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Encounter In A Bus

Hi, everyone. I am SK from Delhi. I have been reading stories on this website for a quite long time and have found some of the stories very erotic. Well about me I am working as a manager in a reputed company. My story dates back to the year 1999 when I was posted in Baroda. I was new to the place and quite often did customer contact by traveling by bus. It was one of those journey when I was going to Bharuch by bus when I met this lady. 

She must have been in her early thirties and was good looking. There were hardly 5-6 people in the bus as far as I remember. She was sitting alone and I just sat in front of her. After the bus started she asked me to join her as she was also sitting alone. I decided why not join her. I had purposely taken a seat in front of her. Don’t remember what happened but we started chatting and exchanged about our details. 

She was rubbing her legs with mine and I was not the one to give away this chance. Somehow I took hold of her hand and started rubbing it. She enjoyed it and slowly her comfortable with me. She said let us go to the last seat as people were watching us. We then shifted over to the last seat. I started rubbing my hand on her stomach. Her skin felt very smooth and was very fair in colour. Slowly and slowly 

I was arousing her by my hand. I placed my hand on her right breast and started pressing it. It felt very smooth. It was the first time that I had gone that far with any women. Her breast were very small probably size of 36B. She in-turn placed her hand on my member and started pressing it from outside. We could enjoy this for just half an hour or so as her stop had come and she had to get down. We finalized our meeting time and place for the next week. She was a married lady. 

Next week we met at the bus stop in Baroda and had dinner in a hotel. We decided to take a room in a hotel where we can be comfortable for the night although I had taken a room on a rent where I did not want to take her. After dinner we went to the hotel. No sooner we had entered the room I embraced her and started kissing on her face and her neck. It was for the first time that I was with a woman in a room and had the liberty to do anything. 

We removed each others clothes and embraced each other. We moved to the bed. We were sleeping side by side and holding each others hand . I started pressing her breast which were quite small although I preferred big sizes. It can stir anyone’s loins seeing a big size breast women and a big protruding butt is an even more erotic. I wanted to play and suck here breast but she was very reluctant to allow me to do that. Somehow 

I could suck her breasts. At the same time I was fingering her with my right hand. She was getting very hot and I could hear moans coming from her. By the time I was finished with her breast she had already had her first orgasm. She was at the same time was playing with my penis. I got a size of around 6 inches which is the average size of an Indian male. But mine is a thick one which she said when she compared it with her husband. . 

I could no longer control myself being the first time for me. Just got between her legs and positioned my penis on the entrance of her pussy. Felt the urge to just plunge in to the depths of so called heaven but controlled myself. I just wanted to prolong the pleasure that was about to cum oops come. She got hold of my penis and guided in to her love hole. I just penetrated her smoothly. 

She had already had her first orgasms so it was already wet inside and I had no difficulty to push it in. It was the first time that I was experiencing the pleasure and I have no words to express the feeling I had. I just had the feeling that it was the best thing that I have come across. I could hear the soft moan from my partner and I could not control myself. It was involuntary that I started the to and fro motion. It was a slow process and I didn’t want to end so fast. I had shagged quite a lot prior to going to the hotel so that I could prolog my first experience. 

Just kept my penis in her pussy and allowed myself to feel the warm and intense pleasure of her pussy. It was incredible. I started kissing her on her lips. She started moving her butts. She wanted me start fucking her. But I was in no mood to fast fuck her. I started the slow motion. I just pulled her legs apart and kept them on my shoulders. I could see her pussy very clearly. The to and fro motion was exciting her. 

She was reciprocating my actions. She would bring her pussy forward when I was to renter her pussy. This would give her much pleasure. Slowly I pulled and pushed my duck in a rotating manner. She was getting ecstatic. I could feel her inner walls getting tightened. She was reaching her climax. I increased my pace and I also wanted to come with her but then suddenly took out my dick. I just looked at her face. She looked puzzled as to why I had removed my dick suddenly. 

With a surprise I plunged my dick back into her pussy. She let a deep moan and urged me to fuck her faster and tear apart her pussy. Her moans and her saying made me more harder and I increased my speed further. I could see her getting ready for another orgasm. My balls were banging against her ass. The noise was getting much larger. I didn’t care about the neighbor rooms. 

I wanted to just enjoy my first night. I could feel her pussy walls contracting and she just embraced me tightly as she came. She just dug her nails on my back. I just could not control myself and also came with her. I just cum in her pussy. She had a Copper T installed in her pussy so there was no risk if pregnancy. 

I was panting with sweat all over my body. She was also panting and sweating. I asked her how was the first time with me. She just pulled me to herself and kissed me on my lips. She said it was great. After lying over her for sometime my dick slipped out of her pussy I could see her pussy wet with my juice as well as hers. She got up and said she is going to the toilet for a leak. I followed her to the toilet. As she sat on the toilet I could see jets of her urine coming out of her pussy. Seeing the sight I was getting hard. 

It was for the first time that I was getting so hard so soon. After she had done her work we moved to the bed once again. I told her to move into the doggy position. As she got on her fours I mounted from her backside and with a single push entered her pussy. Since I had cum just sometime back I knew that it would sometime for me to ejaculate once again. I caught hold of her hanging breast and started kneading her nipples with one hand. 

Her butt was so big that I was getting harder and harder by the minute. I kept on pounding her pussy rapidly. She kept on pleading me stop as it was hurting her abdomen with the kind of pounding I was giving her pussy. After 10 minutes of fucking her in the doggy position I was panting and sweating. I said I am coming and released my load for the second time in her pussy. She also came with me and I fell on her. 

It was the beginning of my relationship with her. That night I had sex with her almost 5-6 times. By morning my hips were paining. When she reached her home she had developed fever. It was a wonderful relationship with her. After moving over to Delhi I lost contact with her. I still cherish those moments with her. Bye everyone. I hope everyone would like my experience.

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