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Hi Readers this is Shalini from Hyderabad. The story which I am going to narrate to all you sexy people happened to me some 3 months back. But before we start let me share with you my biodata. My name is Shalini. I live in outskirts of Hyderabad. I am a software engineer by profession and my bio is I am 5’6 tall, fair complexion (punjaban kudi) with 32-26-34 figure.
I love myself a lot and more than me what I love is grass. Well it was Friday night around 2 PM in night. I was returning from office. Due to a missed deadline I stayed late to complete my work. Because of the same I skipped my dinner and was dam hungry. The ass hole cabbie left be on the main street and asked me to cover that 100m distance walking.
Due to hunger my head was paining like hell and was hoping to reach home as soon as possible so that I can smoke a grass and collapse on my bed not to get up for next two days. On my way home I saw a dim light in the neighbouring Chinese restaurant called china town. As rats were already fucking my stomach I decided to try my luck to find something to eat.
I changed my course and started walking towards the restaurant. From far I saw three people sitting in the restaurant drinking and laughing loudly. Walking ahead I realized the guys to be the manager, waiter and the cook with whom I was familiar as I was regular customers of the place. I was quite happy as I was sure I would find something to eat here. I opened the door and walked it.
The drunk chikie eyes looked at me. Not able to make out whether the eyes were open or shut I asked them if they have got something to eat left. The manager with drunken shaggy voice said it’s closed to which I replied them to see if something can be made. The manager got aggressive and shouted at me leave bitch restaurant is closed.
Hunger, headache and his aggression made me lose my calm and I shouted back madarchood chinki chila mat jaake ek fried rice bana. The manager got up from the seat but the cook stopped him. Cook made him sit back and told me to sit as he will prepare fried rice for me. I sat in a chair. I felt a sign of relief as finally I was about to eat some food before I will lose myself in smoke of grass.
The cook went inside and within a minute called manager and waiter as well. Fried rice usually takes 10 minutes to prepare and so do my two favorite songs to play. I switched on my i pod and started enjoying munni and sheela song. Suddenly the waiter came out and shut down the shutters. I asked him what he is doing to which he replied serving you might attract others so closing it down.
I plugged in my ear plug again and started listening to song. The waiter went in again. In a minute again the waiter and manager came out. The manager eyes were staring my boobs and chikie waiter expression was kind of mischievous. I smelled some danger but before I could do anything waiter and manager came very close to me and stood. I told them for space to which manager replied mein madarchood chinkie.
Aa tujhko fried rice khilata hu apne hatoon se the manager covered my mouth with a towel while waiter grabbed my arm. They both pulled me and took inside the kitchen. Overcoming my resistance they made me lie on the floor. The cook came in to scene and with a smile said here madam enjoy your fried rice. The manager who was holding my mouth with one hand was pressing my boobs with other while the waiter was removing my jeans belt.
He unlocked the buckle and lowered the chain exposing my red laced panty. He lowered my jeans and brought his nose very near to my chut. He smelled it and said” kya mast mahak aa rahi hai madam ki chut se and kissed my triangle over my panty.
While I was struggling and shouting the cook came to me and slapped me hard making me complete silent.  Chup ek dum chup kar randi Sali the manager stretched my arms and pulled back my black t shirt.
I was only in my red bra and panty now. Cook’s eyes got glued to my boob. Aaj iski saari chavi utarte hai”, said the waiter and climbed on me. He started smooching me and licking my neck. I started to struggle more looking at which the manager caught my arm firmly while the cook took hold of my legs. As I struggled more the manager slapped me harder while waiter kept licking and biting my neck. My useless struggle left me exhausted and I came to a point where I cannot give a fight at all.
The manager understood this and left my hands. He now started pressing my boobs harder and slide his hands under my bra to pinch my nipples. I wanted to resist but was helpless. The manager told waiter to get off from me. He stood up and here I was lying in red bra and panty in front of three chinkies. The hard on was too be clearly seen from there pants. The manger came near me and kissed my cheeks. I said please leave me to which he replied let the game begin.
He signaled the rest and placed his palm over my boobs. He then slide his hands under my bra and exposed my milky boobs. He unhooked bra and threw it away. Meanwhile the cook removed my panty and was licking my chut while the waiter was licking my naval. I was fully tired and was not at all in a position to even scream for help. The manager now unzipped his pant and took out his penis out.
I was huge monster tool and fully prepared to fuck my cute little chut. I got scared and in a tried voice begged for mercy. But my voice was falling on def ears. Manager took his penis and tried pushing it in my mouth. He placed it on my lips as I didn’t open my mouth. He said muh khol kutiya I didn’t and he closed me nose with his hands forcing me to open my mouth.
As soon as I did, he slide his monster penis inside and making me suck it with his every stroke. I sucked his penis for some 5 minutes. He then took it out and I saw other two chikie wikies standing hard right in front of my eyes. All four of us were naked now. Cook suddenly said, madam ur fried rice is also ready do you want to eat.” He went to platform and brought fried rice in a bowl.
On the way he picked some chili sauce and soya sauce as well. He sat near me and said “madam your fried rice. Do you mind if we take one bite from it” saying that he threw the whole rice on my naked body. Manager and waiter started laughing. Cook said” guys start eating” Both of them came on my body and started eating the fried rice. They were eating like hungry dogs digging their teeth on my boob and biting my nipples.
The cook took chili sauce and rubbed on my belly. The cook announced that sauces are down here and applied chilli sauce on my chut as well. My chut burned like hell but the burning sesation was giving me more excitement. Cook spread soya sauce on my triangle as well started licking my pussy and biting my clits. I was now a feast to the three chiki bastards who were licking me all over my body. The cook then rolled me over exposing my round gand to him.
He made some space in my buttock cracks and sprayed soya sauce in it. He then took his tongue and licked it right from top to bottom. He also licked my shit hole and applied sauce on it. After he was done, he slide a finger in my shit hole and started stroking it. It was bit painfull but I was exhausted by now and gave no resistance. The waiter said then chalo madam ki bhook mitaye
The cook and manager each kept a boob in their mouth while the waiter inserted his penis inside me. I was fully wet to which waiter commented randi natak kar rahi hai.. maja aa raha hai usko bhi dhek pura pani nikal raha hai yahan” They laughed and waiter increased his strokes. He fucked me for some 5 minutes and shed his whole cum inside me.
The manager replaced him and placed his monster cock inside me. He raised my legs on his shoulder and kept his hand on my triangle. He then with one stroke inserted in my cute little chut. It was painfull and I screamed ahh aooo with pain. The cook to avoid my noise put his testis inside my mouth while waiter kept sucking my boobs and folding them as well. The manager also fucked me for some time and finally shed off.
I was left with no energy now and my eyes were slowly and slowly getting closed. The cook’s turn came and he told me to go doggy. I didn't respond to which manager and waiter made me to take the position. He the told other Dhek mein kaisi iski gand maarta hu. He inserted his 9 lund into my ass hole and gave me most painful experience. It pained like hell with his each fast and slow strokes. I kept screaming in pain.
He continued pumping in and out and pain increased. I couldn’t bear any further pain now and I fainted. Splash a glass of water was thrown on my face and I woke up. The chikies were standing in front of me with their clothes on. They looked frightened. Cook said “Thank god she is alive. I was so scared. Madam chalo abhi ghar jaao. I was naked and saw for my clothes.
Manager gave me my bra while cook gave me my t shirt and jeans. I asked for my panty to which waiter replied madam I am keeping it as souvenir. While he said that he smelled my panty and said “mast mahek aati hai yaar apki chut se. I wore my dress left the place. I was really exhausted. I opened my room door and fell on bed.
I saw grass under my pillow. I lighted my grass and smoked to forget the incident. Grass erased all my tensions and I slept. Next day morning I woke up late. My head, my pussy, my ass and my whole body was paining. I made my way to bathroom and removed my clothes. My body was full of red chili sauce. Teeth marks of those chikies were clearly visible on my neck boobs and my ass.
Suddenly I lowered my eyes and from my blur vision saw something written on my belly. I opened my eyes wide open to read it which said “Thank you visit again China town. Slut inside me told that this was the best fuck I ever had in my whole life surely I will visit china town again. Enjoyed my story? So write me emails and comments at I appreciate comments of those who hated it as well so that one day I can please you too. My previous post was “Shanti spice in our married life”

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