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Backpain To Pleasure – Part II

Hello friends, I am a regular reader of Iss and wish to contribute this real story of my session with my hubby and our family friend for a world record 5 times in 24 hours. I am a 28 yr old housewife with pretty large sized boobs and very beautiful other assets. I am proud of my assets as they are the media thru which I hold my hubby throughout the day. 

We are little oversexed I should say as we play almost all possible games and that too every day for an hour at least. My hubby is very broad minded and finds joy in my joy and we even fanaticized having sessions with our close friends and enjoyed the sessions. Once that fantasy became reality due to boldness of both of us and i recall the entire episode often. 

One day our family friend, a young man of my hubby’s age and beautiful body rang up and told that he will be coming to us for a day’s stay on the way to his work place and we both welcomed him to stay overnight with us. Subsequently my hubby had to attend a function on that day afternoon and had to leave me for half a day in the company of our friend and I expressed my reservations to my hubby as staying alone will be easier than with an opposite sex friend. 

But my hubby supported me and asked me to be bold and cool. I too prepared myself but got very excited as that very friend was the one regular fellow in our sexual fantasy. My hubby got up early at 5 and received our friend at the bus stand and on their arrival we chatted for a while then thought of having a small sleep as it was only 5.30 in the morning. 

The friend was asked to sleep in the guest room while my hubby and I tried to sleep in normal bedroom. Soon my hubby got up and as usual (morning session love has been his weak point) started fucking me. I resisted for a while as it was almost morning and our friend was there outside but hubby did not allow me to relax and in no time we were in birthday suits and playing together, 

It was a lively session more so because we knew that our friend was definitely not sleeping outside. While coming out from our room at 7, I watched the smiling face of our friend and his teasing smile conveyed all that he came to know about our morning session. At eleven i finished my cooking while only taking bath was left over and they were chatting on everything. I hurried my hubby to finish bathing and move out as it was time to attend his function. 

As i entered the bath room my hubby too pushed me inside and entered forcibly. I refused any new session at this odd time and odd place but my hubby was not agreeing and in the guise of taking bath we started the game under the shower. We continued without minding our friend outside and i thoroughly enjoyed the game in standing position. 

This was the second session within 6 hours and presence of our friend in the house made both of us horny and joyful. We came out and to my surprise my hubby asked me to enjoy the rest of the day with his friend and i asked how instead of refusing the proposal. He suggested to create some scenes from our fantasies and confirmed that he did not mind the sessions with our friend. 

My hubby left for the function after wards while i started chit chatting with our friend before the TV. I could not properly face the teasing face of friend as he was definitely aware of our two sessions but i picked up courage later on and asked his marriage plans and everything. The talks turned personal and he was gauging my assets I was sure, as I was wearing a tight fit sleeveless panjabi dress. 

We had lunch without any special thing but he continued to enjoy my uncovered arms and deep necked top i was sure. I was fully aroused by then and my hubby’s support made me to carry on. I pretended some back and shoulder pain and asked our friend if he could massage a little, even as he searched for answers, I pressurized him and asked him not to worry as we were lonely and my hubby will not mind him touching my body for good reason. 

I took him to our bed room and directed him to my shoulders. He was little shy but on my insistence, held my shoulders and started pressing both my shoulders and arms. I exhibited part of my big boobs thru the shoulder gap and watched his face change colors and breathe changing speeds. For almost 5 minutes he massaged my shoulders and neck and now it was time for massaging my back. 

I asked him to massage my back and he thought for a moment that i will not be removing my top and agreed with shy looks. I was fully excited and in seconds removed my top and lay on the bed upside down. I asked him to be bold and massage my back. He was staring at my back portion and was hesitant a little bit but i insisted and he had become bold. He started pressing me right from shoulders to hips. 

I could measure his excitement in those loose shorts while i was fully enjoying the massage. I asked him to bring water and he obliged. By the time he brought water, i was sitting with only my bra and panty, front side open to him as if nobody was there and he gave me the water, i was looking at him while he was viewing my whole body. 

I asked him whether he could massage further and he could not refuse… I laid down again but soon asked him to remove my bra and i asked him to sit on my hips and massage properly so that i could enjoy 100%, like an obedient student, he removed my bra and sat on my hips and massaged full. I was in heaven in fact and 

I could sense his organ pressing my hips while his hands were almost caressing side portions of my big breasts. Finally i asked it was enough and he got down from my hips. I seen thru his eyes and he was very much eager to see my boobs and i asked whether he needs some exercise for hands? He smiled and i turned on facing him bare chest and took his hands and placed them on my big breasts. 

He asked whether it was ok and i told him to go ahead and to my luck, he woke up now and removed my panty and made me totally nude. We sat closer and played on our bodies together for a while. He started chewing my breasts and the play was really on. Then i jumped on him and covered him in 69 position and took his tool in my mouth while he started licking between my thighs. 

This continued for long and we both enjoyed as if there was no tomorrow. I could not end up there and asked him to enter me and fuck me as he could. I sat on the sofa keeping my legs wide-open while he entered me from front side, holding both my boobs and striking nonstop for may be some two hundred times. Finally he fell all over me and we both shared the bath room to end the session. 

At late night my hubby came back from the function while my friend was fast asleep after thorough fucking session in the evening. My hubby enquired about anything special and i told the back pain turned pleasure in brief. We both entered the room where friend was sleeping and became completely nude. 

My hubby hide behind door while i woke up the friend. Initially surprised at my advance, he resisted and told that my hubby may turn up any moment but i gone ahead removing his night dress and hugged him all over. We played again while my hubby was seeing from corner. I was riding him over while his hands were on a workout with my big boobs. I finally allowed him to ride on me and he screwed me for almost 15 minutes. 

Once he finished my hubby came out and my friend was astonished to get caught. My hubby asked him not to worry as he knew our sessions. I thought my four sessions on the day are over but it was not to be and my hubby caught me for the final session. In front of our friend my hubby entered me in doggy position and we worked out a lively 5th session. 

In the middle, friend too joined to hold my gangling boobs and i had it all as never before. We finished there and i had in fact no energy to stand. So friends if anybody wants to enjoy this type of session, my request is pls. invite my hubby’s friend for at least once in your life. U may mail him at His name is Mr. Kaps. write to me for comments about my story.

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