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Darr K Aagae Jeet Hai

My name is Azhar,am 23 yrs age. In all my young days till now am quite attracted to matured lady’s specially who are friendly and thinks life is for once , and a person can only live up to his / her given time and want to enjoy fully out of it. One of such incident happened with me when I was staying in Mumbai. Actually I was working there, in a reputed MNC company. And I was very far away from my home. 

I was staying there in rented house of a community with other peoples staying over there. As I was very good in getting familiar with different peoples, I faced no problem in getting familiar with peoples around me staying in the community. My neighbors were well behaved towards me though they were all staying with their respective families. There was a neighbor as such who were very much liked me. 

They were only two of them with a 2yrs old son. I used call them as aunty and uncle only, as they were quite an elder than me. Aunty was 10 yrs older than me and her husband was 12-15 yrs older than me. As my work was very demanding , I use to come home at late hours of the day , tired and feeling to have a good sleep. These things happened many days and my neighboring uncle and Aunty watched several times. One day they invited me when I just came home; they invited me by telling that 

I can have my dinner over their place instead going out again. As I thought that was not a bad 
idea and also they were requesting I agreed upon. That evening we all enjoyed the dinner together and in the way we also became very familiar to each others. When finished I went to my 
house which was just beside their house. A week later I was given the charge for night shifts in my workplace. So I use to come home by 9am. And resting for the whole day again at 10pm 
I had to leave. 

That week when my night shifts were on aunty use to sometimes take care of me for my 
breakfast and lunch. In the meantime we chatted a lot on different topics. These were all happening when uncle was out to his office. Once when I was sitting in her house, casually she asked what I do in the night shifts, do I really work or I look for fun. I asked her what she really meant of fun. She replied that I should be knowing that am not a kid. 

From that I understood what she meant, as the conversation kept on going we became frank in our approach, even she didn’t hesitate asking me about my sexual experience if I had any. I said no. ( dear readers before going deep in story let me say that aunt was sexually very attractive , she was fair in complexion nicely curved figure , specially her ass ,Her boobs I use to stare at them very much as they can’t pass by any male unnoticed , and she was very soft 
spoken her smile was like an angel.) 

Suddenly, her 2yrs old kid woke up started to cry, she hurriedly went to that 
room and when returned she was breast feeding him, seeing that I was in state of shock and embarrassment. I tried to avoid seeing that as I already saw her one boob out of her blouse and the child was feeding onto it. Though it shocked me but it also aroused me too, as I saw her big swollen white boob was out of her blouse while the other one was covered in the other cup. 

It seemed as she was not wearing bra because she had to feed the child often. She was 
absolute ignorant of me and was roaming free in front of me and acted as if I was not there at all. Slowly I gained some courage, started to watch what in fact was offered to me. I can clearly see her cleavage, her naval area but she was totally ignorant of my presence. Suddenly she asked me what you are looking at Rahul. I thought the ground beneath my feet shocked. 

I shuttered, but she said, Raju, it seems that you never saw a child’s breast feeding. In return I just afford to give a smile to her. As the baby slept. She quietly kept him on the bed and returned to this room. And asked, me do you like that? I just nodded my head in appreciation, and only I knew how I said yes to her, my heart was throbbing inside as she was staring right into my eyes. I tried to leave her place but she held my hand smilingly urged me to stay back for sometime more, as she felt lonely in these hours of the day. 

So, I stay back. She then started to play games by quizzing me. How I feel with elder women? Do they attract me sexually? What is my choice of woman? When she asked the last 
question I replied I can only dream a woman like you who is attractive in nature and soft spoken. Hearing this, she was impressed and was smiling looking into my eyes. Then she asked me how I 
look at her, I said as friend who is elder than me. Then she said do you like to do 
a favor to your friend, I said sure. 

She then holds my hand and said do I look attractive to you? I said yes, off course 
you are attractive. She smiled in return and gave me kiss on my forehead. Then 
she said Rahul I started to like you too, and I want you to make me happier. As she said that everything was clear for me, I decided to agree on her offer. So, I nodded my head in return. She 
smilingly, hugged me kissed me gently all over my face. 

In return I hugged her quit tightly and felt like her boobs were getting smashed on my chest, it felt really good, as the soft bosoms of her flattened on my chest. In the meantime things were getting a bit heated up. As we kept kissing and hugging each other, our kissing developed in a passionate tongue twisting kiss. We both were searching for each other’s tongues and sucking it passionately. 

Then I broke the kiss and said what was in my mind, I said her that I wanted to feel her heavy bosoms as they attract my imagination. She happily opened the buttons of blouse and the two bosoms were set free. They are big swollen and soft. I touched one of her tits and she rolled her eyes back. Then lowered my mouth on her and started to suck I thought some milk will flow out of her tits but its not , then she laughed back and taught me not that way. She sat on the bed and told me to lay down my head on her couch. 

I saw two big tits hanging right over my face to be sucked like a baby. She then, put her one tit into my mouth and told me to take more of it in mouth, until the whole areole was in my mouth, and said to suck now, wow what a thing her warm sweet milk from those fleshy boobs was flowing into my mouth. I kept on sucking while squeezed the other one. I squeezed the nipple hard and it became erect. 

While dried up this one, started to suck on the other boob. By this time she started to unzip my pant and pushed it down to my knees, and slid her one hand inside my underwear. She was playing with my tool. Caressing it softly while moving the skin up n down on my shaft. She asked me how you keep this huge cock inside. She was caressing with my balls. Then I got up and she bent over my lap and took the full length into her mouth, sucked it hard, very hard indeed. I felt like I will cum in her mouth there only. 

As I said her I am Cumming she didn’t moved her head and eventually came in her mouth 
she swallowed my cum as much as possible. I was then lying over there, on her bed and fondling with her tits. She touched my cock and my balls caressing them griping my cock in hand and moving them up n down motion. Suddenly I felt I was hard again. This time, I undressed her totally, goodness gracious what a sight to see. Below her boobs there starts another world of 

Her navel was deep , curved smooth white hips , nicely curved thighs , a protruding fleshy buttock , and between all these a glistening plumpy hairless love triangle. Phew! I thought 
that was enough to kill a man in an instance. She, was standing nude in front, I hold her tightly against my body we were pressing onto each other’s body. I made her lay down on the bed 
on her back. We kissed deeply, as our tongue played on our mouth swirling in. simultaneously squeezing her boobs. 

Then moved down, sucked both her tits, squeezed some milk out of those. Swirl my tongue deep into her navel. At this she started to moan slowly and was pressing my head for more. Then, moved further down and between her fleshy thighs, I licked I her thighs bite them, licked her pubic region. I put my hands under buttocks and she spread her legs apart. Licked her asshole, and then slowly licked her pussy. Pressed my tongue harder inside and parted her pussy lips. 

Jabbed one index finger into her asshole while I sucked her clit. By this she was arching her back up and then falling down. Holding the back of my head she was pressing my head for more intense and deep sucking on her pussy. She was moaning quit loudly and I was afraid that it may just wake up her kid. As my action was kept on going she was thrusting her pussy on my face and was shaking violently. Then she came screaming….right onto my face I drunk her juices as much as possible. 

But my erection by that time was painful. She jumped up from her lying position and 
bend over my dick she took full of that in her mouth and sucked it hard. When she moved her head it was glistening with her saliva. She pushed me to lay down on my back. And squirted over my dick it entered in her as it pushed its head inside her. Her mouth was opened and 
was looking at the genitals. She started to squirt over slowly then became faster and faster. 

And she bent forward offering me to suck on her tits while she kept on pumping on my dick. I took one tit in my mouth while squeezed the nipple of the other one harder and painful. Sucked both the tits alternatively. Then she got up and changed her position in doggy style and told me to hump her from back as she like this position very much. I settled myself behind her and pushed my dick inside. 

Humped her so furiously that she buried her face on the bed. And with each thrust she was jerked ahead. She was grinning with pain while her face was buried in the bed. As I was very much 
fond of her ass too. They were nicely shaped like two globes placed side wise. Fair in complexion and was shining because of the sweat. I pulled out from her cunt. She tried to look over her shoulder thinking what happened by that time I place the tip of my cock at the 
entrance of her brown eye. 

It didn’t require any lubrication as my cock was already slippery because of her cunt 
juices. I shoved it inside her asshole and her head thrust backward. Grinning in 
pain, she tried to suppress her screaming by pressing her lips together. I was able to enter the head of my dick only and it got sort of locked inside as her sphincter gripped firmly on my cock. I started to push inside slowly and entered all my full length. She was urging me to stop that. 
But her urging felt in deaf ears. 

I kept on pumping her ass. At one point I pulled out and that left ass gaping. When the 
gap was slowly getting to close. I pushed in again. I stood up on my feet and while half squirting position I was humping her ass from behind like a mad dog. I reached ahead to cup her tits. Squeezed them hard. Pinched the nipples hard. And saw her looking at my face over her shoulder. There was an expression of pain in her face , but she was enjoying and was meeting my thrusts by giving back thrust. 

I was about to cum and wanted her to drink all that down her throat. So, pulled out and while standing onto the bed I hold her chick up right at the tip of my cock and in anticipation she 
opened her mouth and discharged loads of cum into her mouth she sucked the tip hard and drank all the juices. We were so exhausted, that we laid there for about an hour or so. Then we, both 
cleaned up our selves. And I went to my room as she kissed me and hugged me and thanked me. 

Later, I came to know why she was that desperate. Her husband used to have a quick fall 
problem. And over that he was very much ignorant to sex and her sexual feelings. Whenever he felt the urge, climbed onto her comes within 5mins. And falls asleep. She couldn’t bear it after her 3yrs of married life. Things were driving her crazy and then she found me. It’s sad but, at the end I promised her to keep her happy and she doesn’t require going to other males for her needs. That kept her happy. And kept her family life just like a happy family. 

As the day progressed I was getting attracted deeply with her. And we shared a good bondage between us. In times I use to go to her house while her kid was awake. But at the same time we need to do something to settle the fire. So, we used to have few quick sessions than longer ones. One day I saw her in the kitchen her kid was playing in the other room, so I thought of quick fire. She was cooking I grabbed her from behind rubbed my dick on her ass. Pressed her 
boobs. Lifted gown from the back I gave her good oral session. Other day, when 
she asked for milk for my coffee 

I said yes and when went to the kitchen I came following her and lifted her blouse 
from down sucked her tits and drank a lot of milk. One I told her to bent down 
over the kitchen sink and lifted her gown from the back and fucked her hard and came in her, while her husband was in the bathroom and her kid was sleeping. We enjoyed both very much. And kept both of us happy. I was then planning to move out of Mumbai. 

As I got a nice job offer from Gujarat. But before leaving we did all sort of things. But unfortunately she moved to Delhi few months before. Anyway, she is still in touch with me via e-mails. By the way, I have taken special permission from her to write this story. So, how you like my story please feel free to send in your replies. Any lady from Gujarat like to get in touch can always step ahead. mail me at

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