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Hi readers! Hope all of you are enjoying these great Indian sex stories. I am very grateful to ISS for providing all of us a platform to share our true experiences and to improve our sex lives and taste the real fun of life and be happy always. 

I am Prashant, 5ft 9inch tall, athletic body and currently residing in South Delhi and pursuing my B.A. (English) Hons. from a very reputed college. I hate typing but today, I am taking out time in order to share with all you lovely ladies a great sex story which I am sure you would appreciate and comment upon ( This is a true incident which I am sharing it with you ladies keeping the names anonymous. 

I hail from the princely town of Patiala, Punjab but, for the last 2 years I am happily living in Delhi and tasting a sweet next door mature lady. Well, to begin with she’s a sexy Sardarni (sikh) age 47yrs, long dark hair ,excellent figure, brown killer eyes, sexy ass which sways like hell and a wonderful smile. I had shifted to Saket(south Delhi) and my parents had bought me a good 2BHK flat which is fully furnished with all facilities. So all I needed to do was study, eat and sleep. 

But, when you are in Delhi you should be like a proper Delhite. Isn’t it? Slowly and slowly, I started getting exposed to this new sought of world. I became friends with my college boys and girls and started partying with them. I use to go for my regular sports activity to the sports complex and made friends with a lot of guys there. There was this sardar guy who was also a sports freak like me and we became really good friends and he also use to live in Saket nearby my flat. 

So, one day when he got to know that I was living alone he called me to his place for lunch and there I met this gorgeous looking female. Initially, I thought that she must be his relative or so but when he introduced her as his mother I was taken aback for a second. I had this unusual look on my face and I am sure she must have noticed it too. Anyways, I got to know more about their family. My friend’s father was in UK and elder sister in Dubai and its only he and his hot sexy mom living here in Delhi. 

Getting back to the lunch, she was wearing a salwar suit with a deep neck, normally Punjabi women like to flaunt their boobs a lot. I could not help but stare at her boobs continuously but did not let my friend know anything. I finished having the delicious lunch and was sitting on the sofa watching some English movie and relaxing. I thanked them and came back to my flat and guess what happened next??? I shagged …nice. That night I had made up my mind that I have to make love to that women for sure. 

Next day was the same going to the college getting back home relaxing and going for sports. But, instead of going directly to the sports complex I went to my friends place first and rang the bell and saw my dream lady in a hot pink salwar suit. She welcomed me in and offered me lime juice and I enquired about my friend and got to know that he had already left for the complex. 

I thanked her again and didn’t forget to stare at her boobs one more time and left for the complex. We played and I called him over to watch a good movie that night at my place. He agreed to it and we guys ordered food from outside and had a great time. I don’t drink or smoke and he also was not found of all this. Slowly and slowly I was visiting their house more often and was craving to touch my dream lady. 

She also became very much free and open with me and I became part of the family. She use to talk to my mom back in Punjab and discuss things and it was all happening smooth. Nobody knew what was cooking in my head. One fine day, I decided to bunk college and go visit aunty. She was normally at home and only went out of the house to visit the Gurudwara or the local market. 

It was 1 in the afternoon and she was still in her night dress and was looking just like a college going girl. I asked her if I could use their internet as mine was not working. She opened my friend’s laptop and gave it to me but, my stupid friend must have slept watching a porn movie and as soon as I opened the desktop there was this porn movie paused on the window screen. Aunty saw it and sat next to me and started explaining the college life and kind of started with her sex education. 

I had to stop her and convinced her that I will make my friend understand about all the things. She smiled at me and went to make tea. Something strange popped in my head and I went to the kitchen and saw her from the back. Her hair was let loose and I could see her small panties through her pajamas. She was looking sexy and I wanted to fuck her bad till she cums. I went near her and told her that I myself don’t watch porn. 

She got little amused at first but then gave a soft smile and I softly said, “I have done it in real”. She gave a big laugh and told me “I have done it million times and It’s because in your age nothing else interests a handsome young man except girls”, I got bold and told her but you haven’t for the last 2 years I know it all. She made a sad face and a small drop of tear came running down her face. 

I felt really very bad and apologized and told her that I got into the flow and didn’t know what I was saying. She hugged me and started crying loudly. Oh man! I had committed a blunder but at that moment all I could feel was her soft boobs touching my chest which gave me an instant hard on. My dream lady was in my arms crying for help. I was totally not aware about what was happening. We stayed like that for a good 2-3 minutes. 

By that time the tea was prepared and aunty gave one cup to me and headed towards her bedroom. The room was filled with family pictures and was quite dark. I stood up and wanted to remove the curtains and open the windows to which she said “I want it dark because there is no light in my life”. I became very low after listening to all this. 

On the other hand, I was getting bolder and was taking it as a hint and wanted to act upon immediately and fuck her but something in me was telling me to slow things a little.I was about to leave for my house but she insisted to have lunch and then go. I agreed and we had lunch together. Every time she bends down to serve food on my plate I use to stare on those soft boobs and really wanted to feel them for once. I felt as if she was intentionally trying to show me her boobs but maybe I was wrong I don’t know? 

“I want to fuck you, I want to take your gorgeous boobs and suck them! I want your pussy…Oh God, what did I just say? I had totally lost control over me. I got up and started touching her boobs. She tried to stop me but she also was starving for sex and somewhere I knew it and she also wanted me to feel her and fuck her. 

Her dark nipples hardened in my hands as I cupped her boobs.”Yes you can fuck me…came those golden words from her.” I want to be fucked Prashant…my cunt is hot for you…my tits are hard in your hands…cup my tits….rub my nipples I can’t wait darling….fuck me”. I could not belie what she just said. I immediately unzipped my pants and took my cock out which was all ready for the meat. 

She hand fisted my cock, a drop of pre cum making made her fingertips wet. “You are my friend’s mother but I am a bastard who lusts for you aunty ….you are a dream come true.”She pushed me back down (sardarni’s are strong) and she lay on top of me and pushed her nipples into my hungry mouth. I sucked on her tits, gently at first but growing bolder, she pushed as much tit flesh in my mouth as she could. 

I held her boobs so tight as if I was afraid if it would slip away. I ran my hand in her hair. She was turned on as she hadn’t had sex for the last 2 years and silently whispered in my ears “I want you to kiss my boobs and suck them like a baby, I want to feel that beautiful cock deep inside me!” 

Moving lower towards my cock she made me leave her tits. She lay on top of me with my feet facing her face and her mouth in front of her cunt (69).I took the clue and pushed my tongue into her dripping cunt as I put my cock in her mouth. I extended my hands to her boobs and cupped them. My cock swelled in her mouth making her gag. With one hand she cupped my balls. She was groaning with lust. I was in heaven ! 

I rubbed her legs and thighs. She tightened her thighs round my ears. She was sending her cunt juices into my mouth and juices were flooding down my chin. She tasted and sucked my cock. Then; I did something which she had never anticipated. I inserted my finger into her ass and she cringed with pain,” Prashant, you motherfucking bastard, what are you up to? Are you fucking my ass? She didn’t find it a very good idea for ass fucking.” 

My young cock was getting even harder in her mouth. I was pressed tighter under her warm body. I said “Ok aunty, lets start fucking….My cock can’t wait….I will shoot soon if I don’t bury my cock into your cunt,” I was breathing heavily. We pressed closer. My cock throbbed inside her mouth. Her pussy was wet with my saliva. I made her lie on her back with her legs in the air. I spanked my swollen cunt mound and she juiced again.” “Your cunt is so soft and fluffy aunty. Is it hungry for my cock?” and she gave me a teasing look. 

I know you want to fuck me, aunty. And I want to fuck you. You are so hot…. I was ready. Her cunt was hot and wet and ready. Pushing my cock into her hot pussy, I muttered “you have the most beautiful boobs. I love your nipples.”“Are they nice, are they nicer than your college girls?” she asked me. 

“Please, my wonderful lover, kiss my tits, suck my nipples…ohhhh fuck me…I love your cock moving in my cunt…ohhh son you are filling me….fill me fuck me…give me your cock…aunty wants your meat….Dirty aunty loves your fat meat” she was actually groaning, begging me to fuck her hard, “Please give me your fat cock.” 

She kept saying these lines.“Oh God…I am fucking you….you are mine…you are so beautiful….I love you Preet,” I moaned.“I want you to fuck me, Prashant, I want you to give me the hardest fuck of my life.” Our passions were rising within our lusting bodies. I groaned louder as she fucked me with a fury. “I want you to shove your big hard cock deep into me.” 

Ohhhhh!” she moaned loudly as she lifted her hips to meet my powerful thrusts. My cock moved like a piston in her dripping cunt which clutched it tightly.Lowering her legs around my waist and wrapping her thighs round my ass, she groaned, “Shove that big dick in my pussy and give me all your cock meat… treat me like a whore, lover.” 

“Your pussy feels so good, darling …it is so tight and so wet…I am coming…..My cock is about to cum….ooooo…aaaaaa….arghhhh….fuck,” I was gasping. The stiff young cock pistoned wildly in her mature cunt. We groaned as the waves of pleasure started washing over our bodies. She was coming too. Her juices flowed freely on his hard cock. She was running her hands across my muscular back, “Pump your Randi (whore) aunty deeper!” My stiff cock slid in and out of her cunt. The sensations were incredible. He was giving me an excellent fuck. 

She could not hold long. “I’m coming son ! You are making aunty cum hard!” 
“Cum on my cock, fuck my cock….I love you …Love your cunt…my cum is falling in your cunt… God!” I grunted, “You’re the best fucking bitch.”“Yes! Yessssss! Yesss,,,,, yess fuck me!” We collapsed together, our breathing out of control, our bodies covered with sweat. We were completely satisfied with the lust love making session. Do give your comments on Would be waiting eagerly

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