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Hello readers I am sending few stories that were sent to me by my chat friends I have kept the content same for most of the stories just few extra words added to excite you readers. Keeping to context of the story same is my objective and hope you find it exciting to read this.
Hello Smita Pravin here I have read a story about someone from Medical Transcription Company written by you and so I am telling you my tale regarding the same. I am just briefing it to you working in this company for the last 4 years as admin job. June 2008 onwards this company had a problem and people started to leave and 25 people staff came to a stand still at 3 out of one Neelima was the only
One who was working and the other female Renu was just sir’s chamcha aur chamachi whatever and I knew sir has being using her regularly October 2008 onwards I became closer to Neelima and she was 27 years old and to be frank she was just a normal woman and there was nothing special about her. She was a woman who could never have an extra martial affair. I was a man of 25 years close to women for the first time in my life.
We were together always from 8 am to 6 pm have a lunch together and if the work was more I could drop her home. Our office was a small 3 room flat converted and our boss, Milind had another flat next door and most of the time Maya was out there. The only thing was that the galleries were attached where one can go and come out of those two flats. Neelima and I started getting closer and closer and one day March 14 or 15th there was a huge rain out here and I went to drop to her place.
The rain was too heavy that we had to wait under a tree on her way home. Both were wet and she was shivering and that was the first time I held comforting rubbing her back. My cock stood up for the first time in my life and I knew she could feel the same after some time when we reached her house I hugged to which she was very angry on me and I was afraid and rushed back to home. That was different thing that I masturbated thinking of fucking her.
Next day in the office she said sorry to me and all that blahs and we were friends again but our relationship changed within 2 weeks and we started to get intimate with each other. I started kissing her teasing her pressing her here and there he she allowed me to suck her breast. Milind sir use to leave at 3 in the afternoon and never come back to office so Neelima also use to finish her as work as early as possible and we started our small game.
One day as she unzipped me and started to suck my cock I went mad and to be very frank I had cum within 4-5 blowjobs her. But she never allowed me to go further. She did allow me to finger fuck me and also did allow me to suck her hairy cunt. But she was too afraid of sex so I too was happy with my oral sex.
August 15th sir didn’t turn up and it was Saturday. Had few work and as it is Saturday’s work we were able to send on Sunday the moment Neelima came to office we both were consumed in our kissing and all the other things. The other flat was closed I was too happy and we knew Milind wont be coming to office.
Neelima was on computer table and my hands were inside her sari and I was sucking her breast as well as finger fucking her and she was holding my cock and we were consumed in our own lust. Suddenly we could hear “Nice going” and when we looked towards the door it was Milind Sir and he was filming us in his mobile. We both were frightened like anything and more surprised as Milind came next to her and his hands came on her shoulders and looking at her open breast nicely sucked by me.
I had already lost my erection. She immediately rushed to the other side. I was surprise to know how he came to know regarding the same. In fact he too came to know through our body language something was going between us, so he had told Maya to lock him up before I came to office. We both thought Sir hadn’t come so were in our own mood. Come Neelima, I said Milind come over here. I not hurt you sorry sir please I don't want to," she replied.
Neelima, c'mon, don't make big trouble. Come stand here, or else I will give this to your husband" said Milind, smiling showing of his cellphone. She hesitated for a moment, and then she went over to him. She stood a few feet from him, her arms at her sides, saying nothing, resigned to her fate because of me. Milind moved his hand on her open breast and she moved back.
Come on Neelima, don’t waste my time take it off, he said quietly and show us and looking at me, you have already tasted the same Pravin, Neelima didn't move Neelima," said Milind you have nice body. Now take off blouse, don't make trouble Ok, Neelima remained motionless. Neelima, growled Milind, warningly.
For a moment she didn't react. Then slowly removed of her blouse and she stood in a sweat drenched white bra and saree with her pallu down, looking at him, completely expressionless good girl, I have being watching you for 2 years never had any bad thing about you, but when you can do with this young man , why not you try with me too Neelima nicely, he said, grinning now take off this, he said, indicating her bra with his finger.
Show me you’re sucked up breasts again she hesitated take off Neelima! I said Milind. It was an order and she still didn't move for a moment or two. Then she calmly reached up behind her back and released the clip. Her full 36" breasts dropped slightly as she brought the straps round to her chest. Then she took off the cups and they swung free. She shrugged off the shoulder straps and threw the bra to join her blouse.
Her nipples were erect, like two tiny small cocks. Milind walked right round her. Then he stood in front of her, now you show me," he said and show me everything." Neelima looked quickly at me, almost as if seeking my approval. She knew she had no choice. She clasped the pleats of her sari and with her fist released them from their tucked in position from her petticoat and dropped the sari to the floor. Now she had only her petticoat and panty.
Milind went close to Neelima and untied her petticoat in a fraction of a second it dropped over her sari on the floor. Now Neelima was only in a sweat drenched white Panty. I could see the shadow of her pubic bush through them. Milind growled, remove your panty. She glanced at me briefly and then she hooked her fingers into the waistband and drew them down, stepping gracefully out of them. She tossed them onto the pile of her clothes on the floor.
She drew herself up to her full height and just stood there, completely naked, hands to her sides, waiting for Milind's next move. She was petrified and could see tears coming from her eyes. Milind walked round her, looking at her with pure lust in his eyes. He moved his rough hands on Neelima's belly and circled her deep navel. Milind stood in front of her. "Neelima, you have hot body, very nice breasts," he said.
He reached out and cupped them, one in each hand, feeling their weight. Neelima just stood, motionless, submitting totally to his fondling. Milind knew what to do to get a reaction. He took her nipples in his fingers and rolled them gently. Neelima's eyes half closed and I saw a shudder go through her body. Then he let go of one nipple and dropped his hand to her bush. He rubbed his hand up and down her hair.
I think you nice here too he said nice and tight for big cock. Neelima shuddered again and closed her eyes. Now it was certain that she was going to be fucked you like big cock Neelima? He continued, taunting her as he rubbed her bush. I have big cock Neelima, maybe you like to see? Milind then turned to me, unzipping his pants and pulled it down telling me now Pravin, he said smiling you see me. I have big cock, very stiff, good for fucking ladies.
You take good look at me, then we find out if your Girl friend good at fucking." He dropped his pants and shirts and removing his undies "What you think Pravin? Big enough for your Neelima? She like this, I think." He was gripping his cock and smiling at me, you as big as me? He let go, leaving his erection proudly sticking out towards me. To be frank seeing his cock I was tempted as he as the double size of cocks what I had and even Neelima looked at greedily.
I was just like a child and sir was around 36 years old only. His cock was thick and hard, like a rigid pole with veined ribs. It curved back towards his stomach slightly. He laughed at me, don’t worry Pravin I will fuck her like the way she wanted and then you can too fuck her you think, good idea, He pulled his cock down and let it go. It sprang up and slapped against his stomach, then remained waving about in front of him.
He looked at the expression on my face and laughed again, he was taunting me, standing there, displaying his erection. Then he turned away and went to Neelima. He stood in front of her now, his hands on his hips, proudly displaying his stiff cock. What you think Neelima? He said good, eh? My cock big enough for you? Neelima still said nothing. She just stood there but I could see that she was looking at Milind's erection.
Then Milind took a pace forward, still with his hands on his hips. Now his cock was almost touching her stomach. He took her hand and pulled it to his erection. Here, he said. Feel how hard and big I suppose it was an automatic reaction, but I saw her fingers wrap round the shaft oooh said Milind you like then? Is good for you? Maybe you like in here Neelima? He brushed his hand over her pubic hair, and then cupped his hand over her cunt.
I could see his fingers disappearing between her legs, seeking her lips. Then he brought his other hand up and cupped her breast, running his thumb over the nipple. Neelima gasped as his fingers found her spot. Her eyes half closed and I noticed her legs trembling. Her legs opened slightly, letting Milind's fingers work on her. Everything was beginning to happen naturally now. Neelima was losing her self control as Milind fondled her breast and her vagina,
She began to stroke his cock, her hand moving up and down on his shaft. My own cock was rock hard now again. It felt so real, watching the only girl in my life, stark naked, stroking Milind's huge cock. She had her eyes completely closed now but her hand continued to stroke him expertly. Now that I was aroused, I wanted to see them doing it. It would be like watching a porno movie.
My emotions made me feel guilty but my heart was pounding. I wanted to see that huge cock thrusting into her, penetrating deep into her, then a gush of sperm. I wanted to see her thrashing about, impaled on Milind's erection. She was behaving like a slut now. She deserved a good fucking. Milind took her by the hand. "Come, in" he said taking us to his room and told, stand here so your lover boy can see you do nice things.
He pulled her across the room until she was standing sideways to me. Milind stood in front of her, also sideways to me. Now then Pravin," he said your girl good with mouth eh? Make me special hard; ready to give her good fucking? What you think?  Neelima was looking down. Damn her, she was staring at his hard shiny shaft. She seemed mesmerized by it. Then she took it in her hand again. Her long fingers wrapped round it and she pumped him gently. Milind grinned at me.
You see, he said, Neelima like big cock, getting me ready to give her good time. Now Neelima, he turned to her as she worked her hand up and down on him you go down, use mouth, show Pravin how good you are. She shook her head no sir, she said quietly. I just this, it's good her hand slipped up and down his shaft quicker and Milind moaned. Then he recovered his composure. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled downwards.
Neelima resisted for a moment, and then dropped to her knees. Her hand was really flying now. She brought her other hand up and cupped his balls. Milind moaned again. Then he gripped his cock in one hand, stopping her. "Now," he said take me." He bent his cock down horizontally so that it pointed directly at her mouth. He smiled at her. She had her hands to her sides now. He pressed his cock against her lips, which parted slightly.
The tip of his cock was against her teeth. She wasn't giving in, not yet anyway. Milind's other hand went round to the back of her head. He entwined his fingers into her shoulder length hair, then pulled her head towards him. She had no choice. His cock slid into her mouth. Milind rocked his hips back and forth and I watched his huge shaft sliding ever deeper into her face. He let go of her head. Neelima's head continued to bob up and down.
Now her hands came back up from her sides. With one hand she gripped the base of his cock whilst the other cradled his balls. I could see she was doing him properly now. Her cheeks were hollow as she sucked on him and she was speeding up all the time. Milind looked at me, see Pravin," he said. "Your girl very good sucker, you must have trained her properly Look Pravin, look, look."
I wasn't getting desperate what was going on, my first girl getting pounded the way I wanted by some other guy. Milind dropped to his knees. His cock pulled out of Neelima's mouth. "Now I give you what you want Neelima, just like what I give Maya whenever she wants" he said.
He grips her arms and lifts and tells us to come with him and we moved from the gallery to the other room. I was petrified no matter the gallery was closed but still it was too dangerous. I had never seen that room before and he took us in and there was big bed out there. Standing beside the bed Milind pushed her slowly backwards. First she sat on the bed, and then she lay back. Milind was going to have her and she knew that she couldn't do anything to stop him.
Milind knelt between her legs. He put his hands on her knees and pushed them apart. Then he shuffled forward. Leaning over her, he took his cock in his hand and nuzzled it into her pubic hair, seeking her entrance. I saw the tip of his weapon lock into position, then he pushed. It slid slowly into her body. As he shafted her, her hips rose off the floor to meet him. With a thump he finished his first thrust. He remained poised over her, his cock firmly embedded.
Ahhhhh Neeeellimmmaa," he said to me, you are fucking hot baby. Oohhhhh, I could hear Neelima moaned, warily looking at him, as Milind entered his full prick deep in her cunt with one stroke. Milind removed his whole prick outside fully and started to hit his cock in my cunt lips and again with one shove he again pushed his dick-head in aaaiiiii uunnngggghhh,
She moaned feeling the pleasure of her cunt being stretched by his cock. Your husband fucks you or this bugger fucks you properly", Milind began moving his prick in and out of her cunt. I went mad seeing Neelima too was lifting her buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. Neelimmaaa, you are loving it baby ahhhh so good I like youuuuu. His hips began to rise and fall.
His cock slid quickly in and out of her, pulling her labia back and forth. Milind growled quietly as he shafted her, enjoying her body. Now there could be no doubt that Neelima the conservative women was enjoying her fucking. She had brought her legs up to allow Milind to penetrate her fully and she had her hands on his hips. Her body rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. Her head came up and she looked down over her stomach, admiring the sight of that thick cock stuck into her.
Her big breasts wobbled and shook with Milind's impacts. She was panting quickly and making small moaning noises. Milind was bringing her to orgasm. I couldn't believe it. Neelima climaxed with a loud shout "Hhaaiiiii uuunngggghhhh her long legs wrapped around Milind's body and she pulled him to her aaaaah!" She cried, gripping him tightly ooooh! Milind slowed and stopped. Nikal gaiye tere pani how was it, Maazzaa aayyaa lets do different thing he said.
He pulled his wet slippery cock out of her and stood up come Neelima" he said, offering her his hand. She took it and got up from the bed and I could her bushy cunt filled with cream. He took her to the table, placed her hands on it, then gently pushed her down, squashing her breasts onto the rough wooden top. She just lay there obediently, waiting for his next move. I was amazed how submissive she was. She was just going to do everything he said.
He took up position behind her and wiped his cock, slippery with her juices, up and down her backside. As he did this, he used his feet to spread her legs wider apart. Her buttocks opened and I saw her thick bush and puffy pink lips, aroused and ready for more sex. He bent his shaft down and probed at her, pushing her lips open, and he sought out her clit with his fingers. Milind's hand went back to his cock. He got it in just the right place, and then took hold of her hips. He eased himself forward and his cock pressed into her.
Neelima's eyes flickered open and closed as she waited for the penetration. There was a moment's resistance, his big penis bent slightly, then the bulbous head popped into her and the rest of his thick shaft followed. He grunted as he slid home, and Neelima, eyes half closed, gasped as she felt his full length sliding into her.
Yes good? Milind enquired as he took his first full-length thrust aaaaahhhh nice? His shiny wet shaft slid in and out of her, pulling her lips back and forth good? He repeated, slamming into her. Neelima moaned as he stroked her, yes" he laughed yes good, eh Neelima? And it get better, like these! Suddenly he changed tactics, pounding into her rapidly and as hard as he could.
He smacked her backside, once on each side, hard. Her body bounced back and forth on the table and she cried out. It was a cry of pleasure. Then he slowed, anxious not to ejaculate too soon, Pravin," he said turning to me, you like watching, I think, now you watch good, I fill her, pussy.
He increased his pace, thumping into her backside, making the globes of her ass wobble with the impacts. His stomach slapped against her and I could see his balls swinging. His hard shiny shaft, wet with her lubrication, whipped in and out of her. Neelima turned her head back and I saw that her face was flushed red and she was panting fast.
Milind gave a shout and I saw his cock go rock hard. "Aah, aah, aah! He cried out as his hot sperm gushed deeply into her. He continued to fuck her and sperm appeared on his cock and dripped out of my wife onto the floor. Milind patted her backside gently and withdrew. "Pravin," he said, "Neelima great fuck, really tight, really hot
The next thing made me and Neelima mad as sir lighted a cigarette and also offered to me. I went mad when Milind sir held me from behind and moving his cock on my butt and holding my cock. At one stage Neelima was so freezed when Milind sir kissed me. He made me remove my clothes and making me sit next to Neelima as she was still in a shock seeing the same and he bent and started to suck me
And at the same time finger fucking Neelima again, the manly touch and the suck what I was getting from Milind sir was too much for me to bear. I held Neelima’s breast tightly and pressed it very hard. Milind sir was greedily sucking my cock and Neelima was biting and moving her hands all over my body.
I groaned in joy. Milind sir ducked his head and sucked my balls slowly, letting them drop in his mouth, tonguing the lower orbs. I had to split my legs open and Milind sir lifted my legs and hips high, he made me keep my feet on his shoulders. Milind bent and dragged his tongue under my balls and, pulling my buttocks open, thrust his face into the dark cleft between them.
I gasped softly as Milind’s tongue swirled over my anus. I thought he was mad but the other thing was that I was enjoying it too Milind took us to the bed again and I was feeling Neelima’s huge breast covered with sweat and again he made me kneel and again started sucking and licking of my asshole in delight and at the same time jerking of my cock. I was fondling Neelima’s breasts and cunt with my hands.
My head was near her fucked up cunt and I immediately pushed my tongue in her cunt and Neelima groaned and we were in a 69 position and she brought her mouth on my cock and sucked me furiously, her head rocking rapidly up and down, jerking my cock in her fist as well as in her mouth. Milind sir entered his middle finger in my ass and started moving it to and fro and at the same time was licking of my balls as Neelima was greedily sucking of my cock.
I was in mad and at the same time in heaved as I was moaning and gasping with the wild crazy thing going on with me for the first time in my life and I too was darting in and out of her cunt. Neelima’s buttocks writhed and swayed in pleasure and her body jerked and rocked. My hips too were moving as Neelima sucked me harder and faster and I was on the verge of cumming like hell. I was out of control and I lost control as my cock just came 
I went madder as Milind and Neelima had their mouth stuck to my cock as thick gobs of gunk spattered their face. Milind just told “Guys you are going to love more being with me Neelima was about to getup when Milind held her telling, where iska kay showing his hard cock which was like hard like a rod. He told her, I can keep on fucking for 24 hours so just get ready for the same stating Milind knelt between her thighs and licked her slit.
She gasped and moaned, writhing and lurching, and I caressed her body together, fondling her breasts and face and her thighs. Neelima went mad finding Milind was exceptionally good at licking slit. It swirled and rolled every which way in her sodden slit, now whipping her gorged clit, now pressing into the tender flesh, now gentle then fierce. Neelima moaned and gasped, I gave her my semi hard cock in her mouth and she sucked it, her face turned to one side, her head rocking back and forth.
Her hips bucked and lurched. With one hand she jerked my cock, with the other she caressed Milind’s head. It moved between her thighs and his tongue was relentless in her slit. Her belly rippled with excitement and lust. Neelima got up, bending her knees, spread her legs wide open. Milind splayed her cunt-lips open with his fingers as he knelt between her thighs and leaned over on outstretched arms. You want me baby.
Milind paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and she smiled wantonly at him and, holding his shaft, guided him to her hole. Yes sir fucks me his buttocks flexed slowly and his hips dipped. The huge cock-head popped into her cunt. Neelima gasped and moaned, arching her back. Oh sir ahhh she gasped making us horny. Seeing the same I had got yet another hard one, never thought it could be so easy as Neelima started opening her mouth in pleasure it delighted me more, oooooh maa ahhh sirrrr yessss!
Milind groaned, his buttocks flexed taut, his head arched back. Slowly, he slid his penis outward and then, with a shuddering moan, plunged into her unhhhhh unhhhh ohhhhh! Neelima shrieked as the huge cock surged fast into her sodden cunt. He fucked her rapidly and hungrily, his hips rocking up and down, his powerful muscles corded, his buttocks flexing and unflexing.
Neelima gasped and thrashed under him, her hips heaving upward to meet his in descent. Faster and faster he moved, gasping and groaning his pleasure. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed frantically on his cock ooooohh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes ohhh yeh take it take it Neelimaaa take it!" Milind gasped. Neelima's cries were sharp, with Oh's and Ah's of unbridled pleasure. Her body jerked and snapped under his thrusts,
Her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, the mangalsutra around her neck slithering this way and that. I too started pressing her breasts in erotic excitement, pinching her nipples, her head flipping from side to side. Whimpering, she caressed Milind sir’s bulging biceps and deeply cleaved chest, gripped his buttocks, wrapped her legs around his rocking hips. He bent his head and smiled as his lips met hers. "Fuck, you are goood baby he gasped.
Milind sir told me to fuck her breast and I sat on her chest and held both her breast and started breast fucking her. She was delighted having two cocks to satisfy her. I didn’t knew till then but when Milind sir started licking my back giving him small bites and moving his hands on my buttocks as he went on and on with his cock driving in and out of Neelima’s cunt, appearing and disappearing between her cunt-lips.
I knew sir-loved guys too. She was too tired because of my weight on her chest so I got up I bent on my knees placing my cock in her mouth. I went crazy when Milind sir grabbed this opportunity by placing his mouth on my buttocks and started licking of my ass hole, I started to love it like anything. Milind sir moved removing his cock from her cunt and told her, “Come on Neelima let your lover boy take you, come let him fuck your pussy
Kneeling behind me, Milind spanked her buttocks and told me to fuck her. I slowly pushed my cock into her cunt and the hot fiery cunt almost swallowing my cock made me mad. Neelima gasped, her head rising, her lips drawing back in a grimace of pleasure as she felt my dick in her cunt ooooooh ma unhhh unhhh hanhhh! She cried Milind was behind me moving his hands over my butts and in between making his finger roll in my ass.
I turned Neelima on her back and parted her legs and with one go was in her sodden cunt driving her crazy. Neelima too was excited seeing me fuck her. But this made Milind sir move his cock between my asshole. He stopped me as I was fucking her and applied some kind of oil in my ass kissing my cheeks and winking at Neelima. Milind knelt behind me and, squeezing his cock-head between my buttocks, pressed it to the puckered flesh of my anus.
I went mad feeling his huge cock pop in my ass because of the oil. I could feel has his cock-head popped into his anus. I gasped, grinding my teeth together. Neelima loved the expression on my face. Digging his fingers into my buttocks, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. Neelima’s mouth too widened with an aaaahhh as she too felt my cock was too deep in her cunt and she could feel hitting at the end.
Aaahhhhhhhhhh! She cried ooohhhh yes take it! Milind gasped, tossing his head back, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my hot and tight anus. Take it! Ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhhh! Milind said “Well you love it rightooo boy, take it take ittt ahhhh. All three of us were enjoying fucking each other, moving slowly and rhythmically, pumping our hips back and forth in unison. Neelima orgasmed and I could sense as my cock felt how a women explodes bathing
My cock with her cum and it was repeatedly and it was too much for me to bear. I could feel fucking me hard and could feel his hot cum spray in my ass I too exploded in her making her gasp and moan in pleasure as she never felt this kind of excitement before Milind sir kissed both of us and telling us, enjoy your Independence day, I have some other work to do.
He left after 30 min and we both were unable to talk. She went inside the bathroom and came back dressed I too was dressed. We sat in our respective place for pretty long time and suddenly Neelima started to laugh telling me, she was really mad seeing my face when I was being ass fucked.
Then she told, I have heard people saying gand marunga many a times, aj dekha gand kaise marte in the evening she finished her work and took me to her place and I was with her till 10 in the night as her husband was having second shift. I fucked her twice that evening again and I had a wonderful Independence Day. Sunday when I received call from Milind sir telling me to come to office I went mad.
I reached around 12:30 and from 1 till 6 it was sir and me. He took me to a new world of gay sex he kissed me as if I was his girlfriend he fucked me 3 times and also made me suck his ass and also made me fuck his ass too. This was a really crazy world for me but one thing after that incident I had the pleasure of two women Maya and Neelima and off course Milind sir too who loved to fuck my ass and suck my dick and also made me fuck his ass many a times.
I loved getting fucked in my ass I wasn’t turning into gay as I liked fucking Neelima and Maya.This wonderful incident took place after 4-5 months after I had started having sex with my boss. It was Saturday night Milind sir myself Neelima and Maya had a wonderful time in office till late 9 pm. It was mind blowing then we went to drop the girls and then Milind sir took me to his house. We had few drink and watched some porn stuff and Milind sir fucked me again
I also sucked me off giving me a wonderful orgasm. I was sleeping till 8 in the morning and when I got up I was nude. I wrapped myself in a lungi and went to search Milind I went mad seeing Milind’s maid Sapna was sleeping on the dining table sir was sitting on the chair her sari was lifted off and he was sucking her. That was ok with me but the mind blowing or maddening thing was that there was teen girl who on her knees sucking Milind’s sir dick.
I went mad to find it was his maid Sapna’s daughter Laxmi. The teen Laxmi with her small hands was holding of Milind’s sir’s dick and moving her head up and down and Milind was doing the same thing with his tongue and she was writhing with lust and enjoyment as sir finger fucked her ass and licked her cunt. This was a sight to see.
Milind sir got up and parted Sapna’s leg and entered his dick. The stunning fact or the arousal fact was that that 4.5 feet girl was behind Milind sir standing on the chair telling him to fuck her mother. Sir was pumping and at that time I made my presence more near. Both women’s didn’t get frightened or anything. All three were in the same motion doing their act.
Sir told the young girl, terko naya uncle kaisa laga. He called me near him and I went mad without any shame or anything Laxmi the teen girl entered her hands inside my lungi I felt as if my dick was going to burst. It was very different feeling her soft tender hands on my dick. Sapna the maid was grunting as Sir fucked her.
I bent to kiss her and she immediately opened her mouth and I could feel the tender lips her tiny tongue entering my mouth and I could feel the pungent smell from Milind’s sir dick coming from her mouth. The way she was acting I doubted she was just a teen, but know she was with Sir for almost a year and obviously she could be like a slut as Sir had made my Neelima and Maya.
I went mad in delight when she dragged of my lungi and sat on the chair to suck my dick. This was really amazing for me never in my life I felt so good the way she took my dick in her mouth and as she was sucking my dick she even played with my dick in her left hand and she even moved her hand between Sir’s leg from behind and was playing with his balls who was fucking her mother.
Laxmi sucked and jacked me off and made me cum as my powerful sir was still fucking her mother. I came in Laxmi’s mouth and she literally drank each and every bit and sucked off my dick clean. When I came Milind sir turned Sapna into doggy style her breast stomach face crushed on the dining table. Her sari wasn’t removed and he spanked her 2-3 times and again started fucking her. Laxmi was back behind Milind sir rubbing his back kissing and biting his shoulders tickling his ears and when
Milind was about to cum, he pulled Sapna on the chair made her sit and started fucking her mouth and Laxmi was next to her mother licking his cock as his cock entered in and out of her mouth. When Sir came he jacked off on Sapna’s face and Laxmi kissed and licked off the cum from her mother’s face. Ohh god what to tell it was sight to see I had seen many a times with Neelima and Maya but this was way different.
Sir told Sapna to make tea and we were out in the main hall. Sir was having his cigarette and watching TV and I told him with his permission I could like to have sex with Laxmi. He teased me a lot and gave me his permission to fuck her. I was like in heaven just hearing the same. I had tea and Milind sir told Sapna that I could like to fuck Laxmi to which Sapna replied to him that ap to hamare malik ho sahib jo ap chaiye voh karsakhte ho sahib.
Sir told me to go and this Laxmi I felt she was more eager then me. I took her inside the bedroom and after putting her down on the bed I kissed her face, her eyes and her lips. She kissed back vigorously. Her boobs became hard and the nipples taut. Laxmi moaned softly. I asked. If that feels nice, she moaned telling she loves it.Then I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked on it oooohhhh she moaned. I licked her tits and moved lower towards her cunt.
Ohh it was so beautiful so tender I separated her cunt lips with my fingers and gave her cunt a couple of licks, she moaned loudly, I licked faster for the next 4-5 mins. The young teen girl screamed and squirted her cum into my mouth. Then I made her suck my cock. She sucked for a few minutes she licked my cock from its hairy roots to the head. She twirled her tongue around its swollen head. She licked my thighs and gently licking.
Laxzmi gently squeezed and licked my balls. She kept switching from one to the other. After a while she took my cock in her mouth and commenced to suck it ooooh Laxmi, acchhaaa laaagggg raahhhaaa' I moaned closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation her warm mouth was producing. I knew Milind sir had made her a pro at her teen age. Soon I felt my sperm rising. My cock became bigger and harder. I didn't want to cum in her mouth again so stopped her. I got on top of Laxmi and commenced to rub my hard on in between her cunt lips.
Then I raised her legs and placing them on my shoulders rubbed my cock in between the lips of her choot oooooyyyiiii, she squealed enjoying the sensation. It was time to fuck her. I placed my cock on the entrance of her cunt and slowly pressed forward. Oowwwwa Laxmi screamed as the head of my cock, stretching her small hole, entered her cunt.
Looking at her I pulled back a little and lunged forward aaaayyyyyyiiiiiiieeeee she screamed as my cock, surged in her cunt and buried my cock to the hilt inside her cunt. I again removed my cock and rammed my cock into her cunt oooowwaaa. I commenced to fuck her with slow long strokes. I fucked her for five minutes. During this time I constantly kept varying the speed and the length of my strokes.
Laxmi lay under me with her eyes wide open and moaning groaning like a young teen slut. I was not going to last too long. My speed increased and the strokes became shorter. Her hips kept also moved faster. Suddenly her body arched and she threw back her head. She screamed and laid gasping for breath as I felt her tiny cunt spasming and bathing my cock with her cunt juices.
After few more strokes I shot my-cum into her teen cunt and fell panting of her breasts. For a moment our lips drew together. I broke off the kiss and rolled off in the afternoon we all four were in the bathroom. Sir had a huge bathroom with bath tub and what not and both mother daughter bathed me and Milind sir off course fucking them and I fucked Sapna in the bathroom had beer.
I went made seeing Sir’s huge dick in Laxmi’s teen cunt it was sight to see and she was enjoying in the evening Sir had gone for some work I was alone with Laxmi and Sapna the mother daughter duo. I fucked both of them in the same way as Milind sir was fucking Laxmi in the morning. Everything was wonderful sex was more wonderful till December 2009 as I write this to you.
I am having sex with Maya, Neelima, Laxmi and her mother Sapna whenever I felt like. We also had one more female Pooja who too was our office maid. Our old maid left so Sapna brought in her cousin whom I and sir fucked her the first day itself. That’s a different issue that Sir too fuck me in my ass and I have to fuck him his ass but that’s was ok as I was getting all the girls whenever I want.

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