's husband made me comfortable and offered me a drink. Party started in a musical form, and we were having our drinks while listening to music and then suddenly sangeeta the hostess arrived.
She was wearing a black sari with a backless blouse and with eye make-up to kill for, at that same instant i had an hard-on, I was really excited as I had never seen her like that and what I had imagined about the party was about to come true, yeahhh! It was like a sex party. It was approximately 11 at night and from 9'o clock till now we had enjoyed our drinks bu t suddenly I started noticing something which was weird and eye pleasuring for me.
I saw my building's secretary giving his wife a deep passionate kiss, and to be honest I felt weird but then he started pressing her boobs. Mr and Mrs Mehta (building's secretary) were like having it all. He started kissing her and then after few minutes started kissing her boobs from her lovely red colored blouseee. Oh man, it was amazing, firstly I thought he was drunk but then I realised that he was setting the mood for the party.
Mrs. Mehta is in her mid 30's, she is beautiful with 36 D tits and a well mound ass, the only female I would have imagined to fuck after Sangeeta. She wore an all red saree and a red blouse to the party. Then there was Mr and Mrs Cheeda(chairman) Mrs Cheeda was pretty but I never found her sexy as she had a kid, but damn with the make-up she looked like Ayesha Takia (she had 38 D's on her cheast).
It was an evening that I knew I am going to get some nice pussy and others in the party were Tanya with her boyfriend, who stayed in 806 and Shalini with her boyfriend who stayed in 505. They were really surprised to see me in the party, as I had no companion. Well it was almost midnight now and I had seen some oral pleasures and but to be honest I was waiting for my turn with Sangeeta and Mrs Mehta,
Sangeeta was little drunk and was flirting with shalini's boyfriend when she saw me sitting in the corner I looked at her beautiful eyes and then at her gorgeous boobs. She started walking towards me and said, you were curious about the party" I replied that i never expected this, then suddenly she starte yelling to everyone and said keep quiet and stop what you are doing, I was a little scared then, She started saying" My little friend Saurabh was curious about the party and that the reason I invited him
I was in dismay and then she said that she will give me what I wanted for years from her and I was amazed. To everyone at that night no one was there at my home so I made an execuse that I will be studying till late and tahts why I want to stay at home, it was all preplanned from my end. Sangeeta then told Mrs Mehta and Shalini to come near me, and then she asked me a question "amongst us whom would you like to fuck first"
I was surprised that I had a choice and with a slight hesitancy I said you Sangeeta her husband to my surprise started smiling, but then again a bomb was dropped on me, she said that she would like to get fucked in front of everyone, I was'nt ready for this. I was the youngest member in 20's they decided to play with me, Suddenly shalini came and started kissing me and then Mrs. Mehta started caressing my nipples in order to make me ready for Sangeeta.
I was enjoying every bit of it and then Sangeeta ordered Tanya to make me strip, and with her commanding voice and forced hands she tore my t-shirt. I was semi-naked in front of aunties and good looking girls of my building. I thought that they had mutually decided that they are gonna tech me a lesson so tht i would never interfere in their business again. Tanya ripped of my t-shirt and then Shalini started sucking my nipples, also Mrs. Mehta started kissing me on lips while
Mrs Chedda and Sangeeta were watching with all the male companions. They had decided to fuck me, but who cared! I loved it! Sangeeta then ordered shalini to take my pants off, which left me on my undies and that also bikini one all started laughing and I got commented on, but who cared. I was waiting for sangeeta to put her hands on me as I had fantasized about her for many years.
Suddenly after making me strip, Sangeeta ordered them to leave me alone. At this point of time I knew that sangeeta was in charge of everything and I knew that I was to please every lady in the room. Sangeeta commanded me to reach Shalini's pussy and told me to kiss her vagina and start sucking it. I did what she commanded me to do, later on after 10 minutes of pleasuring Shalini she told me to do the same with
Tanya and as a newbie I obeyed the order, later on to my surprise she told me to suck her husband's cock. I was surprised, but then I came to know about why he was laughing when every1 was pleasuring or taking pleasure from me. I refused to do so, I said that I’m staright and I won’t do that, then sangeeta said that there is a punishment for that, I asked her what is it and she told me that I will have to lick her vagina and get licked off by Tanya.
I didn’t understand so I inquired and she told Tanya to lick my asshole and beat the hell out of it. Ohhhhh I was happy with tht as I did't has to suck anyone but till now no one had sucked my erect cock and that was a dissapointment. I started licking sangeeta's vagina and mean while Tanya started spanking and licking my asshole. It was time for the men to enter the act, but then suddenly sangeeta stopped them and said, lets teach saurabh about the mature ladies and their private parts.
She then told Tanya to stop and inserted her finger in my ass hole it was great because she started licking her finger after the act. Then suddenly shalini and Tanya got into a lesbian act. They were in a 69 position and were moannninnng hard. Well then to my surprise Mrs. Mehta started making with sangeeta's husband and stared fucking her real hard and so Shalini's bofriend started humping Mrs. Chedda and while Tanya's boyfriend and tanya were masturbatiing.
Then Sangeeta invited me in her bedroom, and she started sucking my cock. Ohhhh Man! I wished for this for years, and now it was reality. Sangeeta was looking like kareena in her black saree with backless blouse. She told me to lick her and I obeyed. She then furiously sucked on my cock and our interactions were remarkable" Sangeta suck it, baby, I want to fuck I want to fuck you in your ass! Sangeeta started squiring and she got her first orgasm from my intense licking.
I think she might have gotten at least 4 orgasm because I licked her for 15 minutes and twiched for approx 4 -5 times. It was time now, she told me to enter her vagina, but I wasn't that excited as I wanted to fuck her ass and but then also something is better than nothing. I started stroking her and as I was good in this also I had masturbated for like 15 days b4 this, so my stamina was good and I gave her multiple orgasms while fucking her in her vagina,
It lasted for about 15-20 minutes which involved fast and slow strokes. I wanted to cum so hard, but I controlled just so that she will tell me to enter her ass for my dissapointment she was tired and she told me to stop, I was really angry as I had not cum but then she told me to fuck Tanya in her ass as she had experienced it, I rejected the offer and I told her that I will fuck Mrs. Mehta in her ass and if she won't allow
Then I will expose every1 to my parents, but she wasn't scared of my dhamaki, and she said, if you want her ass, just take it, she wont complain, but i told her the fact that I wanted her I did not fuck Mrs mehta, also Shalini was fucked by Sangeeta's husband, Mr Mehta and Mr Cheeda (being the youngest girl) Tanya was fucked by many as well, the only dissapointment was Mrs. Chedda as she only wnated her husband to fuck her. Sometimes it happened guys but how did I cum? It was Sangeeta who decided to blow me and she shared my cum with all the guys.
Yeah that's right she gave me a blowjob for approx 10 minutes and then i came on her face and in her mouth and then her husband and all the men licked and swallowed it from her face and her mouth it was awkward, but then too it was an amazing sex frat party for me. I had an encounter with sangeeta gain after 3 days, but that was me and her. I will post that story as well but please send in your feedback as I’m new to this story telling. I just want your feedbacks so that I can improve and give you the pleasure you deserve. Cheers Mate Love you all signing off for now.

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