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Autobiography Of A Bastard – Part II

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I recall the time when the orphanage that house me was shut down due to lack of fund. It was in Kudh, J & K in India. I was barely young then and did not have a penny in my pocket and not a grain in my stomach. Mindless to the bright sun that shone above me I was walking up the National Highway when I spotted a Abdul Tea Stall, a small broken tea shop. The owner, an old man was frying Pakoras(Indian snacks) that set my mouth watering. 

The owner happened to look up and saw me staring hungrily at his frying pan.”Bhookh lagi hai kia? Khayoge?(Are you hungry?Will you eat?). I could not answer. May be he was kidding. No body gives anything to anyone for free.”I don’t have money” I replied.”Who asked for money? Come on son, eat Abdul’s pakoras” I will never forget Abdul’s kind smile as he gave me a couple of Allu pakoras and I wolfed the food down, not looking up. ” 

Where do you live, son?” he asked and I told him about the orphanage and he listened to me seriously. I had nowhere to go to.” Will you work for me? I mean washing the dishes. I will give you food, a bed to sleep on and a little pocket money.” I was astonished, dumbstruck. What more could I ever ask for from God! I accepted the offer. Just then I heard a woman’s voice,”Abbu, who are you talking to? 

I am going to wash the glasses.” I turned to look in the direction of the woman, who must be in her 30s, the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She wore tattered black salwar kamiz which showed some very white patches of female skin. Shee had a big bosom. My eyes traveled automatically to her cleavage and the points where her nipples were struggling to come out of her kamiz. She was short, almost 5 feet 1 inch with ample ass. She smiled one of the most natural smiles. I looked at her mesmerised.” This is my daughter Sajida, she works with me. She has been with me since…..her husband died.”. 

Abdul paused and then suddenly asked me,” Son, I forgot to ask you. What is your name?” I stammered,” Majid, they call me Majid and I am 18 years old,” I don’t know why I lied. May be I wanted to impress Sajida that I was grown up. Abdukl put his hand on my shoulder and said,” Sajida will show you where the water is and you can wash the glasses. From today, Sajida is your baji. 

She will tell you what to do and when to do. I only sit on the front. Sajida, I have hired him and he will stay with us now. Sajida baji took me in a loving hug and took me at the back of the tea stall where there was a handpump. I was taller than Sajida and when she hugged me, her big tits pressed pleasantly into my chest. My cock became erect for a while but then my mind cursed me” Majid, you bastard, she is your Baji, Sister, you son of a bitch, Abdul has given you food when you were hungry and you are eyeing his daughter with lust? Abdul is God for you, shame on you, bastard” 

I diverted my mind to the present. Sajida baji gave me water and showed me how to wash the glasses and plates. She sat in front of me and kept talking. Every now and then she would bend forward and I could see her beautiful boobs. I was seeing a female’s naked boobs from so close, for the first time in life. I think she saw me staring at her boobs and she covered her breasts with a dupatta(Scarf). 

I died in shame. She was my sister and I was eyeing her with lust. Just then some customers came and she left for the shop. As she walked, I saw her asscheeks swinging from side to side.” Oh God, what is happening to me? It is not fair for me to lust for a woman who is the daughter of my benefactor. How can I repay Abdul’s good act with such betrayal?” 

“Majid bhai, come and have your tea. Abbu has gone to buy sugar and milk. Come and sit on the counter.” Sajida shouted from the shop and I ran inside the shop after doing the dishes. I was drying my hands with a towel. My hands had become red with cold water which was freezing. Sajida saw this and came to me. She took my cold hands in her warm hands and rubbed my hands to warm them. ” 

Thank you Sajida” I muttered as she smiled at me and said” You dont have to call me Sajida baji. Just call me Baji. You are such a loving brother.” She hugged me again and this time my hands automatically encircled her waist and pulled her close to my body. She placed her head on my chest and we stood there like that for some two minutes. I had the heavenly feeling and my hands moved along her back as she clung to me. The arrival of a cusomer separated us. 

Days passed and I kept enjoying Baji’s company and she continued to be careless with her dupatta and I would get glimpses of her beautiful boobs. At night, I slept in Abdul’s room. He had two rooms behind the shop. When he was asleep, I would remain awake and think of the white globes of female flesh that Baji kept hidden under her kamiz. 

My cock got erect and I began to fist my shaft. My hand felt so good on my cock as I fisted my cock recalling Baji’s big white boobs. Suddenly my cock exploded into a volcano of cum which wet my underwear. I took my underwear off and slept in my pajamas only. The next morning, I woke up and went to the water pump to wash my underwear. As I was washing it, rubbing soap on its front, Baji appeared behind me,” 

What is my Raja Bhai doing with his underwear? Have you soiled it at night? When you are young, such things do happen in sleep. Let me wash it for you. I know how to do it.” Saying this she snatched it from me and began to rub her hands on the front of my underwear.” Hey Majid, there seems to be some kind of cream on it. Is it your cream that I am touching? So you wet your underwear in your sleep? 

Who was in your dream? Was she good looking? Or you used your hand? Don’t overdo it. It will make you weak. Why use hands when you could find some nice woman to do it naturally. Think about it, Bhai” Saying this she thrust her boobs forward, showing me her tits almost her nipples. Invitation was clear. The bitch was actually begging to be fucked. 

I knew that it had to be now or never. I went behind her and touched her cheeks and ran my fingers in her hair.” Who will help me, Baji? Can my Baji help me in finding a woman to ge my release? My cock is dying to pump its love juice into some hot cunt, to feel soft breasts, to fuck a woman,” She laughed,” So my bhai is looking for a woman. 

Why not look around and find one. There must be one if you look around seriously.” She played games with me and I was getting hot and hard. My cock was poking her back as I whispered into her ears” What about you Baji? Are you interested? I can see you are hot for me as I am hot for you, are you not?” Will you fuck me when you call me Baji? A brother should not fuck his sister.” She teased me further and I cup her boobs in my hands. 

They grew hard under my touch instantly.’ If that is true, then sister’s boobs should not become hard when brother touches them. But your boobs are hard. Are they not Baji? I can feel your body hunger and I cant leave my Baji like this. Our bodies understand us better than we do. Baji your tits are hard, you are aroused. You need a cock badly in your hot cunt.” Baji cried in lust,” Yes bhai, I need a Lund. I have forgotten what a real Lund looks like. My husband died when I was just 18. The bastards killed him. 

When I saw you, I knew my man had come to me.” I knew her husband had been killed by terrorists and they still threatened Abdul to get his tea stall closed. I saw Baji rise and place my underwear on a line to dry. ” We will have a nice time when Abbu is gone. Your Baji will take you to seventh cloud with her Chut.” 

I was excited by her use of the words Lund and Chut. That day passed very slowly. At mid-day Abdul said” I have to go to Jammu to talk to police and won’t be back until tomorrow. Majid, take care of your sister in my absence. Not that the terrorists will dare attack you but still be careful.” I said I will. My heart was jumping with joy when I went to Sajida to tell her that Abdul would be gone for the night. She was lying on the bed. She smiled and opened her arm. In I went into her arms. 

She kissed me full on my lips. My hands roamed over her breasts.” Baji, tonight will be ours. We will make love. I am so excited. Your boobs are so lovely Baji” She put her hand on my cock.” You call me Baji and in the same breath you talk of fcuking me, Bhai. It feels so wicked, so exciting. When you fuck me, you will be fucking me as your lover, not as your Baji”. 

The night came and we closed the shop early. The moment we were in the room, I pounced on her, pinning her young sexy body undermine on the bed.” Uffff what is this? We have the whole night darling why are you in such a haste?” I said,” Baji, I can wait but my this cannot” I said pointing to my cock. Baji smiled and slapped my cock,” So what is wrong with your Lund? My Chut is also impatient to welcome your cock, but let me fix the food first.” 

But I shut her up by a forceful kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth which she sucked. We kissed for a long time, our salivas mixed with each other.” So my Baji is ready for my Lund? I have not even seen your Chut, dear sister. Show me teh destination of my Lund. This night is going to be full of hard Chudayi, my darling Baji.” I intentionally began to talk dirty. I had heard that the sex is at its best if both partners are shamelessly dirty in their talk. 

I said” Let the food wait, we can eat later. First give my Lund its food. Baji, tonight my Lund will be food for your Chut and your Chut will be food of my Lund. They have remained hungry for too long. Lets feed them.” Saying this I undid the chord of her salwar and lifted her kamiz over her head. In the dim light of the room, I saw Baji’s glowing naked beauty. I forgot to breath as I saw her white sexy body clad in a small panty and bra. 

The bra was so small that it could not cover her boobs fully. The bra was tight on her beautiful boobs. I could see the swell of her Chut hidden under her panty. I stepped forward and embraced her naked body in my arms, touching her everywhere, feeling the softness of her lovely ass. Sajida baji had lowered her eyes and her hands strayed towards my cock. Hesitatingly she gripped it,” Bhai, you have made me nude but you are still wearing your clothes, this is not fair.” I laughed,” Baji, I made you naked, you make me naked. I want to see you naked, if you want to see me naked, then take my clothes off. Tit for tat.” 

She played with my cock for some time and then ran her hand on my chest and then she pulled down my pajama. She took a breath in sharply as I was not wearing an underwear and she set her eyes on my throbbing 9 inch cock. A drop of pre cum had leaked out of my cock wetting Sajida’s finger. Shamelessly, she put her finger into her mouth and sucked it. She sucked my cock juice from her finger as her other hand continued to fist my cock. I removed my shirt and stood fully naked in front of the woman I was going to fuck.” Kaisa laga mera Lund, Baji? You have seen my treasure, now show me yours.” 

“You can take off my underwears as I have taken off your pajama. Who is stopping you Bhai. Aur haan bahut acha hai tera Lund. Meri Chut ko bahut maza dega. I love your tool, it is mouth watering.” She wanted me to disrobe her. I undid the hooks of her bra and pulled her panties down. Her cunt was a beauty, bald, puffy, with swollen cunt lips begging to be touched, fondled and kissed and chewed. With a groan, I touched her Chut. I realized immediately that she had been creaming. 

My hand felt her cunt cream on my hand. It was hot and sticky. Now I repeated her act by putting my fingers into my mouth and tasted her salty stickiness. I felt intoxicated by the taste of her cum.” Ohhhh Baji, aapki Chut ka ras bahut namkeen hai. Mujhe bahut pasand hai.” She spread her legs wider to accomodate my hand.” To fir choom lo na seedha meri Chut se, Bhai jaan roka kissne hai. 

Ye chut aur isska ras tera hi hai.” I accepted her invitation by cupping her naked breasts and by pinching her hard nipples and lifting her in my arms and laying her on the bed. She looked so hot that I would have cum just by looking at her naked female body. I tried to divert my mind away from her body to compose myself.” Baji, apni janghen khol do aur mujhe apni Chut dekhne do.” I said and she complied silently. I held her thighs apart and as I did so, her cuntlips parted and her pink cunt walls could be seen. 

I lowered my mouth to that sweet dish and kissed her Chut. Baji clasped her thighs round my ears as I darted my tongue into her hot pussy. I kissed all over her cunt, her inner thighs, her ass flesh. My mouth was hungry for her juices which were flowing freely into my mouth and I kept slurping on them. Baji began to lift her ass to get more of my tongue into her hungry cunt as I tongue fucked her.” 

Yesss Bhai, tongue my cunt….kiss my pussy…push your tongue into my dirty cunt…fuck your dirty sister with your mouth….noone has ever kissed my Chut……fuck me now” Her words were exciting me. I brought myself on the bed completely so that my head was towards her feet and my cock was above her lips, my cockhead was brushing her soft lips. 

Sajida, opened her lips and engulfed my cockhead into her mouth. Her mouth was wet and hot. I buried my mouth into her cunt as she licked the underside of my cock with her sweet tongue. I moved my hips and pushed more of my cock into her mouth. I had parted her cunt lips and dove my tongue into her Chut, and sucked hard. Her fingers played with my balls as she sucked my cock. I had never felt anything close to this pure lusty pleasure. 

My cock had made me completely forget that Abdul had given me food when I was hungry. The pleasure of cock had made me oblivious to the fact that Sajida was the daughter of my benefactor, that it was unholy to betray my benefactor. What mattered now was that Sajida was a woman who needed to fuck and I was a man who need to fuck her. The union of cock and cunt seemed to be the destination of my life. If the pleasure of fucking was so good, I would fuck any woman, even if she was my mother or sister and Sajida was both for me. 

We both were excited beyond limit. I was even licking her ass hole. I has parted her asscheeks and sucked on her puckered hole. She was gasping for breath as she swallowed my cock in her mouth which gripped it like a cunt. I stopped cunt sucking. It was time for real action.” Ab asali chudayi ho jaye Sajida Baji. Kion kia khyal hai. 

Do you want my cock in your cunt? I cant wait.” I said and she nodded her head silently,” Yesss bhaijaan, ab nahin ruka jata…..shuru karo chudayi le ke Allah ka naam….hey Allah…bhai chodo mujhe…..nahin ruk sakti main ab…apn aloda dalo apni Baji ki Chut mein…bahut pyasi hai ye…Bhai jaldi karo” She said rubbing her cunt with her fingers. 

I pulled her to the edge of the bed, her thighs spread wide as I entered her thighs and placed my cock on her hot cunt and rubbed its head along her slit.” Aaaaa Bhai tera Lund to aag jaisa garam hai..Ghused do meri Chut ke andar…Chod dalo mujhe….ban jayo behnchod mujhe chod kar, fuck me please, 

I beg you” I pushed my cock into her burning cunt which was well lubricated with my saliva and her juices. She clasped her thighs round my buttocks as I pushed my cock into her fully. aaooo….aaraggg…..haaa….uueee…..yessss…chodoooo…..fuck meeweee,” She was groaning and moaning as I plunged my cock into her tight cunt. I held her by her ass and fucked with all the strength I had. My cock plunged deep into her cunt. 

The fucking noises could be heard as we moaned and groaned. “Ohhaaaaa…ooooooohhh….Baji akhir chod liya maine tujhe…..allahhhhhh…your Chut is sooo tight….my cock is buried in your cunt….aaaaaahhhhh…I love it….fuck me sister…taste my Lund with your Chut…” She cried in joy ” Yesssss raja…..fuck fucking me you have become a sisfucker… behnchod…fuck me …fuck your baji….main ja rahi hoon….meri Chut pani chhod rahi hai……jor se chodo behnchod…..I am cumming…ahhhh…” I was cumming too.” Yess Baji, I am cummin too…yesss I am sisfucker….a behnchod…allahhhhhhhh, i am cumming in your cunt….” To be continued

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